Trust [Truthful Thursday #4]

At the beginning of a relationship, do you trust your new partner unless there is something specific to make you do otherwise or do you withhold your trust until he & she has earned it?

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

 [audio is just under 12 mins]

If you have any questions to ask me, please feel free to contact me here.

Melt App [Review]

I heard about a new audio app for iOS called Melt.

Melt is for people to express their most important thoughts in voice. Melt is Voice-over compatible for visually impaired users!

This app was created by Jason Lew, Shane Wey at Superhero Labs. Based in San Francisco, California. 

My Cons

  • There is only 60 seconds of record time.
  • Once you push the “blue” record button, another screen pops up. “What’s on your mind?” with another “blue” record button and you must tap that again to record.
  • Can not upload any art or photo to go with your audio
  • For iOS only
  • There is no saving of recorded audio. You must upload or hold it until you’re able to upload it.
  • There is no usable website.
  • I have noticed that there are a lot of younger members/users. Mostly female from the looks in the “new melters” section. There are a lot of silent members.
  • No description section for 60 second audio. There is no use of hashtags.
Melt iOS App

Melt iOS App

My Pros

  • Can share via Facebook, Twitter, email, text message and URL.
  • You can share the audio immediately after recording or share someone else’s (including yours) later on at a more convenient time.
  • There is a total number of plays on your profile, to let you know how many times your Melts have been played.
  • Has a “Featured” members section. Great way to “promote” the frequent users.
  • Commenting abilities. Both typed & audio. However, if a member uses the audio reply underneath that specific Melt, the response is not directly linked under the original Melt but placed into the main “Melt feed.”
  • Ability to “like” a Melt.


Always curious about new audio platforms, I signed up.

Signed Up for new app

Signed Up for new app


Once you sign up, you notice there is a drop down menu in the left hand corner. There you can see your options for moving around within the app.

Home: contains your followers “Melt feed.”

Me: contains your profile, along with all your Melts. You can see how many Melts you have uploaded. View both your followers and those that you are following. You can see the total number of plays. Currently mine is at 174.  There is a section where you can edit your profile. Name, Tagline, Location and website. Upload a bio photo. You can email an advertisement to someone about your new discovery.

Melters: Breaks down the membership in three sections. Featured. New and Search. An excellent way to found users to listen to and follow. A plus is their “featured members” section.

Melts: is the main feed where all Melts are found. Where you can listen to the new stuff.

This app is fairly new. I’m sure that there will be more changes, improvements in the near future for this growing app. It’s great for sharing a single thought on twitter. Facebook people tend to read posts verses clicking the play button. I can’t see it being popular on Facebook.  There isn’t a lot of interaction among users. There is ability to type a comment, but this is about audio. It starts to defeat the point of the app if there is more typed commenting. Difficult to reply or debate with only 60 seconds to the audio.  Of course there are always the core community users of any app, no difference here. There are a few users who truly enjoy this app. Who use it to promote awareness to their beliefs on a subject. There are some users who use it to share about their day in school. Some record their everyday routines, just being silly. I can’t see this app being used by podcasters or those who enjoy using audio for audio blogging in length. This app is short & to the point. Get your thought out there.

Once your Melt is uploaded you recieve an email with the link to your Melt. There you can also share via Twitter, Facebook, URL and embed. Below is an example of a recent Melt I did.

My Writing Process: A Blog Tour

I’m sitting at my local watering hole on a Friday night and Jack of “Frisky in the 916”  messages me to find out if I’m interested in doing this little “Blog Tour.” Sure, I’m buzzed. I’ll do just about anything with a few drinks in me.

1.  What am I working on? 

  • Currently I’m attempting to complete the A to Z Challenge that I signed up for. There are only 12 days left. I still need topics for the letters “S, V, X, Y Z.” Hopefully I can come up with something for those letters. If you have any suggestions drop me a line. This is my first year doing this meme, not sure if I’ll do it again next year. This meme is really been a challenge, in a very good way of course.
  • I also just received my VivaVoxBox from Which contains complimentary products that I will have to give my reviews on via my different social media including a written blog post.

  • I have an non-fictional erotic story that I need to finish soon. I probably will forget how the story line went. Dammit.  You can read my last non-fictional erotic story called “20 Minutes.”
  • I haven’t written anything recently for the Blog for Mental Health Project. I had been writing posts about my issues and experiences. That I recently discovered in the last year. Hoping that I could connect to others like me and find out more about it.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? Funny, I don’t think I fit into any specific genre. I’ve tried. I write about my personal sexual adventures in regards to my “issues.” Which I guess is not a positive for either genre. Sexual or Mental Health. I share my sexual experiences because I never knew that that’s why I was acting the way I was. Also I think it makes for a hot read – sometimes.  Hoping that perhaps someone can relate or I can prevent someone from doing what I did. I don’t know. I also post a lot of photos of myself, along with lots of shoe shots. I mostly just write about what’s going on in my head. I also mix up some audio (podcast) with some of my written posts. I’ve always enjoyed doing audio more than typing. Not everyone is into listening & not everyone is into reading.

3.  Why do I write what I do? I write the things I do, because it’s what I know to write about. Also hoping to connect with other like-minded people. Those that can relate to what I write about or just having regular readers who enjoy reading what I write about. Another reason I write what I do, maybe some one out there reading it who may feel like they are the only one.  Most people wanna feel like their not totally alone in their situation and experiences. Bottom line, it’s self motivated. I need to share some things to get it off my chest & out of my head. If I write it all down and reread it back to myself, it just might make sense.

4.  How does your writing process work? It doesn’t. I haven’t found my pattern just yet. At times there are so many ideas in my head. I write them down in scribbled notes. Looking at them later I think I can’t write about that! Or OMG how depressing. That sounds crazy. I did use audio for a while just to get the thoughts out of my head. I’m still working on this part of it. I’m not a natural writer. You can tell those hardcore writers, I just wanna get the damn thought out, share it and be done. If I sound like I’m writing like a 17-year-old, well, you can understand it. Simple & straight to the point. I have looked into other ideas of how to write better,  to find a way that works for a mind that suffers with ADHD.

There you have it. Answers to questions that you always wanted to know about your favorite little kitty. Thanks again to Jack of jackandjillcpl for asking me to participate in this writing blog tour. I’m passing this tour onto the following follow bloggers. I do have a variety of bloggers I follow. Please note that they all may write about different topics, some sites may contain adult subject matter.

Normal Deviations

LordRaven69 –

Marci – Marci, Mental Health & More

Marriage & Monogamy

I sat down with my Beloved for this one on one interview in which we discuss the subjects our marriage & monogamy. I started out with asking my Beloved a few questions. I asked him to fill in the blank. 

“My favorite memory of our wedding day is _______.” My Beloved’s response was looking into my deep dark brown eyes without being concerned with hitting the bottom. And me memory was pretty much that I was buzzed from drinking all the alcohol before the ceremony.

“I laugh every time I think of you doing ______.” My Beloved couldn’t really come up with an answer rather than I tell some funny jokes. I added nothing to this statement.

How have you changed since we’ve been married? Beloved credits me for his worldly view, opening up his narrow mind. Looking at cultures & people differently. Getting rid of things that haven’t been used in over a year.

The conversation turns into a candid discussion about our marriage. My beloved “deals” with my “illness” in a positive manner that works for us. We go on to talk about my flirting with men online and his knowledge of it. We discuss everything. Touch on how our relationship works, jealousy, the other men. He doesn’t confront me, he gives me guidelines so that I don’t hurt myself. We talk about looking at other people with a sort of lust or wanting. Talking about affairs, boundaries and possible scenarios.

Do you truly love the person you’re married to, because if you do, you’ll find it a lot easier to forgive that person because you actually love them….”

Accepting of each person in the marriage. “It’s like welding two pieces of medal.”

Certain rules in our marriage.

  1. We are honest with each other, fuss up and come clean.
  2. Never saying “Fuck you” or swearing at each other in anger.

I share my thoughts about infidelity. That I don’t wanna know. I understand that things (one night stands) happen. As long as it doesn’t affect me directly. I don’t wanna know.

What do you like about our marriage? Sometimes I can be ungrateful, bratty. My Beloved doesn’t like that part of our marriage.

In what ways do you think we love differently? I’m not mushy. Whereas, my beloved is very touchy. Did you love me? Well then show me. Take out the garbage!

Where do you see us in 5 years? “In Texas…ok, maybe 7 years.” Riding Motorcycles 

“The song that always makes you think of me is __________.” His response was “She’s Always a Woman” by Billy Joel. And mine for him would be “I’ll never find another you” by The Seekers.

The above is a brief summary of the audio.  Thanks for listening.


I was going to write about kissing. And I started to research the topic of kissing, not knowing exactly in what direction I was going. I googled “kissing” and scrolled through the first page of links. I seen one that caught my eye. Kissing Cousins. What?! Really. I clicked that link “Shaking Off the Shame.

There are 25 states that consider marrying your first cousin is illegal. I’m not sure at what point in history that this became disgusting & repulsive. I do know that there was something about it in the bible and throughout history in royal families. What happened to change all that?

In the article there was a statement “marriage between first cousins may be slowly emerging from the shadows.” Really? Then I thought there are so many people in this world. So many people having different baby mama’s & baby daddies, what’s the likelihood that you would fall in love with a half first cousin? How different is that from a full blood first cousin? I’m sure that the degree of “mutant” babies would be significantly lowered. I don’t see this becoming a big of an issue as same-sex marriage or polygamy.

I continued to scroll & read about this subject of “kissing cousins.” There is even a website. I didn’t click on it, but then my mind started to wander off. I thought “WOW. If it wasn’t for the internet, I would have never even read any of this. I would have never even thought of the topic about cousins marrying cousins, under the searched topic of kissing. Thank you world wide web!”

There is probably more in the podcast that isn’t shared in the written post. Thanks for listening (if you do) and let me know what your think.

There is something about kissing that is most intense, very passionate and so personal. When I was single, it was always the kissing that was the most exciting. It was an exchange of communication. We would communicate with each other through the dance of tongues & intensity of the kissing. Also when I was single there were some men that I would not kiss. Why? Because, to me the kiss is an exchange of emotion. An attachment of one soul to another soul. If I was involved with a one night stand I would not kiss that person. Kissing is way too personal for a one night stand. This is just my opinion, my viewpoint about kissing.

My different types of kisses are as follows.

  1. The Simple Kiss. It’s the basic kiss on the cheek. Kissing your lover goodbye, hello. The affectionate kiss in public. Very basic.
  2. The French Kiss. The one with tongues involved. When tongue dance with each other & you communicate with each other through the act.
  3. The Lip Kiss. This is the kiss that involves the lip sucking, lip biting. Any playful, sexual add-ons. Example would be one lover licking the other’s lip with their tongue. Sucking, pulling on one lip and licking it while the lip is inside the mouth.
  4. During Sex Kiss. This is that intense devouring kiss during love-making or fucking. The kiss that expresses an intense hunger for the sex act and the lover. It can also include #2 & #3.


My Beloved & I discussed the topic of Jealousy in a 30 minute podcast. I asked him a few questions that I grabbed from the internet. Most of the answers to the questions are involving jealousy in relationships.

How would you define jealousy?  The inability to share human emotions about people and objects. We went to discuss briefly our thoughts on the difference between envy & jealousy. In my opinion I think envy is worse than jealousy. Envy leads to

Name some creative ways to cope with jealousy. Recognize your own problem. I suggested writing the situation in a journal, now I’m thinking communication is key when it involves being jealous over a partner.

What emotions do you feel when you are jealous? Anger, insecurity, fear.

Do you think jealously occurs in most if not all relationships? Yes, due to lack of trust. Because one partner may be more insecure than the other.

Do you think jealously occurs more in a relationship between people with less truth? Yes.

What kind of things would make you feel jealous? Inappropriate physical contact to a spouse. Making arrangements to meet-up with a lover.

There is a lot more details, in-depth conversation about the topic of jealousy on the podcast.

Thanks for listening.

General Podcasting Stuff

Black and white photograph of a Neumann U87 mi...

I have felt restless about going back to typing. I have been really wanting to get back into my “audio-blogging” and podcasting. What’s the difference?

I would say audio-blogging is more of a personal audio daily dairy sort of thing. Podcasting is more on the professional and not so personal audio.

I continued onto to talk about other audio platforms that I have some experience with. This all came about with the new time increase on Audioboo to 10 minutes from the free 3 minutes upon sign up. I was at 6 minutes for about a year or more.

The audio apps that I mention in my above audio is…

I just gave a run down of those. I hope to continue to do more audio stuff. If you sign up for any of the above, look me up and follow me. I will follow you in return.

Yappie App [Review]

I noticed new follower “Yappie” on my twitter. I always peek at who is following me, including peeking on any websites listed. I immediately clicked on the

I discovered that it was an audio blogging platform. A another audio social network. I had to join. Why? Because I enjoy audio-blogging. A group of about 14 guys run this cool little app. The iOS app looks fairly new, it’s dated back to October 2013 with only one update in November 2013. When signing up you’re asked to pick out some interests, such as music, movies, lifestyles, sports. You have the option of making your profile private or public, connecting with Facebook or Twitter. A member creates a brief bio, uploads a profile photo and a background photo (just like Twitter).

Yappie iOS App Sign Up.  Audio Social Network. Also available at Google Play

Yappie iOS App Sign Up.
Audio Social Network. Also available at Google Play

Once signed up, the member to share their Yappie on their Facebook or Twitter pages. Other options for sharing are copying to clipboard, embedding the player (below) and sending via email.

Once signed up and in, there are few different tabs at the bottom. First the “Home” tab gives the member an option to view two different news feed. The first being their own news feed including these they are following. The other option is “Global” where a member can view the entire Yappie news feed, a great way to hear new voices. A members news feed includes the number of likes and the number of listens. A member can comment immediately upon listening to someone’s app. The comments are  typed, perhaps in the beta version or updated versions a possibility of audio comments including typed. There is an option to share on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and email. Being able to leave a comment immediately upon listening is a plus for this app.

Under "Home" tab, a member has the option to view two different newsfeed.

Under “Home” tab, a member has the option to view two different newsfeed.

When you see a member with a blue Yapp, it means that they have been “verified.” This is on my to-do-list. A member can search for members and or hashtags.

Another tab is “Popular.” A member has the options of looking through the “Trending, Editor’s Picks and the Leader board” Yapps. Trending Yapps are highlighted in a different colored mosaic page. Editor’s Picks are those Yapps that are highlighted by staff. The Leader board is unique. A member can earn points daily by just being active on the site. Listening, recording, commenting and liking Yapps all earn a member points. The Leader board shows the highest scoring profiles, including yours and those you’re following, along throughout the Yappie site. The pink number under a member is their rank on Yappie and the blue number is the number of the points they have earned being active.

Recording is pretty simple. Just hit the pink dot at the bottom of the app and watch the counter start counting down. There is only 60 seconds of record time for this app. Which is not a plus in my opinion or experience with audio social networks. There are some that start out with 3 minutes of recording time (Audioboo), Chirbit gives up to 2 hours or what space you have on your phone. Eevzdrop gives a 10 minute recording time. Which is a really good amount of time. Some give 5 minutes (Voicebo) others like Yappie only give 60 seconds, like Dubbler. Yappie is like Dubbler with the time limit and they offer 6 unique voice filters to add to your audio. There is also an option to upload audio files on the Yappie site (via computer). Which worked very nicely, I uploaded one called “Love Letters.” Tweak your Yapp, pin it to your location on the map. Use your iOS settings to add the location. You send a direct message to any one of your followers. You can mention a member in your Yapp descriptionby using the @ symbol, plus adding the hastags to the description.

I really enjoyed using this app. The only down side is that it is only 60 seconds of record time. Would be great for using it for a Twitter vocal status update. I would not recommend this to those hardcore audio-bloggers that I know. This social app is fairly new so there really isn’t a lot of interaction. The staff work hard to make new users feel welcome, a select few users comment or like. Incentive is the points the member gets for their activity. I think this has the potential to be a very unique audio-blogging social app. Another down side to this app is that there is no option to upload photos to a Yapp. However, there is a beta version in which the staff might be working on this option. It would definitely add to this app. 

There are users that haven’t recorded anything in weeks. I noticed there are big time gaps someone recorded something 2 hours ago, before that 9 hours ago and then 12 hours to 1 day. I did that scan through the “popular” Yapps. In another search I got 4 hours ago to mine that was 16 hours ago and that was under “global” Yapps. So, don’t expect a lot of social movement. Keep in mind it’s all still very new.


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