How to Eat Pussy like a Rockstar! [Book Review]

I was approached by Amy J Fillmore asking if I would be interested in reviewing her bookbook review How to Eat Pussy like a Rockstar!

“How to East Pussy like a Rockstar!”

I was curious about this book. What could be written about eating pussy that hasn’t already been written? Well it’s how it’s written. This book is wonderful. I really enjoyed reading it.

Amy J Fillmore has written over 180 pages that are broken down into ten chapters to give information and instruction about cunnilingus. The book includes a brief anatomy lesson with illustrations of the vulva and penis. I know there are several men and women who are not familiar with the female anatomy. This book breaks everything down that is easy to understand.


What I liked about the book

  • I like that this book covers so much information in a simple, easy to understand and down to earth kind of way.
  • The book is sometimes humorous. I think we need a bit of humor when it comes it eating pussy.
  • I really like how Amy has written in some little tidbits throughout the ten chapters of her book. The next three points are some examples of those tidbits.
  • There are “Warnings” like “never blow directly into a vagina…”
  • There are “Remember: Never film someone without their consent…”
  • There are “Tips: Leather & whips can really spice up the fantasy and are easily bought online.”
  • The book gives a variety of ideas & hints to pleasure a women.
  • The book can be read on mobile devices and is available in PDF format.
  • Includes so much more than writing about the act of cunnilingus.


What I didn’t like about the book

  • The book is written with a man in mind. Photos are mostly a heterosexual couple engaging in oral sex.  The book can still be used to inform, instruct and offer suggestions to anyone who is curious about eating pussy.
  • It was a bit long. When I mentioned how many pages it was to my Liege he looked at me with the look of “why is a book about eating pussy 182 pages long?”
  • There is no hardcopy available. Ebook Only.
  • I’m not one for ordering lots of book, so I’m not too familiar on the average cost of ebooks. However, $19 for this book seems a bit much, even though there is so much useful information in it.

I was impressed with this e-book. Amy started from the beginning, with the female orgasm, leading into anatomy. Which that alone is very helpful in understanding how to pleasure a women.

 Amy has written ten informative chapters covering such topics as orgasm, techniques, positions, fantasies and ends with warnings, some areas of concern such as health & STD’s. There are useful “tips & warnings” throughout the book, which I gave examples listed above. Always good little tidbits to know and if you know them already it’s serves as a brief refresher and some reminders.

This e-book is for adults only. Even if you already know how to eat pussy like a rockstar you can still learn something from this book. Maybe you’re a women wanting to receive better oral sex from your partner. This e-book is a great way to open up a conversation about the performing cunnilingus. Maybe while reading this in bed with your lover.    If you don’t eat pussy better than you did before you read this book or if you don’t have a better understanding of how to make a women achieve orgasm afterwards … go back and read it again!


Amy J Fillmore“Eating pussy like a real rockstar makes you nearly invincible. It doesn’t matter if you’re short, slightly overweight, hell, severely overweight, balding, or even old. It’s scientifically proven that having orgasms releases endorphins. Do you know what also releases endorphins? Heroin. Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs known to man. In other words, giving girls great orgasms is like getting them hooked on heroin—only you’re not getting them hooked on drugs. You’re getting them hooked on you.”

– Amy J. Fillmore

[Disclaimer: I received this e-book complimentary from Amy Fillmore for reviewing purposes. The blog post does not contain affiliate links]



Imagics and Other Family Stories

[the audio quality is poor was first recorded on Blog Talk Radio,  click here to view the show page] Cat's Tales Podcast


Francine Trevens was the latest guest on Cat’s Tales. We discussed her recent book titled “Imagics & Other Family Stories”. She has also written “Stories of Fairies; Elves and Little People. In High School she won a Boston Globe poetry contest, selling her poem when she was a teenager. She’s been writing, selling and winning prizes ever since. A native New Yorker, her family moved to Massachusetts where she married and had 2 daughters. Janine Robin founded and runs TADA! Youth Theater  in New York. Melissa Thea is a special education teacher and author of Melissa Thea’s Alpha BETTER BOOK. Francine was a theater/dance critic for the Springfield Daily News. After divorcing she returned to New York with her daughters, where she worked as a theatrical press agent, free lance writer, including the musical theater segment of McGraw Hill’s Encyclopedia of World Drama, magazine editor and stage director. Francine has had 6 books published, her last a 2010 Next Generation INDIE finalist award winner and currently writes dance features for the Art Times Journal. She has 5 grandchildren. She is chairperson emeritus of The Greater New York Independent Publisher Association and member of Dramatists Guild, Association of Theatrical Press Agent and Managers and Independent Book Publishers Association.

Neither of my parents suffered from any prejudices, and they raised me to think and judge for myself. So, when I returned with my 2 teenage daughters to my native NYC after divorce, it was not surprising I worked for theaters which had or were facing prejudice:An Irish theater, Jewish theaters  and gay theaters. I dedicated time and energies to getting them into the mainstream – and was instrumental in moving TORCH SONG TRILOGY from off off Broadway to Off Broadway and finally, Broadway. When a friend who ran a gay theater died, his publishing company had no takers.  An actress friend of mine and I took over the company and kept the works alive. That was 16 years ago. Gay theater has, to a great degree gone mainstream. The publishing company expanded to also publish works for the edification of learning challenged children, poetry and paranormal stories. It is my aim, now that I am sole proprietor after her death at the turn of the century, to awaken minds to realize they must judge for themselves, not merely parrot or rebel against what their parents or peers tell them. I strive for this in my own writing and in the books I publish. 2010 Indie Next Generation finalist award winner for the anthology of 27 plays by 14 authors. – Francine Trevens

Francine was a great guest to have on the show. She is very friendly and down to earth. We discussed some paranormal stories, mostly discussed her book and how the stories are about her real family members, like her mother and herself. Tho its not a scary book, the stories make the reader feel different emotions, from happiness to sadness. Worth the read for sure.

The “afterparty” was me, the host, talking about upcoming shows and Halloween being right around the corner and I was planning on playing some songs but couldn’t due to the switchboard disconnected on me. Oh well, next time for sure…I had a new loyal listener  …Jennisinindiana, she’s great gal, very supportive and looking forward to having a long friendship with her. Model T was there as well, love having him there. He comes up with great questions and opinions. I will try and continue to update my blogs, but those that know me know that I get bored quickly and drop the ball on most things.

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