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One of my very closest friends has a very intense, serious shoe fetish. We get along well, in the sense that I like to tease him & he enjoys it. When we had gotten together from lunch, I approached him with this idea. He was very supportive of it and agreed immediately. I guess, because I am curious about human behavior. Here is my friend’s answers to the questions I had given him. 

When did you first realize that you had this fetish? Oh I have had this addiction to footwear since my early school days. I was always drawn to the girls’ shoes even then which would have been around 6 -7 years old. I didn’t have any real idea of what or why I liked them I just had the urge to touch them and want them. I can still remember certain girls and there cute shoes even from way back then. I really started to enjoy my addiction once we moved up schools when I was about 11-13. So many shoes just left in the clock rooms, so I joined up lots of after school clubs just so I could have time to play with these when the school was empty !! and of course the older girls had so much more sexy shoes lol

What does the term shoe fetish mean to you?Oh this is such a hard question to answer. I have found out that there are so many forms and levels of shoe fetish out there, from guys who love women in the classic high heeled shoes right down to those that love women in indoor slippers or flip flops. Each fetish seems very personal as to the level of the feelings they produce from some guys that just like there women to wear shoes to those who prefer to play and fuck the shoes themselves rather than the shoes owners, it’s a fascinating subject. So where do I come in the shoe fetish rankings? Well I would say I am an addict, they are not just a turn on during sex but a constant turn on each an everyday. No matter where you go and what you do every woman will be wearing something on her feet. My particular love of shoes is,(unlike most men’s) very broad from cute flats to sky high heels, I love seeing women in just about every form of foot wear, but I do have some exceptions that are a total turn off. They are Flip flops of any sort, Ugg boots( unless they are brand new and worn with thick tights and a short skirt). High top converse. Flat sandals ( with a few exceptions) Some trainers ( Tennis shoes are very sexy but others aren’t) Cant explain that one at all. Ok so that pretty much tells you my personal likes and dislikes which are more wide and varied than most guys I have come across, although a lot of those guys have a more specific and intense fetish.

How have you used shoes/boots in sexual scenarios?Shoes & boots make great sex toys for those of us who love them. We have used them in lots of ways from my wife wearing them to using them to suck, fuck, touch, stroke. They feel great to have slid on your cock & a hand placed round them and being brought off into them. Also there is nothing sexier than a woman toying with herself using a sexy shiny patent toe or long heel. I just love playing with them solo too, it’s such a horny way to cum!

What is your biggest turn on about shoes? Does your partner know about your fetish? If so what was their reaction when you told them? If not, why don’t they know?I don’t have one particular turn on that tops the rest, I just love having shoes in my life. If I had to pick the one thing that turns me on more than others it would be the illicit use of a woman’s shoes. Having a large collection at home is great but to find a woman has left shoes out that you can pick up and use and then replace without them knowing is a real sexual rush, probably because it’s not allowed and we all enjoy doing naughty things don’t we. I do feel it’s wrong to do that but I never take them and always put them back clean and tidy. And I do get a thrill out of seeing her put them back on and walking around in them !!My wife does now about my addiction and generally she joins in with it. It has never been a problem or an issue. Which I know I am lucky to have with her, but I also do need the thrill of other women’s shoes to give me a buzz now and then I guess I like to have my cake and eat it too.

How many shoes do you possess? (your own plus any others or woman’s shoes-make a list) What is the most you have spent on a pair of shoes, for yourself or someone else? Do you have a favorite pair? OK so lets answer a few of these in one. How many shoes?Well we must own between 50 – 60 shoes of all types and styles. Some are just for indoor use but mostly they are wearable. Seems a shame just to have ones that you cant wear out side. Do have a special pair that was given to me by a special lady in my life. I loved the fact she was happy for me to have them. The most we have paid for shoes is around £80 or $120 which were for really good quality boots that have lasted for years so they were worth it. I don’t have a favorite pair, I tend to change my “favorites” all the time. Maybe I have seen a girl wearing some or seen a pair in a shop and I just want to have them. So my likes tend to change with the seasons, right now I’m loving the boots that are everywhere !! Happy Days

What advice would you give to someone who is struggling with their acceptance of their own shoe fetish?This is really hard to give advice on. For me the shoes have been a great source of fun and enjoyment because I have had some women in my life that have been interested and active in helping me enjoy how I feel. I also do know guys that feel too ashamed to tell the woman in their life about their fetish. I do know of couples that have split up over it which is really sad. It seems a lot of women feel it is more about the shoes than it is about the person wearing them. I wonder if any other harmless fetish such as underwear and stockings etc has the same reaction. It is generally more acceptable that’s for sure. If I had any advice to give it would be, don’t deny who you are, but introduce things slowly and make sure your lady knows it’s about her in the shoes rather than the shoes on her. Don’t expect her to use her shoes as sex toys right away, just ask her to keep them on to start with and build up from there. Also give her better sex and she will have a reward for pleasing you!!!

Are there any drawbacks to your shoe fetish?The simple answer is a big yes for me. The trouble for my particular addiction is not being able to turn it off at all. For most guys who like the high heels etc they only get to be indulged if they are at parties or a night out, unless they are lucky enough to work in an office where women do wear heels on a daily basis. For me, no matter where I go or what I do I am always checking out the foot wear so no matter if it’s driving, or food shopping or just sitting in doors I am constantly looking out for great shoes. The worst thing is going to meetings as I did recently. The lady sitting next to me was new and had obviously brought new shoes for the office, which were very sexy patent pink flats that she sat dangling off her toes!! And the woman taking the meeting had the most lovely pair of long boots on with a skirt above her knee!! I came out of the meeting and realized I hadn’t taken any notice of what had been said at all, not a great move as I had to phone later to ask the questions I should have noted down the answers too instead of day dreaming !! On a more serious note, I have done things that I deeply regret doing just to get my hands on a girls shoes, and have taken stupid risks at other times to play with other woman’s shoes. I will say most of these were a while ago but the urge is still there now and can prove overwhelming at times. Self-control is not easy when your horny as hell!

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