Risky Business [f4tf11]

Where is the riskiest/most adventurous place that you have had sex? Did you get caught? f4tf_button1

I have written a few stories about adventurous places I’ve had sex. There a lot more I could and that I should write about. However,due to a time restraint this week I’m only able to share the earlier posts I’ve written.

Sex in the bathroom at his son’s birthday party while family & friends are outside the bedroom door. Read the full story -> Taking a Chance.

In his truck, fucking in broad daylight in the movie theater parking lot. Read the full story -> At the Movies

Out in the woods, trying not to get caught. Read the full story -> Balance at the Boat Launch

There you have it. Just a few stories for you to enjoy if you choose to read them. Don’t forget to leave a comment and lemme know what you think.


  • I’d like to be watched have been with another woman once never this one always thought too much about it at times I suppose just getting her clothes off mine and being seen a hot scene I think

  • We always enjoy listening to the sexual exploits of others.
    Gary and I have both fucked and bj in many places. Friends pool, drive in theatre, large window pane open to the world in a hotel, many beaches including Agde nudist resort to name a few.

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