My first Peekaboo Bra

Thanks to a follower for this gift. My very first peekaboo bra. I love the color. It’s blue with lots of glitter. I could have gone without the glitter. It doesn’t fit like I had hoped. I guess my boobs aren’t as big as I thought. The bra also came with matching panties. I haven’t decided yet it I’m gonna use that photo, we’ll see. I might end up taking another one better, ya never know, right?!

I greatly appreciate the gifts that I am given. I love it when I look in the mailbox and see that there are packages for me.

Thanks again for present!

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The Noon Day Heat 

Yesterday was super hot & humid. I hate this kind of weather because I don’t like to sweat. But when I’m not leaving the house I don’t mind so much. Today I was outside working in the yard & painting the garage door.

I was sweating so much, sweat running down my neck and down my cleavage. I did get some sun on my back, but not my front.

If I wasn’t so afraid of getting nipple sunburn I would go topless in my yard. I have a 6 ft privacy fence but the neighbors can still see me if they look out their second story windows.


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Nippies in Nylon [Boobday, Product Review]

Nippies in Nylon
Thanks to @5150silverback for my Nippies by Britsol 6. He ordered them off my Amazon Wish List.

I really enjoyed using them, however they a wear them one time item. The sticky stuff on the back is pretty much gone after you peel them off your nipples.

What I liked about the Nippies:

  •  Satin material. Lace cross and small lace heart test patch were included in the package.
  • Easy peel off and paste on. No glue needed.
  • There are two small heart-shaped testers. To test any reaction to the adhesive prior to wearing the bigger nippies.
  • Two different cup sizes (B & C).
  • Flexible. Breathable. Fabric moves with your skin & movements.
  • Sticks very well to the skin. There was a corner that started to pull off my skin because I hadn’t secured it tightly to my skin.
  • My nipples were covered up very well, fabric was easily stretched when needed.

Nippies in Nylon

What I didn’t like about the Nippies:

  • The nippies are a one time only use.
  • The sticky is pretty much gone after they are pulled off your nipple.
  • For me, I didn’t like that my erect nipple can be seen through the fabric. Took me a bit to get used to that part.

I would say the nippies are worth the price of the two pair of pasties. The nippies cover up my nippies easily, easy to use, easy to wear and stick very well. I wasn’t disappointed in this gift at all.

Also used in this photo is my PIDAY Sexy Body Stocking Sheer Unisex Bondage Encasement Cocoon 

Boobday is a weekly meme for us to honor breasts of all shapes and sizes belonging to all types of folks.

It's Boob Day!

Green [BoobDay]

Green is this week’s color for “Boob Day.” The first thing I thought of when I read the word green is Nature. However, green represents other things as well. Green can also mean refreshing, renewal, calming, peace, health and growth. Below is this week’s “green” theme Boob Day photo. 


Boob Day  "Green" June 20, 2014

Boob Day
June 20, 2014

Below is a “green” photo gallery. My Beloved & I drove around on the weekend looking at different spots to take photos. I found myself getting a little more daring & brave when it came to how much skin I was showing. By the end of the trip, I didn’t care if any one had seen me getting dressed. However, my beloved was a bit more concerned.

Stripes [Boob Day]


It’s Boob Day and the Theme is “Stripes”

The above photo is dedicated to the newest of my English blokes. I’m a sucker for a man with accent & who enjoys a bubble bath every now & then



Bonus Photo: Boob Day 6/13/14 “Stripes”


A Bonus Photo. I really couldn’t decide on which one to use. So I will be using all three of them at different times.

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White Knickers on Boob Day

I really enjoy when men contact me to tell me that they enjoy my blog. Telling me that they also enjoy looking at my photos. Sometimes, some of them make suggestions for photos, some don’t, some tell me what they like.

If the man is someone I know (via social media), someone who actually talks to me, retweets me, reblogs me, etc. Someone who makes me laugh or is cute or is interesting in some way. I will do some thing like this for him. Since he didn’t specifically say what poses he like seeing, only that he has a thing for “white knickers.” I hope he enjoys these pictures.

The Boob Day theme for this week is panties. I thought what a perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. This is what I came up with. I don’t and can’t do full nudes or nipple shots (isn’t that a drink? Wait. Buttery Nipples!) I will admit to having a difficult time even posting a full body shot with my knickers on. Then I rationalized it by saying “panties are the same as a bikini bottom, right?”


I’m too worried about with others think about me. I wish I could get past that, impossible, I think.

Here’s to Friday and Boob Day and white knickers!

Silly Boob

Today is “Silly Boob Day”

December was the last time I submitted into boob day?!!! Where the hell did the time go?! I hope to get back into the swing of #boobday

And I hope you enjoy my #silly #boobday pictures.

This time you get a two-fer!

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