ZzzQuil Nighttime Sleep Aid Liquicaps [Product Review]

I have had problems getting to sleep in the past. I have had problems staying asleep. Sometimes I just wake up in the middle of the night.

I had to opportunity to test ZzzQuil Nighttime Sleep Aid Liquicaps.

It is not too strong, just enough to make you relaxed, to get you to sleep and to keep you asleep. The pills are small and easy to swallow.

I woke up feeling slightly groggy, but was over it quickly.

This sleep-aid contains Diphenhydramine HCl, which is an antihistamine. There isn’t a “hungover” feeling in the morning, just a light hazy feeling but that goes away quickly.

Like with any other medication please read all the instructions and when unsure contact your primary doctor.

[Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted or complimentary price for reviewing purposes. This will not influence my opinion or experience of this product. The blog post may or may not contain affiliate links]

Lektor Zipper Mouth Muzzle [Review]

I am really digging my new Lektor Master Series Zipper Mouth Muzzle courtesy of Wicked Butterfly. I was very excited to read that I was receiving the Master Series Lektor Zipper Mouth Muzzle. I received the product rather quickly from Wicked Butterfly.

Master Series Lektor Zipper Mouth Muzzle

When I opened the main box, the mask itself was inside a sealed plastic pouch. Which I liked because I know that no one else had tried this muzzle on before I did.

When I added this to my wish list, I did it because I thought it was so cool looking & a bit intimidating. I thought sure, it’s a muzzle for a submissive, but I plan to wear it while riding my motorcycle. That’s right. I love to “freak” others out when I’m riding my motorcycle. This Master Series Zipper Mouth Muzzle is something different and cool looking. I really go for the different, unique and odd items to review. I also love adding the items for photos and of course playtime.

What I liked about the Master Series Lektor Zipper Mouth Muzzle:

  • Its “one size fits all” which to some might be a problem. When trying this muzzle on, it’s basically stretching & pulling the elastic bands over your head.
  • The muzzle is nice & thick. The outside is a shiny vinyl and the inside is neoprene.
  • The price is reasonable. At Wicked Butterfly its only $19.95
  • There is a metal zipper for the mouth. This muzzle does muffle a persons voice while wearing it, even with the zipper opened it can be difficult to understand the person wearing it.
  • Six metal “dots” surrounding the mouth zipper.
  • Two holes for your nostrils with the seam up the middle of the muzzle
  • This is a half-faced mask that covers the lower part of the face. Under the chin, over the nose area.
  • The muzzle is comfortable to wear, however keep in mind that it is a “one size fits all. This means that it may be larger in some areas than others. There seems to be extra room in the chin area.
  • There are no instructions on the box or inside for cleaning. It seems simple enough. Outside can be wiped down easily with baby wipes or a soapy washcloth. The inside material looks like it can be washed. I would hand wash it thoroughly after wearing it for a long time, because of perspiration.

What I didn’t like about the Master Series Lektor Zipper Mouth Muzzle:

  • The straps on the muzzle are not adjustable. To some, this might be a problem. But after I tried it on, I do like how “tight” it fits over my head & face. But then I think about loose elastic resulting from the stretching & pulling from the on/off process.
  • It’s easiest when you pull both elastic straps out ward and moving over the back of the head, while placing your chin inside the muzzle first. Then adjust hair & muzzle.
  • The muzzle does push into the bridge of my nose and be a bit painful at times.
  • There is extra material around the mouth area on the inside of the muzzle. Which can be annoying when trying to actually speak. It annoyed me a bit. The mouth area did “puff” out a bit, didn’t quite line up with my mouth. But I wasn’t expecting it too since it is a “one size fits all” kind of item.
  •  After wearing the muzzle for about 20 minutes I started to get hot & sweaty under the muzzle. This is one of the reasons why I will be wearing it to ride my motorcycle. I know my face will stay warm.

Using this muzzle to better control your partners speech. Opening & closing the mouth zipper makes a slight difference in the sound of the muzzled persons voice, but not much. However when I was wearing it, the mouth area doesn’t fit directly over my mouth, which is to be expected with an item that is a “one size fits all.” For the most part I really like the Lektor Master Series Zipper Mouth Muzzle.


[Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted or complimentary price for reviewing purposes. This will not influence my opinion or experience of this product. The blog post may or may not contain affiliate links]

Emoli Women’s Jacquard Fabric Plastic Boned Overbust Corsets With G-string [Review]

I ordered this corset almost 30 days ago on June 12, 2016. I received it 3 days ago. It came over from overseas, so don’t expect it to quickly arrive at your doorstep.

I have wanted a new corset for a while now, however I’m always hesitate to order online because of size issues and possible exchanges. It would be a headache to me to have to exchange a clothing item, so I try to avoid buying online altogether.

I decided to take a chance and buy a corset.

This first things I noticed about ordering an Emoli corest is the description is simple and kind of plain.

The sizing chart can be continuing to a first time corset buyer. I had to do some research on measuring myself for a corset. There is no clarification that sates the size chart has taken inches off the waist measurement numbers.

Example: Measuring my bust is 40 inches.

Which on their size chart is
Bust:96.5-101.5cm/38-40″ Waist:76-81.5cm/30-32″ Front Length:34cm/13.5″ Back Length:30cm/12″

My question is where did the measurements come from in the waist section? Because my waist measurement is a few inches more than 30-32 inches. Did the company already subtract the recommended inches? I read that +38 inches in the waist so subtract 7-10 inches. Is that what the company did to arrive at 30-32 inches? I think that should be clarified in the description.

Also I noticed right away there is no mention of 100% guarantee if not satisfied with their product. There is no suggestion of return or exchange policies.

The corset arrived in a white plastic bag. Inside the corset & G-string are neatly folded inside another sealed clear plastic bag.


What I didn’t like about the Emoli Women’s Jacquard Fabric Plastic Boned Overbust Corset:

  • The corset can be difficult to secure in the front. Sometimes the hooks in the front come undone when trying to secure the remaining hooks.
  • This corset didn’t seem to fit quite right. The bottom half “puffed” out in the front. I know I have a bit of a belly but it stuck out even when I was standing up. I tried several times to tighten it in the back so that the corset wouldn’t stick out at the bottom but it didn’t work.
  • I really hated that the bust part of the corset became weak and folded under my breasts. When I took off the corset, it was “permanently” folded and bent under the breasts.
  • I wouldn’t pay the $31 for this corset. I would shop for something of a higher quality.


What I did like about the Emoli Women’s Jacquard Fabric Plastic Boned Overbust Corset:

  • Was that the corset was neatly folded.
  • The corset is red with a G-string included.
  • The ribbon was already laced up on the back side of the corset.
  • This corset comes in four different colors to choose from.

This corset must be hand washed. The color of the corset seems to “dull” after washing. The ribbon around the edges of the corset was securely sewn on to the corset. It is a nice corset, nothing that you would wear outside the bedroom.


[DISCLAIMER: This blog post may contain affiliate links. My reviews are based on my personal opinions & experiences. My reviews are never influenced by a discounted or complimentary price of the product.]

Fetish Fantasy Series Mini Nipple Plungers [Review]

I’m pretty excited to be reviewing some of the products on the Wicked Butterfly website. I’m looking forward to working with them. So far I’m impressed with working with everyone there, most importantly their affiliate panel is easy to use.

I enjoy testing out a variety of products, not just sex toy but other products as well. I love to use the products as photo props for my amateur erotic photos (after I’m finished with my proper review). Now let me tell you about my experience with the Fetish Fantasy Series Mini Nipple Plungers from Pipedream Products. I have been curious about different nipple clamps ever since a former lover used some on me. I will tell you right now that the only thing I liked about this product is that it made laugh.

Fetish Fantasy Series Mini Nipple Plungers Pipedream Products

What I didn’t like about the Fetish Fantasy Series Mini Nipple Plungers:

  • That these mini nipple plungers did not work on my nipples. I could get them to work all over my breasts, just not my nipples.
  • The suction is not tight or strong. If you touch the wooden handle of the plunger slightly sometimes it will fall off. Other times it will fall off on its own.
  • The black suction cups collect all kinds of dust and debris.
  • I couldn’t get them to work on my spouse’s nipples either. His nipples are smaller than mine, which I thought might have been the problem. We even licked the suction cup (plunger) to try and make it stick. FAIL.
  • The thought behind the Mini Nipple Plungers is a good one, if they worked. When I used them on the soles of my feet, I could feel the suction. It was an interesting sensation.


What I liked about the Fetish Fantasy Series Mini Nipple Plungers:

  • They really do look like little mini plungers with wooden handles, brownie point for making me laugh. But that’s as far as that goes.
  • They are unisex.
  • If you’re creative, you can use these little plungers else where on the body. Even though the suction isn’t that strong. I tried using them on my feet. YUP! The bottom of my feet. I could really feel the suction. However, they do fall off when I tapped on the wooden handle. I’m sure that someone will ask “did you try them on any of your private parts?” The answer is “YES, we did.” and NO these plungers still didn’t work.
  • The price, yeah the price was reasonable. BUT remember you do get what you pay for. I suggest spending the extra bills for something better.

UPDATE: I was finishing up this review and decided to give the Nipple Plungers one more chance. I actually got one to “suck” onto my nipple. However, it doesn’t stay on for long, falls off by itself. Or if I pull on the wooden handles there is no suction, it just comes off.

Would I Recommend the Mini Nipple Plungers?

No.  They do look like little tiny plungers. However, these nipple plungers did nothing for me. They wouldn’t stay on or could I even get them to suction to my nipple. Spend the extra money & time on something else.


[Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted or complimentary price for reviewing purposes. This will not influence my opinion or experience of this product. The blog post may or may not contain affiliate links]

Perfectwo Studio Salon Collection Digital Ceramic Curling Wand [Review]

I have always wanted a curling wand since I first seen them. They have for the most part been out of my price range, however I was given the opportunity to buy one at a discount. I figured this would be a great time to get one. I decided on the Perfectwo Studio Salon Collection Digital Ceramic Curling Wand.

What I liked about the Perfectwo Curling Wand:

  • Price is reasonable. Delivery time was excellent. I do have Amazon Prime.
  • When I plugged this wand in and turned on the power, the wand heated up within seconds.
  • There LCD digital temperature display.
  • Automatic temperature setting of 350 degrees.
  • The controls are located in a straight line on the wand. Power button. then the up/down temperature controls.
  • You can manually select your desired temperature from 200 to 410 degrees.
  • Power turns on and shuts off by holding down the power button briefly.
  • There is a swivel base so that cord turns as you turn the wand, preventing tangling the power cord.
  • There is a small stand to rest the curling wand on when not in use.
  • This wand is professional looking. Gold & white colors.
  • There are brief instructions, all in English.

Perfectwo Curling Wand

What I didn’t like about the Perfectwo Curling Wand:

  • The glove that is included with this product. It was an awkward fit. I’m left-handed so it was a bit difficult for me to maneuver everything.


If you have not used a “curling wand” before, this will take a bit to get used to. You will have to practice with it. Trial & error stuff. Being left-handed it did that some getting used to this. And having been deep-rooted fear of being burnt I had to practice using this wand. I really didn’t like the 3 fingered glove. I would have preferred a full 5 fingered glove. There is not anything that I really didn’t like about this product. It is professional looking, The buttons are easy to use, not stiff. They push down easily. I’m glad that I decided to buy this product.



[Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted or complimentary price for reviewing purposes. This will not influence my opinion or experience of this product. The blog post may or may not contain affiliate links]

Gaoye V4.1 Wireless Headphones [Review]

Gaoye Bluetooth Headphones

Yesterday I received my Gaoye Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. Inside the box there is the headphones, clip, charging cable and four extra earbud replacements.

The headphones are pretty comfortable and light weight feeling. Headphones weigh only 0.8 ounces.

I bought Bluetooth wireless headphones because my son calls once a week from Texas to check in with us. I wanted to be able to wash dishes, move around instead of holding my phone to my ear and arm bent for a 2 hour phone call. YES! Our boy loves his parents. So this is well worth a try.

What I like about my Gaoye headphones:

  • No assembly. There is nothing to put together.
  •  Included are 4 extra earbud covers, charging cable, instructions and a clip.
  • Quick charge. I used the headphones within an hour of charging them. However I knew it would be best to charge them overnight.
  • Comfortable to wear, very lightweight. I have a compressed vertebrae  in my neck so anything heavy on my neck causes pain. I don’t even notice these. A few times I forgot I had them in. I wore them at night-time while in bed listening to music while dozing off. They didn’t bother me until I had worn them for about 2 hours.
  • Wearing the headphones outside during the hot & humid weather, I didn’t feel the headphones sticking to the back of my neck.
  • I could also workout (It wasn’t a hardcore, intense one, some jumping jacks & lunges) in these headphones without them falling out of my ears.
  • Love the voice commands. When pressing the volume controls its says “volume up” or “volume down” with a beep sound. Reminds me of the voiceover from ios that the Visually Impaired community use. The voice commands can not be turned off or disabled. Voice commands also let you know when there is an incoming phone call. etc
  • Range is 10 meters or about 31 feet. I could tell when I was losing connection because there was the breakup of sound. The headphones make a beeping sound and then dead air. I can travel around the house (upstairs/downstairs) without too much of a problem. Just a little break up at times.
  • The price is reasonable at $20.99
  • Sound quality is clear, I think these sound better than my apple earbuds.
  • I like the way the two control panels stay facing up for easy access. The panels rest comfortably right below each of my collar bones.

Gaoye Bluetooth Headphone

What I didn’t like about my Gaoye Headphones:

  • Turning the headphones on were confusing for me. I pushed the on/off control, nothing happened. I held the button down and the blue indicator light came on then went off. I looked at the instructions and it said “2.5 second hold.” It seemed longer. The red/blue blinking started meaning it was searching for connection to my phone. Once it connected it was smooth sailing from there.
  • Until I had to shut it off. I hold the on/off button and seen the blue light blink and then it went off. I assume then it’s off. I also disconnect my Bluetooth.
  •  I did have an incoming call that I tried to answer while using them. I said “yes” “answer” and nothing. The voice commands said “incoming call” and started to recite the phone number. I ended up pushing the “phone button” to answer the call. There is a built-in microphone on the headphones. I used my phone to make a call. The headphones automatically started dialing however I did have to option to choose “speaker or iPhone” in addition to the headphones. I clicked the “phone button” and I heard “phone is hang up.” And the headphones went back to playing my music (Pandora).
  • UPDATE TO THE ABOVE: Received another incoming phone call. I said “YES” and my music stopped playing and it answered the phone call. So yes that now works. I’m very satisfied with these headphones.
  • I didn’t like how the instructions read. I couldn’t understand the chart easily. I’m a visual learner, like a little kid I need photos, not a lot of words.


I have not used it with my hubby’s Samsung yet, nor have I connected our two phones at the same time. That is a feature that really doesn’t interest me, but it is nice to know its an option I have.

It’s a bit too hot & humid today. I plan on using these headphones while riding my motorcycle as soon as I get the chance. That’s another reason I wanted them. I can push a button and change the song, repeat the song. I wont have to hide the cable in my shirt anymore. Cant wait to try them in the wind. I will try to remember to update this afterwards.

[Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted or complimentary price for reviewing purposes. This will not influence my opinion or experience of this product. The blog post may or may not contain affiliate links]







How to Eat Pussy like a Rockstar! [Book Review]

I was approached by Amy J Fillmore asking if I would be interested in reviewing her bookbook review How to Eat Pussy like a Rockstar!

“How to East Pussy like a Rockstar!”

I was curious about this book. What could be written about eating pussy that hasn’t already been written? Well it’s how it’s written. This book is wonderful. I really enjoyed reading it.

Amy J Fillmore has written over 180 pages that are broken down into ten chapters to give information and instruction about cunnilingus. The book includes a brief anatomy lesson with illustrations of the vulva and penis. I know there are several men and women who are not familiar with the female anatomy. This book breaks everything down that is easy to understand.


What I liked about the book

  • I like that this book covers so much information in a simple, easy to understand and down to earth kind of way.
  • The book is sometimes humorous. I think we need a bit of humor when it comes it eating pussy.
  • I really like how Amy has written in some little tidbits throughout the ten chapters of her book. The next three points are some examples of those tidbits.
  • There are “Warnings” like “never blow directly into a vagina…”
  • There are “Remember: Never film someone without their consent…”
  • There are “Tips: Leather & whips can really spice up the fantasy and are easily bought online.”
  • The book gives a variety of ideas & hints to pleasure a women.
  • The book can be read on mobile devices and is available in PDF format.
  • Includes so much more than writing about the act of cunnilingus.


What I didn’t like about the book

  • The book is written with a man in mind. Photos are mostly a heterosexual couple engaging in oral sex.  The book can still be used to inform, instruct and offer suggestions to anyone who is curious about eating pussy.
  • It was a bit long. When I mentioned how many pages it was to my Liege he looked at me with the look of “why is a book about eating pussy 182 pages long?”
  • There is no hardcopy available. Ebook Only.
  • I’m not one for ordering lots of book, so I’m not too familiar on the average cost of ebooks. However, $19 for this book seems a bit much, even though there is so much useful information in it.

I was impressed with this e-book. Amy started from the beginning, with the female orgasm, leading into anatomy. Which that alone is very helpful in understanding how to pleasure a women.

 Amy has written ten informative chapters covering such topics as orgasm, techniques, positions, fantasies and ends with warnings, some areas of concern such as health & STD’s. There are useful “tips & warnings” throughout the book, which I gave examples listed above. Always good little tidbits to know and if you know them already it’s serves as a brief refresher and some reminders.

This e-book is for adults only. Even if you already know how to eat pussy like a rockstar you can still learn something from this book. Maybe you’re a women wanting to receive better oral sex from your partner. This e-book is a great way to open up a conversation about the performing cunnilingus. Maybe while reading this in bed with your lover.    If you don’t eat pussy better than you did before you read this book or if you don’t have a better understanding of how to make a women achieve orgasm afterwards … go back and read it again!


Amy J Fillmore“Eating pussy like a real rockstar makes you nearly invincible. It doesn’t matter if you’re short, slightly overweight, hell, severely overweight, balding, or even old. It’s scientifically proven that having orgasms releases endorphins. Do you know what also releases endorphins? Heroin. Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs known to man. In other words, giving girls great orgasms is like getting them hooked on heroin—only you’re not getting them hooked on drugs. You’re getting them hooked on you.”

– Amy J. Fillmore

[Disclaimer: I received this e-book complimentary from Amy Fillmore for reviewing purposes. The blog post does not contain affiliate links]



MLVOC Lavalier Lapel Microphone [Product Review]

I used to love doing podcasts on the go. However, I stopped doing it. Since it’s getting toMLVOC Lavalier Lapel Microphone Clip-on Omnidirectional for Apple iPhone be warmer out, I’d like to be able to start again. I would like to be able to record and use a podcasting app while taking a walk.  I ordered the MLVOC Lavalier Lapel Microphone. This way I didn’t feel that I would have to hold my phone close to my face to talk, something different from using the standard iPhone earbuds/microphone.

What I didn’t like about the MLVOC Lavalier Lapel Microphone:

  • The sound quality wasn’t what I had expected. At times the sound quality sounded as if I was far away, in a tunnel or talking through a tube. I noticed that when I moved around while the microphone was clipped onto me that the sound quality varied. Yes, at times it did sound like something you here on TV reporters/interviewers. You can listen to my podcast in while I use the microphone the entire time and the sound quality changes a few times during recording.
  • I had to remove my iPhone case because the microphone wouldn’t plug-in to the headphone jack because it was too big. Then I needed a jack splitter to use the microphone and headphones together.

That was really the only thing I wasn’t to thrilled with. But at times the quality was better than others. Perhaps if someone is more tech savvy than I am, can play around with the sound quality during editing a podcast, than the microphone would be worth the purchase. However, I do not do any of that post recording editing. I just click record, save then upload.

What I did like about the MLVOC Lavalier Lapel Microphone:

  • Super easy to use. There were no instructions included. You just plug the microphone into the headphone jack of your iPhone.
  • This microphone is stated to be compatible with other smartphones, however I only tested & used it with my iPhone 6s.
  • The MLVOC Lavalier Lapel Microphone has an about 4 1/2 feet cord.
  • The clip-on of the microphone is steady and tight. You can clip it on to pretty much any article of clothing. There is a straight side and a jagged side of the clip for a secure hold.
  • There are two windscreen/sponge caps for the head of the microphone. The microphone is omnidirectional (which means it will pick up sounds from all directions). The caps help against wind interference and other sounds.
  • There is a soft drawstring travel bag included to store the microphone when not in use.
  • The price was reasonable at $12.95

The MLVOC Lavalier Lapel Microphone serves it purpose. It’s easy to use, great little portable gadget to have for recording audio on your iPhone. You can listen to my podcast and judge for yourself. I had it clipped to my shirt as I recorded it.

I noticed that during the making of the podcast that when I moved the splitter cord around the sound quality changed from sounding far away to sounding a bit more crisp & clearer. However when I bent over to pick up the windscreen for the mic the quality of sound changed back to sounding far away again. I don’t regret ordering this little gadget for an addition to my podcasting equipment.

[Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary for testing & reviewing purposes. The blog post may contain affiliate links]

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