I Love to Leave Bite Marks [SS313]

I have always loved flesh between my teeth.

His smooth creamy skin (or sometimes anyone’s for that matter) calls to me in such a way that I can’t resist or stop myself.

Especially, when I’m on top of a lover, seeing their midriff exposed and if I am working my way down their body to satisfy both our needs for oral gratification I tend to bite. I was kissing him, nibbling on his nipples. I bit one too hard and he cried out, but the sadist side of me became more excited. I started biting his stomach, but accidentally bit the spot where he had a surgical procedure done. I felt bad, because I know the skin can be more sensitive in those areas, so I moved on.

I worked my way over to his ribs, where the flesh can easily be bitten and pulled. I started biting as I normally do, but he started to tease me about something unimportant. I began to bite harder, pulling at his skin, twisting it between my teeth, pushing my tongue against the tender section of flesh between my teeth. My mind drifted into dark fantasy thoughts of tearing the flesh from his body, tasting his blood on my lips. I became even more aroused. If Mr. Sam had moaned in pleasure or even cried out, those sounds would have pushed me in an orgasm. When my hips move, when the need to relieve the “itch” between my legs becomes so intense that I would have mounted his cock or sat on his face. But Mr. Sam never cried out in pain, he never pulled away from my mouth like most people would. He didn’t tell me to stop, at once. He laid there perfectly still, which concerned me yet I didn’t care about the reason. If this is trust then I admire and adore him even more.

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sinful sunday

Bite Marks, Hand Prints and Scratches

Nina drives home, guilt setting in. Why should she feel guilty? She got what she needed. Her body is starting to feel the evidence of her hour of pleasure. She takes a big gulp of water from the water bottle she had left in the car. She’s always so thirsty after sex.

Unlocking the back door, she walks straight to the bathroom, trying to use a mirror to see if there are any visible marks on her. To her surprise there are none on the side of her neck, jawline or the back of her neck. However, it’s red and is extremely sore. She remembered what Jax had mentioned something about having to keep her hair down tomorrow. She thought it would be best.

She pulled down her jeans & panties, holding the handheld mirror in one hand, standing in front of the closet mirror trying to look at her ass. She found the bright pink spots, including the four lines across her ass cheek. It was Jax’s hand print. She rubbed it, The sensation took her back to the whole scene once again.

Her eyes scanned upwards towards her back, she found the long scratches on two different areas of her back. Mostly in the area where her bra is, she felt the very light ridges of his scratches, once again to take her back. She wants more. She can feel the need, the craving, desire for wanting more of that. What would be her next “high?”

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