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I have seen and read lots of blogs about Share of Shit Saturday hashtag #SoSS. Full credit for this idea goes to girl on the net, I’m pretty sure. It boils down to how some social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and recently Patreon are starting to restrict what is being allowed to be published or posted on their platforms regarding topics about sex. Some feel its censorship, to be restricted because the subject material is about sex. It was said that slowly sex bloggers/writers are being pushed out, not being accepted. I think it’s the little people down on the bottom rungs, that are feeling it most. I don’t foresee the big porn companies getting hit as hard as the little people.

Ok there’s another thing, some maybe get offended that their writing/content is considered pornographic. Is erotica and porn different? If they are how so? I have my opinion on of this and think that I don’t feel like getting into writing it all down. I will say that it’s always about the money and how much you want to toss at the situation. I always thought sex sells, no matter what. Sex & money. Take that however you want to, it’s my opinion.

Sex is everywhere. Topics about sex, nude images, whatever you’re into that gets you off, you can find on the net. You just might have to pay for it because it’s not mainstream.

I thought a site Patreon would not attempt to place restrictions on what is done on their platform because that’s what their purpose is. I thought it was a place where creators could benefit financially from their creations. A middle guy to link vendor and consumer, but now the vendor must find another way of selling their creations or getting sponsors for their projects. I can’t see how well Patreon is doing anyway, once you start targeting a specific groups of creators such as sex bloggers or erotic authors how long will it take before Patreon starts targeting another group?

I didn’t want to go into all of that, I think you get my general opinion on the subject.gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== Sex Blog Spotlight for this Week

I was sent an email over a year ago asking about how to get started in the sex blogging community. She had found me the comment section in GOTN’s blog. She said she wanted to connect to other bloggers but didn’t know how. She also asked me how she could make money from her writing without giving any of her personal information away. She was looking for about $100 a month. This woman had started a blog, but was having a difficult time getting a following & connecting. I thought it was kind of funny, her asking me some how-to questions, when my blog was clearly nowhere near as popular, or had any kin of status in said community. I gave her a list of sex bloggers that she should follow, approach and to reach out to, but she was unwilling or failed to follow my advice. I have checked her blog and her last post was mid 2016.

I followed my advice as much as I could. I chose to get involved, even when I thought I wasn’t good enough. Looking about on some of my first Sinful Sunday photos I think…DAMN! those are awful. But that’s just it, one must put themselves out there, take that chance and share. Share yourself with others and they will do the same. Thanks to May More at Sex Matters for sharing me with her circle of efriends on her #SoSS post. Looking forward to getting to know her more and you should to!

I was thinking about doing something like this months ago, because I wanted to share and to say thank you.

To share some links to some great sites and blogs that has provided me with traffic and exposure to my site & work. To say THANK YOU to those who came before me, who blazed trails, open doors to knowledge.

Sex Blogging Memes to get Involved In

If you’re a newbie at writing erotica, wanting to take erotic photos or share about your personal kinky experiences, those 4 memes are the best to get started. If it wasn’t for those women I probably would have quit years ago. I’m slow at starting, shy and was afraid no one would ever look or comment but Molly, Marie Rebelle and Kayla ALWAYS leave comments on every post. Always positive, supportive and friendly. There are a few other memes to check out, but for me those four gave me the biggest boost.

I noticed a division between sex toy reviewers and erotic writers. I’ve been told by a few different people who both groups are very cliquish and even judgmental within their own groups. Although I do think that’s in any given group of people, even the “fools on stools” at my dive bar are like that. I’m just now starting to get more into writing sex toy reviews, however I do keep myself somewhat distant from them considering I do more than just post sex toy reviews. In my opinion its a rough job, detailed writing is required or perhaps expected by the peers of that community. Personally I do not do well with expectations or do I do well with obeying any specific rules. I believe at times it hinders creativity. I do not have a list of my recommended sex toy reviewers, but I’m working on that. Maybe in the next post or next month.

I’m shit at reading, reading has never been my strong ability. I’m too easily distracted and leaving comments on blogs, I always feel that I might be misunderstood. I skim through most of the blogs I follow, however there are a few that stand out or a few posts that I’ve wanted to sing praises about, just never have.

Until Now.

I started reading TheSmutlancer to gain more knowledge on getting myself out there more. I would strongly recommend you subscribe to it, because there’s never any harm in refresher course information. I am on the fence about those who charge for their knowledge, Kayla gives away wonderful & simple information that any one can use for writing, even some information about general sex blogging and making money.

Sex Blog Spotlight

Modesty Ablaze – London Sex Blogger, Sex Toy Reviewer, Hotwife & FemDom Mistress. Her photos are fun and playful. She does an awesome job on the Scavenger Hunt meme. I admire her so much. Her openness and her sense of humor and she’s so friendly.

Life of Elliott. Elliott is another very friendly blogger who loves to share photos of himself masturbating to some of his favorite efriends and I find that arousing.

Upcoming Events

RED is the upcoming SInful Sunday Prompt for December.

SMUT MARATHON is fast approaching in a few weeks.


If you’re a follow blogger please consider sharing this post or any post related to the topic of sex, sexuality or erotica. Use the hashtag #SoSS #shareourshitsaturday

Do you read sex blogs, follower of a sex blog(s)? Again please consider sharing your favorite sex blog posts or be kind and leave a comment. Hell do both!!!  Let your favorite sex blogger know you love and support them.

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