Saturday Night Sprinkle [WW74] [Adventures of Nina & Jax]

This post is based on a true story. The names have been changed to protect the guilty parties, substituted with the fictitious couple of “Nina & Jax.” (August 2011)


Nina was feeling down,  she had an emotional trying week. Not it’s Saturday night, she’s settled in for the evening and started watching TV. What she really needed was an emotional pick-me-up.

her phone vibrates…


and whatcha doin?

being bored watchin tv


no fun

yea i know


well whats it gonna take to have sum fun?

you know what 😉


got it! lol



missin the blowin



well wanna get away?



well lets fuck



well i am alone for the evening

we will have to fix that


got any ideas?



wanna fuck me?



well can you get away?



the rental unit?



well wanna meet up there?



yes? no? or just meet up at our other spot?

wait better not chance it, lets go to our spot at the park


well lets go then



where u wanna go?



well ok meet at our other spot at the park




yes, leaving now


meet ya there…our same spot

its raining!


So? you don’t melt

i might lol


ok on my way..riding bike. its a great night for a ride 😉

be there in 15



pulling into park area


It had been sprinkling on & off the whole time Nina was driving to meet him. It was comfortable outside for a motorcycle ride. She wished she had her bike again. She then thought maybe they could go for a ride around the park, if time allowed. Nina pulled into the area that is our spot at the park, its off the main path. It dead ends. Really nice spot.

There he was sitting on his bike in the dark. He gets into Nina’s car. They talk a little. He is in the mood to party, they do a few bumps.  Nina looks off in the distance and  sees flashlights and hears talking. CRAP!

Jax said “not to worry about them.” He leans in to kiss Nina. They kiss passionately for a bit. She can feel the intensity in his kisses. Then all of a sudden a nose bleed! FUCK! Nina’s nervous, feeling like a teenager. Not to mention the bumps, they did a few minutes ago.  Jax asks with a concerning tone  “whats up with that?!” Nina replies “I have no idea.” He then asks “what did you tell him about being out?” Nina doesn’t  even remember what she told to who.

Jax tries to calm Nina,  “we have time, relax and enjoy.” She takes a deep breath, puts her hand on his cock, rubbing it over his jeans. He unzipped his pants, Nina felt him getting harder in her hand. They kiss some more,  making out like teenagers on a Saturday night. In a demanding voice her tells her “I think you need to suck my cock!” He pushes her head down, grabbing a handful of hair with his free hand,  and spanking her ass hard with the other hand.  “That’s for making me wait all this time for you!” Jax says sternly. She just kept sucking his long hard cock. He pulls her head off by her hair.  “I think you should ride my cock.” Nina smiles. Getting  got out of the car walked over to his side, dropping her shorts and mounts him.

Nina can hear herself moan in the small car, along with the fact that the seats are great for fucking, because they recline straight back. She rode him slow at first, then he lifted up off the seat, thrusts upward into her. Nina’s sucking on his tongue as his cock was thrusting into her harder & faster. She kisses him deeply, so that her vocals don’t get too loud. Her first orgasm hits her as they continue to fuck, faster, harder. It seemed as if they were the only two people on the earth in that small car. Nina leans upwards, Jax unfastens her bra, she leans up to take off her shirt. Jax gives each one of her nipples his attention.

His dirty talk is sweet & smutty. The more they are together the more comfortable they get. Nina came once while on top of him and was starting to get really hot. She opened the door climbed off.  They walked over to his Harley. He pushed her over onto the bike, he fucks her while she leaning on it. All she kept thinking “don’t tip this over” cause he was really pounding her hard.

It started sprinkling again, when the sprinkles turned into raindrops. They never missed a beat. The rain was warm, Nina felt it against her skin. She was hoping that they wouldn’t get poured on. She really didn’t want to be stuck in wet clothes. That thought was fleeting when Jax reached forward grabbing a handful of hair, pulling and  moaning. He moaning was louder than normal. The rain continued to fall, as they continued to fuck. They both forgot about the kids with the flashlights and the fact they were in a park.

The night was great, just enough moonlight, cool breeze blew over their wet skin as Jax came deep inside Nina. Nina could feel his legs start to tremble, he squeezed hard on to her as he shoved his throbbing cock inside her to fill her hungry pussy full of his semen. Nina came just a few seconds later, hearing Jax moan & cry out during his orgasm pushed her over the edge.

He ran his hands down her legs because they were shaking, trembling. Her legs felt like rubber. She was having a slightly difficult time standing up. She could feel his cum running down the inside of her legs.  They both stood there in the rain, trying to regain their strength. Jax giggles “why are your legs shaking, baby?” He knew she had cum again. Nina turned around facing him. She propped herself up onto the bike. She grabbed his semi-hard cock, rubbing it against her clit, trembling more, he was breathing hard,  she couldn’t believe the incredible feeling of him. Just that quickly Nina came for a third time.  They kissed, a little bit more. Then figured it was best to clean up, dry off and get dressed.  “Do you have something to wipe us off with?” Jax asked. Nina gets a travel box of tissue from the glove compartment along with some wet wipes. “Pass the wet wipes.” Jax says. Nina also hands Jax his pants that she picked up from the car floor. Nina finishes getting dressed.

Nina no longer feels self conscious about her body with him. They talked about “us” and the others. They talked about texting each other, discussed the rules again. More so about his swinging and how its too much of a hassle for them now. Nina just wanted to make sure that his wife was ok with everything that they do on the side. Nina felt a little bit better about the whole play time together. She doesn’t  know how long this will last, however she does know that his sex drive is very high. She knows that her sex drive is also very high. Nina doesn’t see it slowing down for awhile. Not any time soon at all.

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