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BI’ve mentioned it in a earlier post that I’m working on downsizing, decluttering the house. I’ve always had a thing for books. Though I have difficulty sitting still long enough to finish the book. I also have difficulty retaining the information that I just finished reading. I love to collect books.

I like self-help books, gardening books, reference books and books that help me better understand myself. After my motorcycle accident in 2004 I read a lot of religious books. I was searching for the answer to that question of “Why am I still here?” I no longer look at my faith the same as I did back then. So most of those books are in the donation pile.

Today I went to the local library for one of their book sales. All books were 25 cents!! What I was shocked to see, was a few people with their cell phones in hand grabbing the information on the book and to see if it was worth anything. Those few people had boxes full of books. Why? Why are they planning on selling them for a higher price for a profit? I had been at the antique mall, seen a booth selling old books. First editions wrapped in plastic for $200. I can understand selling a valuable book, but not from the library.

In my collection of books there are a few that I won’t give away. My friend Matt Beckoff wrote a book “Confessions of a Scream Queen” and he gave me the autographed copied from Betsy Palmer. She is Jason’s mother from Friday the 13th Slasher horror movies. I am also keeping the books that were given to me by the authors when I was doing some interviews on my podcast.

B is for Books

My concern is that my “keep” pile is still larger than the “donate” pile. I will have to look through those again. I have a pile of books that I’m planning on reselling, maybe 10 of them.
Here are a few podcasts of interviews with some authors and discussing their books.

Alexandra Clair – Wood’s End

Francine L Trevens – IMAGICS and other family stories

Kimberely Johnson & Ann Werner – The Virgin Diaries

Joni James Alrich – You’re Not Alone

Jodi Ambrose – Intimacy How to get more of it

Frankie Picasso – Midlife Mojo

Not every author sent me a copy of their book. The ones that did I will keep. I had fun doing those interviews. However, I will admit that when I was first starting out doing those podcasts I really didn’t know much about doing interviews. Some of the books I did have difficulty reading and understanding. It was fun at the time.

I really want to be finished sorting through all my books by Monday. Wish me luck!

Book Collector [WW199]

 I am not avid book reader. I had problems with retaining the information that I just read. No problems comprehending what I read, it took me longer.

Sex Secretary and books

I don’t like to read novels, romance stories or most other genres. I do enjoy reading self-help, psychology and sociology books, gardening books and books that I can relate to.

I do have a thing for books.

What’s the “thing?” I enjoy having them, even though I don’t or haven’t read all my books. I have intentions on reading them (I know I never will). There is a unique smell to new books, opening a new book before anyone else, the way it feels in my hands, how comfortable it is to hold and the size of the print.

I don’t collect books like first editions or rare books. It’s just a collection. I have kept some of my grandpa’s old books he read when he was alive. He was into world history, aliens, astronomy. When he passed away, my dad gave me his books and I went through them and found several $20 bills.

I love going to the book store and look at all the books. When I was in high school I loved going to the library, not just to get away from my grandparents (who raised me). But because I was fascinated with all those books. I wanted to be able to read them and soak up what was inside. However, this is not one of my talents nor a true passion.

Sex Secretary and books

My Manchild will be moving home at the end of this year. I must downsize. I took all my books off my three shelves in the office and loaded them in to several boxes. I told myself I’ll go through the boxes one day, sort through the ones I want to keep.

Wait a minute! If I haven’t needed any of those books in months why should I keep them?! I want to sell some of them via amazon, but was told that it’s not worth the time & energy nor the money. Charity shops? Not sure what I’m going to do with them.

In the past I have purchased a few books that have been recommended by friends or family. In these 2014 photos I’m looking at a book that was suggested reading material.

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Wicked Wednesday

Favorite Book

Day 3 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

What is your favorite book and why?

I don’t have a favorite book. When I was little there a book that I could read over and over. It’s called “The Littlest Angel” is a children’s story written in 1946 by Charles Tazewell. I don’t know why I liked it, I just did. 

In adulthood I’ve not been one to read a lot of books from cover to cover. I do enjoy flipping through self-help books. Topics about birth order, personalities, relationships are just a few that interest me. There are many more topics. 

I do have a book wish list if you’re wanting to help me with reading more.

Reading is Sexy [FebPhotoFest]

We went down to Texas to visit the Manchild over Christmas. He knows I’m not one who can sit still to read, however if it’s a subject that interests me I can attempt to sit still long enough to comprehend what I read. He had given me two books as my Christmas gifts. One was a dream dictionary and the other was “The Lost Bible.” A composite of the missing bible chapters. And yes, I find that subject interesting. In the idea that some men in power decided it was best for the rest of mankind not to know the full story.


reading is sexy

The day I took these photos was a day that my work was closed due to extreme cold weather. I didn’t have to get dressed because there are no more little kids in the house. No one to worry about, but myself & my Beloved.

reading is sexy


I still find it difficult to concrete on reading even after I take the Adderall. I see something out the window and then my mind drifts off somewhere. I have already forgotten what I read. Have to re-read it (again).


The last thing about reading for me is that it always makes me extremely sleepy. I have always have this problem. I would get sleepy in class, start daydreaming. If I’m home I will follow asleep for sure, which I did.

reading is sexy

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Intimacy: How to Get More of It, A peek into understanding the male mind

Today I interviewed for the second time the one & only Jodi Ambrose. She has written her second book, Intimacy: How to Get More of It. She briefly discussed “the list.” There are 20 items listed, resulting from speaking to men about some of their biggest complaints about women. Ranging from Potty-time is private time to if you are PMSing or having girl time suck it up.

The one item that stuck out at me was number 11 “your muff is not a weapon.” We had fun discussing this and how a lot of women are guilty of such behavior. We went onto discuss some other points on “the list.” If you wanna know more listen to Cat’s Tales Podcast.

So, whats next for Jodi Ambrose? A third book! You need to keep your eye open for that one. Of course she’ll be on the show for “round 3.” So, looking forward to that.

Jodi’s two books are very easy reads, straight to the point and I would recommend both of her books as a wedding gift to a newly married couple as a fun new way to start their road to eternal happiness, not to mention her books open up the lines of communications between the new bride & groom.

SHOUTOUTS – for noticing that I started using their platform again. Its a great feeling when websites do that.
Tom Nulty – for being a friendly guy who like making new friends and talks to me on
Kirkproductions – for making me laugh

On next weeks show I have The Unstoppable Frankie Picasso, life coach & author. So hope you will check out that show.

Skullduggery 45 True Tales of Disturbing the Dead by Brian Kannard

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Today’s guest was Brian Kannard who wrote “Skullduggery 45 True Tales of Disturbing the Dead”. He answered such questions as

  • What is skullduggery?
  • How did you come up with this story?
  • How did you get interested in writing the book?
  • What’s your favorite chapter in the book?
  • What was the hardest part of writing this book?
  • What was the easiest part of writing this book?
  • How long did it take you to write this book?
  • Is there a message that you want the readers to grasp?

Brian is a wonderful guest to have on a show. The book is an easy read and short and very interesting. The 30 minutes went really fast and I plan on having him back again for another interview. Shoutouts to David Dailey & RiftZone for hanging in the chatroom.

There’s A Fine Line – Teresa Joyce

Friday January 28, 2011.
I interviewed Teresa Joyce who wrote her life story in a book called “There’s A Fine Line”. Below are her words. I felt the show went very well. I ran the show 2hrs and 3minutes, long than usual for sure. I spoke of current events, issues in the news. One being Cathy Cruz Marrero, AKA the fountain lady and how she was thinking about suing the mall in regards to her falling into the fountain while she was walking & texting. Next about the man who got fired from a Chicago car dealership for wearing a Green Bay Packer tie. In Colorado a teacher & student who got caught with their pants down in a park with vodka. Thanks to Jessie and Tom for hanging for the duration of the show. This is our LAST Friday night show due to the changes that BTR will be enforcing February 1, 2011. I played 3 songs from the 80’s and all big hair bands. Last week it was the 70’s. The music I select just depend on my mood at the time. Thanks again for supporting the show.

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The subject of my book covers more than one issue; it’s a true story that ranges over a period of many years. It covers the first married years of my mother’s life, and the abuse she received from my now deceased father. The hardship she found within her life in so many ways, no one should have ever had to go through, but sadly it just seemed to follow her around. Some years later she remarried, but unfortunately this union would tear her once more into tiny pieces. She would see everything slipping away from her. Was her husband really having an affair with her daughter? It seemed to her that was the case, why would he lie? It would see the breakdown of her complete family unit, scattered to the wind without care.

I would find myself in a situation that I had no control over, and in the grip of a complete madman. To follow there would be self mutilation, and the bartering of shot guns as if they were an everyday item. The threat to life was very real, my own included.

I would spend many years within the mental health care system; in fact I am still under their care umbrella. I would move from a heterosexual relationship and into a lesbian relationship. Totally at a loss of any understanding from anything controlled by anyone male.

After an accident I was ill health retired, and most of my days are now spend in considerable pain. This of course gave me a lot of me time, which if I am honest I never really wanted. I was made to stare into the face, of so many things I had tried so very hard to bury. But I guess that was a little naive of me, muck will always rise to the surface at some point. The lid on Pandora’s Box was opening an inch at a time, and no matter how hard I pushed, I was never able to close it again. People would be hurt both physically and mentally. No one was safe if they stood in the way of my stepfather and what he claimed was his.

Years later I would sit and watch my mum die, when if dealt with properly it should never have happened. They say the good die young, or that they were too good for this world. Well both proverbs to my mind sit well whenever I think of her. To this day I stand in awe of the person I was so proud to call my mum. It’s a story that needs to be told for that fact alone.

It’s a story that resembles hell and it was my life for many years, as such I am equipped with everything I need, to help you relate to the madness which ensued. Although this has been extremely difficult for me to write, my hope is that someone out there may take some strength from it, if finding themselves in a similar situation. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel; all we have to do is reach out for it.
I understand that this book/memoir is just a little different to most other memoirs i.e. most are written by ghost writers. This was something I never even considered. To my mind I had to be the one to write this. I hoped and needed to be able to express my feelings within the pages, as no other person could. With the best outcome being, that you would feel like you were taking this journey with me. Strangely I feel an amount of support, being able to think that you are out there. There is a fine line between sanity and insanity; I know this personally, through the experiences I have had to go through involving my stepfather. I also have a personal insight of my own, of a mind battling to stay on the right side of that line, because in truth, I came so very close to crossing over myself. – Teresa Joyce.

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