Starting Point [MM167]

I usually have my “me time” before I leave for work. I try to give myself an hour or two to build myself up, tease myself and watch some porn. I hadn’t masturbated in a few days and was really wanting a big release before I went out partying with friends. I wanted that released so that it wouldn’t distract me nor would it get me into any situation that I may regret later.masturbation monday, latina sexblogger, lelo vibrator, sex story

When I do start my “me time” I am always aware of the time because I could be interrupted by someone coming home early from work, especially on Friday afternoons. Anytime I hear a car door slam or voices I jump off the bed and look out the window to make sure that someone isn’t home. Then I continue watching the porn and get back to trying to achieve my orgasm.

Mr. Sam had asked me for videos of me masturbating, but always forget to record some. Today! Yes today I will make some videos from him and another efriend who I know would really enjoy watching me rub my clit and get off.

I got busy setting up my iPhone, using my super cool tripod stabilizer and loaded up the video app. I loaded up some porn. I like watching different categories of porn. I start with the basic straight porn and then scan the other videos at the bottom of the page which lead to another video and more choices. I tease myself.

I used to enjoy using my Lelo Gigi 2 (which I’m using in the photo). It’s a g-spot vibrator but I mainly use it to stimulate my clit, inserting it a few times when I’m wanting that “fill me” sensation.

Watching videos of straight sex doesn’t always do it for me, because they seem so fake. The sounds some of the chicks make get on my nerves, but I get off on watching a hard cock pound in & out of a beautiful pussy. I turn up the intensity of the vibrator to build myself up more, closer to achieving my orgasm. I hit the video record button and started masturbating. I was really getting into it, edging myself closer and closer to my orgasm. I could feel myself getting closer and closer. No wait, I don’t wanna to cum too quickly. I turn up the Lelo even higher now. I stop watching the video and close my eyes. Imagining someone licking my pussy, sucking and flicking my clit. My mind drifts off to some past experiences, past lovers as my hips start to move more. I reach one small orgasm, then another. The wave is starting to pick up, video is still rolling. I’m getting closer to my orgasm. I slide the vibe into my pussy a few times, held it in as I enjoyed the intense sensation. I could feel my walls spasm around the vibe, back up on my clit.

Suddenly I hear what I think is the front door slam. No. I was so involved in my ecstasy that I didn’t hear any car door slam. I hear the voice. I jump from bed, pull the curtain open and see his car. FUCK. I’m naked. I drop the Lelo vibe onย  the hardwood floor in my panic, I run to shut the bedroom door. The vibe buzzing in the background, hearing him talk to the dog. I slam the computer closed. Seemed like it too me minutes to figure out how to shut off my vibrator. My juices were still running down my inner thighs, but I hadn’t achieved the orgasm I was hopefully for.

This was my starting point, which leads into the fulfilling sexual adventures later in the evening.

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