G-TING Jump Drive Lightning Memory Stick External Storage [product review]

There are to many photos on my iPhone. A few of them I would like to make into prints to hang up and to give away to family & friends. However, I find myself always running out of storage on my iPhone and looking to delete some photos or some app because I need the space.

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I ordered this G-TING Jump Drive Lightning Memory Stick External Storage in hopes that I can remove some extra photos from my iPhone. Transferring the files over to the memory stick was a little more difficult than I thought.

The instructions are included with the memory stick and were fairly simple to follow. You must download the I-Easy Drive app in order for the stick to work. This is one thing I don’t like about this product. Your phone will ask permission to communicate with I-Easy Drive. Once that is completed is when I became confused. You can open the I-Easy Drive app and there it will say how much space is on both items. You click on phone to see what files are there, but I don’t have any thing on my iPhone. This surprised because I don’t have much space left, so what’s taking up so much space.

Click on the photo option to transfer your iPhone photos to the memory stick. You can also transfer videos but I have yet to figure out how to transfer my music from my iPhone to the memory stick. The memory stick has several other features like being able to move/copy/delete files. I haven’t figure out how to do that. You are able to encrypt files , send files using some different apps. You can backup & restore the memory stick.

This memory stick can be used on an iPhone, android phone and has a USB connection. It works well with my laptop. It did free up some space my iPhone by allowing me to transfer some photos. I can take the memory stick and get prints made some where. It is small & convenient.

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JoGray Women’s Stainless Steel “I Love You” Ring [product review]

Since Mr. Sam has his commitment ring I needed one too. We found something that we both liked. I’m a simple gal so I didn’t need anything fancy with a lot of bling.

I found this engagement “I Love You” ring which I thought was perfect for what I was looking for. It’s stainless steel or gold-plated are your choices. I picked silver. The ring is comfortable to wear, its thicker than my regular gold band. The ring is 6mm wide with a smooth inside, there are no size or other markings inside the ring.

JoGray Women's Stainless Steel "I Love You" Ring

I picked a size 8 and it fits on either ring finger. I can wear it comfortably without any issues. I liked that the ring is relatively inexpensive. It works for me, for the commitment that I’m giving Mr. Sam.

The ring came with its own gift box inside a plastic jewelry bag with the size on it. I had no issues with this product. This serves as a promise ring, engagement, commitment or wedding ring. It didn’t turn my finger green, if you might be wondering.

JoGray Women's Stainless Steel "I Love You" Ring, latina sexblogger, product review, amazon review, review blogger

[Disclaimer: I received the product complimentary for reviewing purposes. The blog post may contain affiliate links]

JoGray Women's Stainless Steel "I Love You" Ring



New RFID Blocking Credit Card Protector Small Unisex Leather Case Holder [product review]

I’ve done a few Amazon Reviews on the side. There are several Facebook groups that have some really good offers, just be careful when getting involved because most sellers are from China. Receiving products on time if at all can sometimes be a problem.

I received the RFID Blocking Credit Card Protector Small Unisex Leather Case Holder to review. I had been tossing my store cards in a small makeup bag. I thought it would be a great time to organize myself before school starts and I return to work.

RFID Blocking Credit Card Protector Small Unisex Leather Case Holder with 24 Plastic Card Slots

It arrived on time, in a white plastic mail bag and the wallet was inside a clear sealed bag. When I looked at it and both my husband & son were there, we all just kind of stared at it. Why? Because it looked like something you buy at the dollar store.

I’m not going to pad my reviews just because a seller or company gave me their product free to review. I can’t. I won’t. If the product is a good one then I will write that, but if it’s not I will also write that too.

Continuing with this card holder wallet. I told my son that it was advertised as a RFID blocking wallet. He asked where is the magnet. How can you tell if it is truly an RFID blocking wallet. I said I have no idea. I opened up the card holder and looked at it carefully. I found no sign that it will block anyone from getting my information.

My son said “It looks like something you buy a teenager girl for a gift.” Even my husband looked at it and asked “how much was this?” I replied “$7.55” We are all standing there with a blank look on our faces. No. No way. Just go to the Dollar Store or the local thrift store!

The seller did contact me to say thank you for reviewing this. I felt bad that I goofed on giving the wrong feedback. The seller was fine, nothing wrong with that. What I am concerned with is that it was advertised as RFID blocking. Why not offer something that states or explains that. The main reason I purchased this item was for that fact. To me this is what it is a card holder. Nothing more nothing less.





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Stress Relief Balls Toys [Product Review]

I was asked to review these Stress Relief Balls.
I noticed there are a lot of fidget spinners and companies that are trying to jump on the band wagon of the attention keepers. Objects that would aid a person in focusing, an object to keep in their hands to occupy their mind.
Right. Not happening with these balls.

Stress Relief Balls Toys, product review, sassycat3000, latina blogger
I didn’t find any instruction or information booklet in the package. So I wasn’t aware that there were different levels of firmness to each ball. There was no information explaining which color was the easiest to squeeze and the hardest to squeeze. I had to figure that out by squeezing them all.

The description on Amazon states that I could squish or smoosh these balls. But I couldn’t do either of that. I can’t see using these balls as a fidget type toy for children. I can only see these balls to be used as hand strengtheners, muscle builders. Objects that might be used during physical therapy for the hands, wrists and forearms.

product reviews, sassycat3000, Stress Relief Balls Toys,
Thanks to Mr. Sam for helping me with this review.

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Packing Cubes Set Travel Luggage Organizers [Product Review]

I’m traveling to New Orleans in a few weeks, flying with Spirit Airlines. I read that they have some specific rules about luggage. I’m only going for 4 days, but we know that most of us have to pack everything but the kitchen sink in our luggage.

How am I gonna fit everything into a 16X14X12 size carry-on bag?

I researched and found that lots of travelers are using the idea of package cubes to organize their carry-on. Could this really work? Doesn’t that add extra space? Well I wanted answers, plus I wanted to try and pack as much as I can into just one bag.

I shopped around locally to find the package cubes. The box stores sold the cubes for around $24.99-29.99 for just three of them. With my WeekEight Packing Cubes Set Travel Luggage Organizer Bags I received 3 Cubes 3 Pouches for $29.99. That was worth it to me. I figured I can use the small laundry bag for my dirty intimidates and just repack the rest of the clothes in to the cubes when I return home.

What I didn’t like about the Packing Cubes Set Travel Luggage Organizers:

  • Is that they are NOT waterproof. I did test out the bags with my socks inside. I dropped them into the sink of water. Sadly, my socks got wet. I even had to ring out one sock because it was so wet.
  • The zippers on the cubes & bags seem a bit weak, appear to be easily broken. I recommend handling with care, maybe don’t over pack the cubes to prevent breaking the zipper.

sassycat3000, traveling accessories, product review, Packing Cubes Set Travel Luggage Organizer

What I did like about the Packing Cubes Set Travel Luggage Organizers:

  • You receive three packing cubes and three laundry bags. The cubes are more like mini suitcases to organize your clothes in. The laundry bags are smaller and not as expandable as the cubes, but still have some room.  I recommend the laundry bags for socks, undies.
  • The price, you get more for the amount you pay. I’ve seen some cubes where there are only three of them for the same price.
  • The luggage organizers come in 6 different colors.
  • The cubes have handles on them so they can be carried individually if necessary.
  • There is no odor with these organizers. I have read in some other reviews that they had a musky, moldy smell. But mine do not. I would recommend washing them anyway. Yes they are washable and that’s a plus.
  • The cubes have two zippers, in case one stops working. The laundry bags only have one zipper.

I do like these organizers. I would recommend these for travel. Inexpensive price and you should get a few good uses with them as long as you don’t over-pack them. I’m happy with my purchase and they worked perfectly for my weekend trip.



Apple iPhone 6 / 6S Black PU Leather Slim Executive Flip Case / Cover Case – by Mobi Lock®

I can say honestly, I don’t think this phone case cover is functional for me & my lifestyle. And by that I mean that I’m using my phone all the time. I don’t want to have to keep opening the cover to use the Home button or to text someone back.

I really the phone case, it’s a really cool case. But, it just doesn’t suit me and how I use my iPhone. It truly is not a bad product.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus / 6S Plus Black PU Leather Slim Executive Flip Case / Cover Case - by Mobi Lock

What I like about the Leather Slim Executive Flip Case:

  • That it is leather.The cover is sturdy and seems to have a thick cardboard inside the leather cover.
  • I like the magnetic flip lock. It is secure and stays closed.
  • My iPhone was very secure inside the cover. A bit too much because I later pulled the corner up and separated the actual case from the leather cover.
  • This case still allows you to use the headphone jack easily and charging port easily.
  • You do not have to open the cover to talk on the phone. You can easily talk when it is covered. The leather cover has an opening at the bottom to swipe to answer and has an opening to be able to read the caller ID.

What I didn’t like about the Leather Slim Executive Flip Case:

  • If you are on your phone 24/7 you will not like this phone because you always have to open the flip case to use your phone.
  • It’s difficult to use your phone when the notifications pop up to see them .
  • There is no access to the home button on the phone via the cover.
  • It is difficult to hold if you’re attempting to take photos with your phone. If you try to flip the cover over it will get in the way of the phone camera lens and obstructs the view.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus / 6S Plus Black PU Leather Slim Executive Flip Case / Cover Case - by Mobi Lock

[Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary or at a discounted price for testing discount]

Collapsible Water Bottle [Product Review]

I am traveling to New Orleans in October, I’m flying on Spirit Airlines. I have done tons of research on traveling this airline. Knowing that there is no water after a certain point in addition to Spirit Airlines not providing water or any drinks on their flights.

I need to save space due to all the size requirements, etc. I started looking for water bottles. I came across the Collapsible Water Bottle by Pyrus. PERFECT! I figured I can use it once I’m on vacation, by carrying it in my purse so that if I ever need it, I have it. I don’t have to worry about it taking up a lot of space in my purse either.

I ordered it and received it within 48 hours, less than actually.

It came it a simple clear plastic cover, pretty easy to open. No instructions. Collapsible Water Bottle

What I like didn’t like about the Collapsible Water Bottle:

  • Is that it collects dust & debris, because its made from silicone. It has a sticky feeling on the sides where its kind of shaped like a peanut. The rest of the silicone bottle is smooth feeling. The dust & debris still sticks to the bottle.
  • Because it is collapsible, the bottle itself seems unbalanced and flimsy. When you left it to drink, if you don’t hold it just right it will bend from the weight of the fluid inside. When you drink from it, it will start to collapse in.

It’s not that I don’t like this product. No. I really think it’s a cool idea. It takes a little getting used to that’s all. Filling the bottle with your desired liquid takes some getting used to as well. Because you have to be aware of how hard you’re holding on to the bottle. Because if you squeeze too firmly the liquid could end up squeezing out of the top of the bottle.

Collapsible Water Bottle

What I did like about the Collapsible Water Bottle:

  • The price. Only $11.99 and I thought that was pretty good.
  • There is NO strong odor of silicone or plastic-type odor. There may be a hint to some people, but I don’t smell anything that would distract me from drinking from this bottle.
  • The fact that it does collapse to 1/3 its size. Just fold it up & secure with the
  • There is a pop-up lid with a strainer spout, which I thought was cool.
  • The bottle holds 17 fluid ounces. Pretty much the same amount as the average water bottle.
  • There is a carabiner attached to the secured part of the lid. This makes it convenient for hanging it on something while on the go.
  • It is sturdy empty. The bottle will stand up right empty, it’s just when you grab it. Just takes getting used to, like I mentioned.
  • It is space-efficient. Once its folded up it doesn’t take up a lot of space. And this is one of the main reasons why I bought it.

I’m not sure if the liquid inside the bottle will eventually taste funny if it is left inside too long. I didn’t notice a funny taste to my water or Gatorade when I used the collapsible bottle so that’s another plus for me.

I am satisfied with my purchase & my new collapsible water bottle. Yes, I would recommend this to my friends and I look forward to taking it to New Orleans with me in a few weeks. That will be the real test.

[Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary or a discounted price for reviewing purposes. The blog post may or may not contain affiliate links]



PIDAY Sexy Body Stocking Sheer Unisex Bondage Encasement Cocoon [Product Review]

I love reviewing products that are different & unique. I see and read so many reviews about vibrators & dildos that I decided to do something different. I also thought this unique sex toy product would be good for future photos.

PIDAY Sexy Body Stocking Sheer Unisex Bondage Encasement Cocoon

I was impressed that it arrived within 48 hours of my purchase.

This body stocking cocoon is fairly simple to use. Just climb inside.

It was neatly folded inside a sealed plastic envelope inside the main cover. There were no holes or runs. I did notice that the opening of the nylon cocoon seems like it’s just cut without any seam along the opening. There is a section of vertical lines both at the top and bottom of the cocoon. This seems to be the reinforcement section of the nylon cocoon to guard against runs from the toe and head area.

The Body stocking cocoon is made of  micro-fiber nylon spandex. Which allows it to stretch to accommodate two people. Yes. I tried it with my liege & myself to test the two person ability. The body stocking cocoon passed. We were both naked & fully encased in the cocoon. It’s really soft to the touch, not like same nylon that feels scratchy or rough. The dimensions are 10.8 x 7.2 x 1.5 inches.

PIDAY Sexy Body Stocking Sheer Unisex Bondage Encasement Cocoon

What I did like about the PIDAY Sexy Body Stocking Sheer Unisex Bondage Encasement Cocoon

  • The body stocking cocoon does actually fit two people inside of it without any problems.
  • The cocoon stretches nicely around the body.
  • Feels soft and smooth against my skin.
  • This will make an excellent prop in the future.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • There is only one seam and that is at one end of the cocoon
  • There is no limit to how this can be used. It can be stretched out to be used as restraints, gag. You can have sex while inside this cocoon.
  • Super easy to clean. Just hand wash with soap & water. Air dry.

What I did not like about the PIDAY Sexy Body Stocking Sheer Unisex Bondage Encasement Cocoon

  • There isn’t anything that I can think of that I don’t like about this encasement nylon cocoon. I do wonder if after repeated use if it will no longer have its elasticity.

PIDAY Sexy Body Stocking Sheer Unisex Bondage Encasement Cocoon

If someone has a nylon fetish, encasement fetish this is a good product to own. I’m satisfied with this product. My suggestion is not to handle this nylon stocking with hangnails, sharp or uneven fingernails. Because after all this is nylon and rough edges will be caught on material and may cause a run or hole. Hand wash this. Treat this body stocking cocoon just like a pair of thigh highs or pantyhose.

[Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted or complimentary price for reviewing purposes. This will not influence my opinion or experience of this product. The blog post may or may not contain affiliate links]

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