Shopping! [SS308]

Weekends are for ….SHOPPING.

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I received a Victoria Secret gift ecard last week from an admirer of my cleavage, photos and stories.

I went to the mall to select my new bra. The Victoria Secret Perfect Coverage Bra.

Most of you know I edit the hell out of my photos. WHY?! Because I’m filled with self-image and self-hate issues. That isn’t a plea for anyone to debate or to attempt to make me feel better. Not my intention, it’s one of my character defects that I work on daily.

I took the following photo to share with my admirer via Sinful Sunday, but I felt old & fat. (OH Yeah?! Stop complaining and do something about it. I know, I hear that in my head).

I always show my beloved the photos before I use them and ask for his opinion. I sent him the edited version first then the original. [BELOW] This photo he didn’t understand the editing.

sinful sunday, victoria secret, sassycat3000, latina, sexblogger, cleavage,

On or Off?

He went on to say he wasn’t sure of my point, then I sent him the original. Now mind you, I hate how I look in it. We know our flaws, I don’t need him to point them out, but I wanted him to see the difference in the photos. After looking at them both he says “the original is not flattering to you at all. Your belly is too big and it looks like the bra doesn’t fit.

I’m not upset, because I knew exactly what he was talking about. That’s what I’d seen as well, being insecure I asked Mr. Sam for his opinion. This is what he said “I think it’s hotter than the edited one. Shows your boobs, skin color, and your stomach don’t look fat but when you look your eyes go straight to boobs (as you want) then follow your stomach to wonder what’s below.”

sinful sunday, victoria secret, sassycat3000, latina, sexblogger, cleavage, Mr. Sam is the reason I am sharing this photo, also because I need to continue stepping outside my comfort zone. I would rather have the photo edited. The photo does make my belly look big, because it is! Sorry, Mr. Sam you’re blinded by lust!

My admirer enjoyed my previous photos and I hope he continues to enjoy my edited & unedited photos. They are for him to enjoy. I truly am grateful for the few admirers, efriends and followers that I have. Thank You, Mr. T for my beautiful, new blue VS bra!!!



  • Stepping out of one’s comfort zone seems to be a requirement for a fulfilling life. Thanks to Mr. Sam for giving permission to post these very sexy shots here!

  • Well I think the colour you actually chose at VS is the one . . . simply because that is the one that appealed to you enough to buy it !!!
    You know we all have doubts and worries about our bodies . . . what we should wear and what looks flattering and what does not . . . but it is what is in our head and in our heart that is important. And we choose colours and sizes and shapes and styles from our head and heart. And I always say I want to wear something (nor not) because it makes me feel good and sexy and desirable.
    And that is what matters the most !!!
    Xxx – K

  • I choose the original also. It’s sexy and you look desirable, and your stomach does not look ‘big, it’s the angle you are holding your body. Not so with the top photo, don’t like the edit at all. I love the color for you and it almost looks like a painting. Like all your self photos, Cat, there is more than meets the eye. The position of your hand and almost a wanton expression of lust maybe, as if pulling the strap down for a lover. And, of course, I would be remiss if I did not mention the cleavage displayed in your new bra.

  • I like both, and I’m glad you are stepping outside of comfort zones to share both with us

  • I like them both actually. I think the edit makes it feel more secretive like we are catching a glimpse of you but in the original I love that we can see more detail in your hair and hands and they way your mouth is slightly open


  • I, too prefer the original. You need to stop being so hard on yourself. You are stunning – no amount of editing will change or enhance that. Features cannot be added and you, Catherine have some beautiful features <3

  • I prefer the original, I was drawn to the beautiful colour and my eye immediately saw the breast. It is terrible we have body issues isn’t it, but I know exactly how you feel x

  • I like them both for various reasons. Well done for stepping outside your comfort zone, it’s a tough thing to do and I admire you so much for it.

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