Smart Lens by Tzumi [product review]

I was killing some time at the local Walmart. I came across this product in the electronics department, so I decided to buy it. The Smart Lens by Tzumi and the The Smart Lens Wireless Shutter & Music Remote.

Smart Lens by TzumiSmart Lens by tzumi








The Smart Lens Clip-on Camera Lens system comes with the 3 lens. The fisheye lens, macro lens and the wide lens.

smart lenz by tzumi

There is the clip that comes with it, two covers for the lens. There is a simple set of instructions and a small black felt draw string bag to keep everything safe & clean.

smart lens by tzumi

Just screw on one of the lens to the clip-on and place over the iPhone lens. I did notice that you can not use these when having an iPhone case on your smart phone. Because it will form a slight gap between the Smart Lens and the camera phone itself. This will cause the macro lens not to be able to focus properly.

I did notice that it takes me a while to get used to the macro lens. The lens seems to have to be almost on top of the object that you’re trying to take a photo of. I wasn’t very impressed with the wide lens. Which you have to combine the macro lens and the wide lens to take wide photos.

I think for me I need to practice more to get the feel of these lens. I like the bag that comes with it. Because everything fits nicely in my pocket.

The following are some practice photos I took with the lens. Not too bad for a $10 Walmart purchase.

Smart Lens Wireless Shutter & Music Remote

I really enjoyed using the Wireless Remote. Very easy to use. It’s Bluetooth and connects to your smart phone. There is a battery included with this remote. There is an on/off button for the remote. It works up 33 feet away from the phone. It remotely controls music volume, on & off, etc.

This works great for controlling my iPhone when it’s on a tripod for recording videos.

This iPhone accessory is definitely a cool one to own. Worth the $10 I spent at Walmart.

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