Skeletons In My Closet [WW132]

Do you have any skeletons in your closet? Or did you have some? Are you ready to reveal some of those skeletons or do you prefer to keep them to yourself? Or maybe in the past you have revealed some of your skeletons and you want to share the reactions you had with us? – Wicked Wednesday  [Thanks to The Sin Doll for this week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt]


I have lots of skeletons. Every once in a while, I try to get inside the closet in attempts to clean them out.  There was a time when I couldn’t even close the closet door, because they kept falling out.

Heel pushing skull in closet




NO! You can’t look! NO Photographs! Don’t look at my skeletons! It can be shameful or embarrassing having skeletons in your closet, depending on the “name” of your skeleton; having a juvenile record, had an abortion, too many baby mamma’s or too many baby daddies,  sleeping with your partner’s best friend, making a sex tape,  fucking your married boss, having a fetish that isn’t accepted easily. There are some really hardcore skeletons out there; sexually molested by a family member or close relative,  topics that most websites do not tolerate like rape, child porn, sex with animals, incest. I know shit happens, by choice or force. Those are still someone’s skeleton’s, hiding in their closet. Waiting to be released or discovered. I fear judgement of mine. I try not to judge others. I can say that a few men that I have met online who have confessed their skeleton’s to me, I did not judge them. I think I can speak for them when I say I didn’t judge them nor did I make them feel ashamed for sharing with me. Whether they fuck & cum in shoes or wear women’s panties & clothes, sharing their state of emotional upset in their marriage.

I’m always afraid of some form of judgment from others if I let them see my skeletons. Sometimes I think it’s best to push them to the back of the closet. Out of sight out of mind, right?

Skeletons hiding in the closet



There are times when I do try to clean out my closet and those damn skeletons attack me! They want to be dealt with…right then & there. I get so scared, terrified of them attacking me and getting out of the closet. I have to be emotionally & mentally ready for them to come out into the light.

SassyCat3000 and her Skeleton


When I am feeling emotionally stable, mentally ready. I can bravely open the closet door and have no fear of bringing some of my skeletons out of the closet and into the light. I can deal with them…one by one. Then there is more room in the closet now for new skeletons! Oh My! Over the years I have cleaned out my closet a few times. It felt good to get those skeletons out of there.

One of my most recent skeletons I shared was here on my blog. My skeleton was my Borderline Personality Disorder. UGH! I said it. *Looks around for reactions* My BPD and sex life go hand & hand. I didn’t know it until a few years ago. Then it all made sense. My high sex drive, crazy sex life and BPD…now you see a few my skeletons.

Stockings Heels and Skulls



I hope you enjoyed peeking in to my closet with me. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it was gonna be, showing you my skeletons. Thank you for being here with me.  It means so much to me, that you are here with me and that I’m not alone. Who wants to be alone?! Sometimes. Not all the time.  I’m not afraid of these skeletons anymore.

Now that you’ve seen these skeletons, there is a body in the basement I need…oh…

Heels and Skeletons in the closet


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