Greetings & salutations…

Welcome to Another Cat’s Tale Podcast.

Below are some of the highlights to this podcast.

This podcast was suggested by @5150silverback who suggested I record a podcast from my bath. So here it is, unedited and totally random topics. Listen to your favorite little kitty while she washes her hair and washes, shaves her body.

Thanks for listening to all my podcasts during the month of the audio challenge known as Audiomo. Keep an eye open for the next audio challenge known as Octaver during the month of October.


TMI Tuesday: June 14, 2016 [EXPLICIT/Audiomo]

Greetings & Salutations…It’s Another Cat’s Tales Podcast.

This podcast contains EXPLICIT material and is not suitable for those under the age of 18.

Welcome to another week, and another sexy TMI Tuesday!

1. Do you obsess over having an orgasm during partner sex? Are you disappointed if you do not orgasm?
2. Why are you into gay porn?
3. Why aren’t you into gay porn?
4. Do you use drugs to have or enhance sex? (Yes, alcohol is a drug).
5. Do you believe that you are much more sexually open-minded/risky/kinky than most of your previous partners and friends?

Bonus: Do you believe in ethical non-monogamy, even if it isn’t right for you? Why or Why not?

Background Music is “Use Me” by Bill Withers

Monstera Deliciosa & Modestyablaze [Audiomo]


Greetings & Salutations…It’s Another Cat’s Tales Podcast.

Below are some of the highlights to this podcast.

  • Monstera Deliciosa or Swiss Cheese Plant. Taking care of this type of plant. Cleaning the leaves. A very easy plant to have in your home.


  • Katie from and her uplifting, encouraging words she sent me when I’m second guessing the blogging thing.

Thanks for listening!

Topic suggestions and/or questions are always welcome.

Laterness People!!!!

Thursday Afternoon [Audiomo]

Greetings & Salutations

It”s Another Cat’s Tales Podcast.

Below are some of the highlights to this podcast.

  • The weather today
  • I need some topics to discuss
  • Had to move my car today and where I went
  • Goodwill & Shopko
  • I bought more stuff!!!
  • Guns
  • Weight issues
  • Not fitting in to a specific group of sex bloggers or community
  • Wanting to get back in to the habit of posting to my website, podcasting and taking photos.

Thanks for listening….Laterness People!!!

If you have any suggestions for topics or wanna ask me a question please contact me

Too Wordy Wednesday [Audiomo]

Greeting & Salutations…

Below are some of the highlights of the podcast.

  • A late start to my day.
  • Yard work and more yard work
  • Japanese Beetles
  • New habit of rummaging through the neighbor’s trash
  • New items from the trash
  • Spar Varnish
  • Morning Glory Annuals
  • Bird Seed Wreath (see photo)
  • Keeping the squirrels off the wreath
  • Recycling an old trash can lid
  • Pinterest has great ideas for garden art
  • Talking to the neighbor ladies (Big Bad Neighbor Momma came at Me)
  • A band of teen girls and their criminal actions
  • STOP! at the stop sign
  • My driver’s fresher driving course
  • Continuing with the neighborhood kids becoming more criminal
  • Audiomo is an event for EVERYONE & ANYONE who loves to record audio. ‘

Challenge yourself to record an daily audio clip for the month of June. Use hashtag #audiomo

Thanks for listening!

Laterness People


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