Day 2 Р30 Day Writing Challenge

Shuffle your music player and share the first 3 songs. Say something about each song.

1. Sleep – Savatage
The song expressed emotions I felt for my 805muse. It was towards the downward spiral towards the end of our relationship/friendship. The lyrics “popped” out at me.
I had seen Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert. At the end of the concert they played this song, I fell in love with it at that moment. Below are just a few lyrics to the song.

“Hey there you
Way out there in the distance
Can you hear me
Are you there

I know it’s late
So please forgive my persistence
But I’m hanging
Do you care”

2. From the Bottle to the Bottom РKris Kristofferson 

Listening to Kris always reminds me of my father. He was the one who taught me about music. He also drank lot when I was younger. He loved country music, mostly the outlaw stuff before it was popular. I liked Kris’s look when I was younger. I found him attractive in a rugged way, the manly way. I even named one of my son’s “Kris” with a “K’ & “F” because of the way Kristofferson spelled his name. I always think this song now reminds me of my alcoholic friend whose wife left him three years ago. This fits his life perfectly right now. Poor thing.

You wonder if I’m better off
With freedom now to do the things I choose
With all my times my own and
I got nothin’ left but sleepin’ time to lose
There’s no one here to carry on
If I stay out the whole night long
or give a tankerous damn if I don’t call
I’m livin’ like I wanted to
And doin’ things I wanna do
And nothin’ means a thing to me at all

And his future feels as empty as the pocket in his pants
Because he’s never seen a single dream come true
That’s the way that I’ve been feelin’ since the day I started falling
From the bottle to the bottom stool by stool
Learnin’ hard to live with losin’ you

3. Pieces of the Night – Gin Blossoms

My best friend (at that time) had turned me onto this band. I fell in love with them the moment I heard their first CD. Their songs were mostly about drunken nights and touring, playing gigs. I could relate to the drunkness, because that’s what I was doing during that time while I listened to them. I will admit that this band can push me to a place of binge drinking, risky & restless behaviors. Moodiness and depression IF I’m not careful. One of my life theme songs is “Hey Jealousy” by them. It’s played in every jukebox in every bar that I have ever had a drink in. The lyrics below take me back to those drunken men sitting on their bar stool looking for that beautiful woman that who rescue them from a night of loneliness.

“Is it any wonder that the stars just don’t rush by
When you’re only doin’ 60 through this oh-so-vacant night
But it’s lacking something big this time
What the hell did you expect to find
Aphrodite on a barstool by your side”


The original prompt suggested 10 songs, but I decided to limit it to just three songs. Which will allow for a feel of my taste in music and a little more insight as to who I am.

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