Sex Blog Spotlight 2

I started reading a lot more blog posts since this new sex blog community Saturday sharing started.

I am sitting here getting my post links organized so that I can share them here, when I noticed quite a few of notifications on my twitter. I continued with my organizing and two of the posts I wanted to share are by MarieRebelle. I knew without reading her SoSS post that I wanted to share it because I admired her organized post links. She broke them down into small categories such as “sexy real life, prompts, tips & tricks.” I looked at my twitter feed and seen that I was mentioned and she along with some others had mentioned me because of her post.  I just thought that was funny.

The second of MarieRebelle’s posts is this week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt – “muse; as a verb, to muse is to consider something thoughtfully. As a noun, it means a person, mostly a woman, who is a source of artistic inspiration. Whether you use ‘muse’ as a verb or a noun, come share your sexy stories with us.”  GUESS WHAT?

I get to pick the Top 3!!! WooHoo! I’m excited because I am being included in a community event and that’s always a great feeling.


  • Masturbation is nothing to be ashamed of …. Isabelle Lauren rants on her blog about society’s stigma about masturbation.
  • SEO for Sex Bloggers: My Traffic Tanked Now What? ….. this post is from April of 2017, but I just discovered this site a few sites ago. Taryn (Ace in the Hole) is new to the sex blogging world and is sharing some SEO information in one of her categories. Simple & easy to read, which is a must have for me and good information for someone like me who doesn’t have a fucking clue about that shit.
  • Finally done with John … Reading about Ann St Vincent’s relationships, this post touched me because I could relate to her irritation and frustration of a man not listening and understanding her needs and wants. So much so that she basically says “fuck it and fuck off.”

Lastly, I noticed several posts that had links for Sex Toy Black Friday. I don’t mind a blogger sharing some hot deals for some sex shops online. However, I did noticed that most of the sex shops were only doing 20% off. Really? That’s it? I seen one shop that only offered 10% and thought why the fuck would I shop at your place when I’m sure I could find a much better deal else where. I think the best sex toy black Friday offer I have seen was for Tantus with their 70% off sale.

Another thing I noticed with this Share our Shit Saturday is that there are bloggers that share the same people, their friends and those in their circle. I’m not saying that there is a problem with that but its pretty much the same stuff over and over. I know, that’s the point of sharing, but after a while I get tired of seeing the same names. I’m just sharing my opinion and you know what they say about opinions.


If you’re a regular reader of a sex blog? Have a favorite sex blog? Are you a follow blogger?  Please consider sharing this post or any post related to the topic of sex, sexuality or erotica. Use the hashtag #SoSS #shareourshitsaturday

Let your favorite sex blogger know you love and support them.


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