I Won

While I was in the Big D over the Christmas Holiday, visiting my Manchild since he was unable to drive up north. It was Christmas Day, just leaving the Dallas area, while in the backseat of the Manchild’s car. I’m occupying myself with my iPhone (of course) checking email. I read an email from thefrisky.com. I like reading The Frisky because they do have some interesting articles. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Scrolling through it I see a contest to win “The 25 Days of Sexmas.” I figured “WTF, I’m bored & I never win anything away.” I continued to read the rules, simple enough. The Frisky was just hosting a contest. I double checked the time, I think I entered with like 45 minutes to spare.

On the day I was driving back to Illinois from Texas, got the email requesting verification of my address. WHAAAA?!


I WON something?! Get the F*** out!

20140120-185550.jpg Yes. I won. So, what did I win? Here is the list from thefrisky.com website.

One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive an Unbound Box including

Glas G Spot Tickler approximate retail value (ARV) seventeen dollars ($17.00 USD)

OVO bullet vibe ARV eighteen dollars ($18.00),

Good Clean Love Lube ARV twenty dollars ($20.00)

Lelo Luna Beads Noir ARV thirty four dollars ($34.00)

Bijoux Indiscrets Silk Blindfold ARV twenty dollars ($20.00)

Babeland Arousal Balm ARV twelve dollars ($12.00)

Maia remote control vibe ARV sixty dollars ($60.00)  This one hadn’t arrived in time for the main shipment. It was sent separately. I am still awaiting this prize.

Bijoux Indiscrets Mimi Nipple Covers ARV sixteen dollars ($16.00)

PicoBong Toy Cleanser ARV five dollars ($5.00)

Dead Batteries ARV five dollars ($5.00)

Vibrating Sponge ARV fourteen dollars ($14.0)

Sir Richards ARV two dollars ($2.00)

This is L. ARV two dollars ($2.00)

OOO Condoms ARV two dollars ($2.00)

Tattly Tattoo ARV five dollars ($5.00)


Who sponsored this contest? Unboundbox.com

I had seen the site before, stumbling onto through twitter or a blog. I wasn’t totally unfamiliar with the site. I was really excited, concerned when my prizes hadn’t arrived yet. I thought, did I miss the delivery at some point? God, I hope no one stole the box of the front porch. Shit, that would be just my luck, ya know?! Winning a box full of sex toys and some kid steals it! UGH.

Concerned. I decided to email both Kathryn Oldenburg (thefrisky) & Sarah Jayne (unbound). Both ladies were great. I received the first email on the 27th of December, 2013 from Ms. Oldenburg. The second email was received on the 31st of December from Ms Jayne. She stated that she would be mailing out the prize package this week. On January 14th (2014) I decided I better email both ladies to find out if perhaps I had missed the package in the mail.  Both women got back to me rather quickly, which was great. However, in the back of my mind I wonder if I would have never mentioned not receiving the prize that they might not have sent it out.

20140127-091127.jpgMs. Jayne mentioned that due to the polar vortex that had hit most of the United States, the mail was behind. Sarah tossed in a few extra tubes of lube, along with Erin Hoodini’s specialty bondage rope. She was kind enough to inform me that she was still waiting on the Maia Wicked Wireless to arrive. In the course of emailing back & forth the Maia arrived and Sarah was dropping it in the mail the next day. So, it should be arriving tomorrow (1/21/2014).

As of 1/27/2014 I have yet to receive this product mentioned in the email to the left. It was also part of the winning prize package. I will not be emailing them asking where it is, I just won’t be recommending a positive experience with this company.


20140127-091143.jpgThere were only a few things that I noticed about this. That the box in which it came in was slightly larger and Ms. Jayne apologized for the over-sized box. I did notice that the “pasties” were not inside their protective cover. It looked like possibly items were tossed into the box last minute.  I am pretty sure that it was last minute. I’m pretty sure that perhaps there was no intention on shipment of winning prizes. I’m just surprised that a company like this would even conduct business like this, knowing that they are building a reputation.

I mentioned to Sarah that I would probably blog about this. Can I somehow not blog about it?!

And of course I will add my reviews of the products as I use them. I think it will add to my “resume” of product review items.  I need the experience, practice and something to review. I think this will work. Thanks again to Kathryn & Sarah. And thanks to the universe for tipping in my favor for once.


No Bread [365DPC]

Since that “Polar Vortex” hit the Midwest. I can see how it has affected the area. For the third day in a row there is still no bread at Walmart. Today I noticed that there were no pre-cut lettuce bags. I couldn’t find the lettuce either. Still only a few bags of potatoes. I also noticed that some selections of frozen foods are slim pickings too. I don’t think I’ve seen Walmart empty like this for too long of a time period ever.


However the Valentine’s Day candy was out fully stocked.


Journal [365DPC]


Thanks to my #1 fan for giving me encouragement to find a photo for today at the last minute. He was kind enough while during his audio message to make a few suggestions. Silly as they were. After listening to him, I remembered for whatever reason that I hadn’t written in my personal journal.

I truly love this one. I found it while on holiday in Chichester England, at the “Dollar store” of all places. I’ll have to have him get me another one when this one is full.

Thanks again to my #1 fan for being there for me!


Ice Crystals [365DPC]

I really didn’t do anything exciting or special today, due to the extreme cold weather. I stayed inside. Made some beef stew. I was going to post a photo of that, but changed my mind. No photo. I needed something, right? Anything. I walked into my office and the north window. In the dark I looked at the window, seen the ice crystals on it. Since my subject wasn’t going anywhere, I took my time and played around with my cheapy little Samsung camera. I really like my camera, but as my #1 fan suggested I will be putting a more “advanced” model on my birthday wish list. ice crystals

American [365 Day Photo Challenge]


After venturing outside again, during this arctic cold front

Headed home after running a quick errand. Driving towards the round a bout, I noticed the American flag was really blowing.

I didn’t have my Samsung camera, just my trusty iPhone. I had wanted to snap a photo of this American flag since they first erected in the circle. I really wanted to stand under the flag itself looking upward at it. Then snap. No one shovels sidewalks anymore! UGH!

The very first time I saw it, I asked Old Man “Does Perkins know their flag is missing?!”

He cracked up laughing.


Winter Landscape [365 Day Photo Challenge]

After being cooped up in my house for about a week, I decided it was warm enough to venture outside. I grabbed my inexpensive Samsung WB250 camera and headed outside.  I drove to a local park that I had taken a few photos for “Sinful Sunday.” I wondered how it would look surrounded with snow. So, that’s where I headed.

Winter Landscape

Spotted what seems to look like a river otter. I forget to zoom the camera lens when I took the photos. This is all about learning, right? So, that’s one lesson to remember. Slow down, breath and zoom. Don’t forget to focus!  I really want to get a second camera, just not sure what I want. I would like it to be a Nikon or Canon, just not a super expensive one. Something, a bit bigger. I just don’t know what. A camera that is easy to use, upload photos with, one that gives a little more professional looking photos. Maybe it’s just the person taking the pictures! I’m sure the more I do this, that I will get to know my camera more and build my confidence taking photos. Mostly just to have fun.

A Bit of Reading [365 Day Photo Challenge]

ReadingDay3Day 3 of the Photo a Day Challenge. I truly hope I can keep this going. We know that life always interrupts our plans & intentions.

It’s freezing cold outside. Temperature is a -15 early this morning. It’s warmed up to a summer time temp of 12 degrees (F).  I decided today that the Christmas tree was going down,  in between repeats of CSI. I noticed that “Old Man” had been reading a book that my #1 fan had sent him for Christmas. I picked it up and started reading it. Thought the Manchild would enjoy it when we are finished reading it. I sat in the comfy chair wrapped up in a blanket to keep warm. There I sat reading it, enjoying a chuckle now & again. Remembering my trip over there this past September & wishing I could go back again. I seriously wonder if we will ever make it back overseas. I can always dream.

Listening [365 Day Photo Challenge]

ListeningI only took one photo today. Whaaaaa?! Yup. This is it. I did think about taking others, but I kept coming back to this one. I was cleaning up my room, putting clothes away, making the bed, etc. I always need noise in the background, to drown out my thoughts. So, I grabbed my “disco speakers” I call ’em. I picked ’em it up at the local Walgreen’s off the clearance shelf. Basically the speakers light up in sync to the music. I can get easily hypnotized by the lights. I was listening to some of audioblogs at audioboo.fm from my “following” list. Watching the lights change colors from green, blue, red and yellow. 

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