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I’m terrible when it comes to commenting on the blogs that I am following. However there are a few blogs that I always try to peek at, lurk and stalk.

And of course there are the sex blogs that everyone reads and never misses. Those blogs belong to some of the most outstanding, dedicated and hard-working women in the sex blogging community. I envy their dedication, devotion and perseverance when it comes to their blogging skills. Whether its posting quality work or commenting every blog post on their weekly memes.

If you are not familiar with the following sex blogs, you should be.

(in no specific order)



Molly’s Daily Kiss

Rebel Notes 

Some sex blogs may be just starting out, still in their infancy stage but I see potential for growth. Some blogs I can relate to on a personal level, some blogs I follow or read is because I admire their style of blogging and their creativity.

A few sex blogs that I read that I think are worth a peek …

(in no specific order)

Life of Elliott

Sex Matters

Morag’s Moist Musings

Little Switch Bitch

Ann St Vincent

Isabelle Lauren


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