The Show must go on [smutober]

Today’s prompt is “hat.”

I used to HATE wearing a hat. My mother used to make me wear them all the time.

“Oh look at my cutie-bug-pie, you always look so good in any type of hat.”

I guess I developed a sort of obsession, collection of hats. Thanks to my mother.

I love dressing up in them, but not wearing them out in public as part of an outfit. I enjoy collecting them. I have hard hats, scarecrow felt hat, cowboy hats, summertime straw hats, hats with ears, hats with pom-poms, an Indy Jones hat, a top hat…the list goes on.

I like this costume hat I bought at going-out-of-business sale. I used and dyed my old wedding veil and will add some steam punk items and long feathers to it before this Halloween. Not sure if I will wear it this year, but I will have it for my crazy collection.

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