Sex: Then & Now [TMITuesday]

1. Do you think sex is less important after age 50? Why or why not? No. I think sex is as important as the person makes it.  I’m almost 50 and sex is still is in the top 5 of important things in my life. Ok, sex is important on a daily basis, unless of course there is a stressful event distracting me.

2. Were you ever squeamish about sex? At what age (or age range)? Not squeamish, but very shy & insecure about sex. Back when I first started having sex. Being insecure about my body, my performance etc. I kind of mirrored the person I was with.

3. When did you quit being squeamish and start to relax and enjoy sex? I would say I stopped worrying about sex in my early 30’s. I don’t get squeamish with body fluids, unless there’s something wrong with the body fluids. I don’t like stepping in body fluid in my bare foot. Not because it’s cum, but because I hate my feet getting wet.

4. What is sex worth to you? Depends on what the stakes are.

5. What do you seek in exchange for sex? Besides a good time? I won’t go into some of the hooker-like things I’ve done in my youth. Never for money. Mostly seeking that one high that equals the euphoric feeling that most drugs will give.

6. Is your sex life better or worse now vs. five years ago? I would definitely say worse. Not being in sync with my spouse the majority of the time. It seems so much easier just to masturbate. Why? Five years ago I was experimenting and challenged myself to do new things. I did things to curve my boredom, but nowadays I feel like I have completely lost my touch. I feel as if I have completely lost my “mojo” the part of me that could lure men to me. That would, could keep them interested, with the potential of sex later in the evening. I was told by “him” via text…

No. Not bored, just really busy..need to get out for some drinks or coffee. Love You..and You…lose ur touch?! smh…DOUBT IT!!!

7. Would you answer your mobile phone (a call or text) if it rang/dinged while you were having sex? It depends on who is calling on my cell phone and depends on if the sex was good and who I’m with. If one of us is close to a climax..FUCK NO I ain’t answering the phone.

Bonus: What is the one thing you wish your love interest understood about you? Even though, I act like a hard ass. I really am a very romantic person and want to be seduced.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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