Simple Sassy Sunday

Well, I wasn’t really sure I was gonna do a show today because I had mentioned that I was taking some time off last week…but due to my listeners showing up and there being no show and others telling me that they listened to the show. I felt bad, so I started doing it again.

I started out kind of badly because everything moved kind of quickly and I was attempting to assist a new listener to the show. I did some Shout Outs to a few people in my life….

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  • biggerharderfaster
  • whynotme8653
  • timmysimms
  • Rockin_Mama
  • MsDjHoodie
  • Riftzone



I talked about the death of Amy Winehouse and played a song sung by her “You Know I’m No Good.”

She is now a member of the 27 club, joining the greats that went before her, like Jim, Jimi and Janis.


Shared that I have been using Twitter alot more than usual and its a huge big Cyber nation out there. Mentioned my new audio blog “Hot Child in The City” its just audio blogs and a few written statements. I am now on Google+ and am not really sure if I like it or not. Its like another social network and is still new and needs alot of attention, otherwise I am not feeling it right now.


I started to discuss the subject of “alpha females and alpha males.” MsDjHoodie called in and so did Riftzone and we briefly discussed some examples of what an alpha is. I read some information from a website called First Love You where she went on to share a lot of information on being an alpha female or male. It was informative for sure. Maybe I could get her on the show sometime to explain more of it. I am very interested int this subject.

Thanks again for everyone who tuned in and listened….

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