Diskin Premium Charger Case iPhone 6/6s Black Battery Case [Product Review]

I received this Diskin iPhone Charger Case at a discounted price for testing and reviewing purposes. This case is fits my iPhone 6s perfectly. It’s a matte black, only comes in one color. I really like this. The case feels so smooth in my hand, doesn’t weigh a lot. There are not too many things that I don’t like about this iPhone charger case.

Diskin Premium Charger Case iPhone 6/6s Black Battery Case


What I did not like about the Diskin Premium Charger Case:

  • The charger piece for the case itself, it’s similar to an android charger. The charging cord is very short.
  • The outlet opening for the headphones doesn’t fit all headphones. The only time this gets in the way is when I am trying to record my podcasts using some of my iOS apps.

Diskin Premuim Charger case for iphone

Diskin Premium Charger Case iPhone 6/6s Black Battery Case

Diskin premuim charger case for iphone

Diskin Premium Charger Case iPhone 6/6s Black Battery Case


What I did like about the Diskin Premium Charger Case:

  • The iPhone charger case is a matte black. It is very slim, not bulky nor it is very heavy. The case has a li-polymer battery. It’s a durable case, works wonderful to protect my iPhone.
  • The speakers are on the top of the case, not on the bottom of the case. Which makes the sound so much clearer and easier to hear.
  • There is an on/off button for the battery charger. There are also 4 arrows that light up to show the power left on the charger. When there is one arrow then the charger case has run out of juice and needs recharging.
  • I like that there are no covers that I have to flip out-of-the-way for the buttons or access the camera.
  • I absolutely love how the case opens just past the volume controls, which allows me to use my 3 different smart lens without having to remove the entire case leaving the case unprotected while I’m trying to take photos.
  • The iPhone can be charged while still inside the case. Which is wonderful.
  • The iPhone can also be synced to a computer while still inside the case, without any hassle.

Diskin Premuim Charge case for iphone

I would recommend the Diskin Premium Charger Case for any and all of my iPhone friends. I love this product, because since I pretty much have my iPhone in my hands at all times. That means I use it a lot, which uses a lot of the battery. I no longer have to worry, when I am out of the house and running out of power. This battery can add approximately 14 hours of talk time or 10 hours of web browsing to your phone. It is worth the investment.

[DISCLAIMER: I received this product at a discounted price for testing & reviewing purposes in exchange for my honest opinion] 

Japanese Silk Love Rope Ball Gag [Review]

I recently received the Japanese Silk Love Rope Ball Gag from Topcotoyz.com to test out Japanese Silk Love Ropse Ball Gagand review. I have been an affiliate with them for a few months. It is a small company with limited selection. However, the Affiliate Coordinator is very friendly & helpful. She’s quick to response as well.

The first thing I noticed about this product is that when I opened it I could smell the rubber. It smelled like one of those Dollar Store Super Rubber Balls in the toy section. I washed it, with hot soapy water. Wiped it off with some alcohol and washed it again. Didn’t help. The ball gag still smelled like a rubber bouncy ball.

I tried wiping it dry with a towel, that’s when I noticed that any loose towel fuzz ended up on the ball gag. It’s difficult to keep the ball free from debris.

Japanese Silk Love Rope Ball Gag
What I did not like about the Japanese Silk Love Rope Ball Gag:

  • The rubber smell and taste the ball had.
  • It was difficult to keep the ball clean from debris.
  • The corners of my mouth were pinched by the rope & the ball. The hole that the rope passes through the ball would actually catch the corners of my mouth.
  • The fit. I had to tighten the rope almost to the end of the rope. It just didn’t feel as comfortable as I had expected it to fit.
  • The seam of the ball is rough, it started to crumble around the hole.


What I did like about the Japanese Silk Love Rope Ball Gag:

  • This product came with a small booklet about Japanese Rope Bondage. This includes very brief and general information on rope bondage.
  • The ball itself fit fine in my mouth. Wasn’t too big or too small.
  • The clasp was very easy to use for quick take off.
  • The braided rope is nylon, it’s not rough however I did experience some slight irritation to the corners of my mouth after use.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • The price is reasonable. Keep in mind you get what you paid for.
  • It does come in purple & black.

Would I recommend the Japanese Silk Love Rope Ball Gag to my friends? Probably not. I would suggest that they continue shopping around, read some reviews before making a final decision to buy this product.

I used the Japanese Silk Love Rope Ball Gag in some photos for Sinful Sunday Meme and the February Photo Fest Challenge

[DISCLAIMER: I received the Japanese Silk Love Rope Ball Gag from Topcotoyz complimentary for testing & reviewing purposes in exchange for my honest & sincere opinion based on my personal experiences.]

Smart Lens by Tzumi [product review]

I was killing some time at the local Walmart. I came across this product in the electronics department, so I decided to buy it. The Smart Lens by Tzumi and the The Smart Lens Wireless Shutter & Music Remote.

Smart Lens by TzumiSmart Lens by tzumi








The Smart Lens Clip-on Camera Lens system comes with the 3 lens. The fisheye lens, macro lens and the wide lens.

smart lenz by tzumi

There is the clip that comes with it, two covers for the lens. There is a simple set of instructions and a small black felt draw string bag to keep everything safe & clean.

smart lens by tzumi

Just screw on one of the lens to the clip-on and place over the iPhone lens. I did notice that you can not use these when having an iPhone case on your smart phone. Because it will form a slight gap between the Smart Lens and the camera phone itself. This will cause the macro lens not to be able to focus properly.

I did notice that it takes me a while to get used to the macro lens. The lens seems to have to be almost on top of the object that you’re trying to take a photo of. I wasn’t very impressed with the wide lens. Which you have to combine the macro lens and the wide lens to take wide photos.

I think for me I need to practice more to get the feel of these lens. I like the bag that comes with it. Because everything fits nicely in my pocket.

The following are some practice photos I took with the lens. Not too bad for a $10 Walmart purchase.

Smart Lens Wireless Shutter & Music Remote

I really enjoyed using the Wireless Remote. Very easy to use. It’s Bluetooth and connects to your smart phone. There is a battery included with this remote. There is an on/off button for the remote. It works up 33 feet away from the phone. It remotely controls music volume, on & off, etc.

This works great for controlling my iPhone when it’s on a tripod for recording videos.

This iPhone accessory is definitely a cool one to own. Worth the $10 I spent at Walmart.

Finish It! Gear. Women’s Ponytail Headband [Product Review]

I have been wearing my new Ponytail Headband when I head out to work and walking the dog. I received this at a discounted price to review from  Finish It! Gear.

Ponytail Headband Finish It! Gear.

I found that this headband is one of the best I have used. I have tried several different headbands over the winter seasons. Always end up disappointed with my purchase. This time it was worth it.

What I did not like about the Ponytail Headband:

  • That your ponytail can not be up too high because the headband will not fit properly. The headband won’t cover your ears all the way. The headband will move up on your head.
  • For me, even when my ponytail was lower the headband didn’t cover my ears as well as I expected, but on a cold day out walking the dog it’s better than nothing.

Ponytail Headband Finish It! Gear.

What I did like about the Ponytail Headband:

  • The headband is extra thick in the area that covers your ears.
  • The headband has a super soft fleece on the inside, very soft against my skin.
  • Made is the USA.
  • Easy care, just toss it in the washing machine and tumble dry. You can wash it by hand too.
  • It’s smaller in the front, like a sports band. It absorbs sweat.
  • It’s small enough to carry in your coat pocket.
  • Price. I think this is a reasonable price for comfort.

I really like this headband. I like wearing hats during the winter, but because my hair is so thick, hats don’t say on my head long. Other headbands would either be too wide in the back so I would have to fold it to make room for my ponytail. I would recommend this winter headgear to any of my friends that have long hair and enjoy being outside in the winter weather.

[Disclaimer: I received the Finish It! Gear Ponytail Headband at a discounted price for testing, reviewing purposes.]

Two Adjustable Pet Seat Belt Leashes [Product Review]

When the kids moved out both took their dogs with them. I missed having a dog around to bark when someone is knocking at the door and having a dog to greet me when I get work and just keeping me company. My Beloved finally gave in and we adopted a senior rescue dog.

I started taking her out more and trying to get her used to riding in the car. The only thing is that she moves around a lot. When I was given the opportunity to test out this Adjustable Pet Seat Belt Leashes from PetGlory I jumped at the chance.

Dog Seat Belt Leashes

There are two seat belts that come in this order. One is a dog seat belt leash with Soft Padded Handle, Cover with Pocket and Metal Clasp. The other one is a dog seat belt leash with Metal Clasp.  The second one has an adjustable leash length of 22 inches – 37 inches and has two reflective strips on one side of the leash.

Two Adjustable Seat Belt Leashes

What I did not like about the Two Adjustable Pet Seat Belt Leashes:

  • That the shorter seat beat wasn’t a bit more shorter. To be more restrictive for Stella’s movement.
  • There wasn’t other negative points about the Two Adjustable Pet Seat Belt Leashes.
  • Does not work in Volvos.

What I did like about the Two Adjustable Pet Seat Belt Leashes:

  • There are Two of the adjustable seat belt leashes; one might work better than the other.
  • The longer seat belt leash has a padded handle and is comfortable on the wrist.
  • The longer seat belt leash adjusts; 3.7ft (actually 3.9ft) – 6ft (actually 6 feet).
  • There is a zipper pouch attached to the longer seat belt leash 4.9 inch 4.3 inch / 12.5 cm x 11 cm (L x W). This works great to carry a few doggie bags so that you can pick up after your dog.
  • Made of nylon and is bright red to see with reflective threads on both sides of the longer leash.
  • Company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee along with a one year replacement warranty
  • Cost is reasonable at $18 for both belts.

Two Adjustable Seat Belt Leashes

The Seat Belt leashes are very simple to use. Great to have for my car. I like the fact that Stella is secure and that she can’t move around too much in the back seat. She can no longer pace back & forth from one window to the other, which is distracting for me when I’m driving.

Stella using her adjustable seat belt

I recorded a very simple video of me (by myself) taking her out for a walk after we had stopped at the grocery store.

[DISCLAIMER: I received the Two Adjustable Seat Belt Leashes at a discount for testing purposes in exchange for my honest opinion of the product. The owner of this blog Catherine “SassyCat” Martinique DOES NOT give permission to use, copy or print any of the content on this blog You Won’t tame this Sassy Cat without written permission or form of payment.]

Gnome Workshop Bluetooth Selfie Stick [Product Review]

Who doesn’t wanna take some great selfies? Sometimes your arm just isn’t long enough. Then there is that’s issue of having to set the timer on your smartphone. What if not everyone is ready? Then your might have to go through the entire process again. I found that with the Gnome Workshop Bluetooth Selfie Stick I don’t have to any of that, if I don’t want to.

gnomeworkshop selfie stick

What I DID NOT like about the Gnome Workshop Bluetooth Selfie Stick

  • Can be frustrating to turn ON & OFF when holding the button (for about 3-5 seconds) Shutting off the Selfie Stick is easier when the Bluetooth on smartphone is turned off first. The blue light will be off when the stick is off.
  • List price is $25 BUT it’s $12.99 on Amazon.
  • Difficult shutting it off when the blue light keeps blinking, searching for connection, if there is not Bluetooth connection not on.
  • When connected to Bluetooth and selfie stick, texting ability is gone. You can take a selfie using the stick and send it a person but you are not able to text them unless you disconnect from the Bluetooth setting & stick.

gnomeworkshop bluetooth selfie stick

What I DID like about the Gnome Workshop Bluetooth Selfie Stick

  • Bluetooth, connects with your smartphone.
  • The smartphone holder rotates 270 degrees
  • Foldable, extends to 31.4 inches
  • Easy to read instructions
  • Ability to take pictures with a click of the button on the stick handle
  • Ability to also start and stop videos while using the stick
  • Small enough to fit in a back pocket or medium size purse
  • Also included is a wristband that loosely connects the selfie stick to your wrist.

gnomeworkshop selfie stick


It must be charged once you take it out of the box. There are easy to read instructions. Very basic and only in English.

You turn it on by holding down the “shutter” button for about 3-5 seconds and the blue light turns on. I turned on my Bluetooth setting on before turning on the selfie stick. Once you connect it there will be “GnomeSelfie” listed. You can click that for the next time you use it.

There are two cards included in the box. One for 10% for next Gnome Workshop order and the other card is to join the Gnome Workshop VIP list.

I enjoyed playing around with this, testing it out. I even recorded a short video using it. I also played around with using it for my shoe pictures. It works pretty good taking photos while I’m standing up and taking the heel shot. I also took a short video of myself walking around in my heels, which I really like so I don’t have to wait for someone else to take the video for me. I can now do it myself with the help of this easy to use Gnome Workshop Foldable Bluetooth Selfie Stick.

[DISCLAIMER: I received the Gnome Workshop Foldable Bluetooth Selfie Stick complimentary for testing purposes in exchange for my honest opinion of the product. The owner of this blog Catherine “SassyCat” Martinique DOES NOT give permission to use, copy or print any of the content on this blog You Won’t tame this Sassy Cat without written permission or form of payment.]









XYZlicone Infinity Band [Product Review]

Last year my husband & I were attending a social event when he noticed that his ring finger was starting to swell. He had to cut his gold wedding band off his finger. Since then he has had no replacement wedding ring, until now.

He was always having to take off his gold wedding band at work. He is a mechanic on diesel engines. There is always a fear of getting it caught on something with the possibility of serious injury.

When I was provided an opportunity to review the XYZlicone Infinity Band I jumped at it. I will say that I was very impressed with it. Sure, it may look simple, however I love the simple, elegant look. His previous wedding band was a simple gold band, very similar to this XYZlicone band. The major difference is the material. The XYZlicone band is flexible, durable and comfortable to wear 24/7. Compared to the customary metal bands that are stiff, can cause injury and can be easily damaged from daily wear & tear.

When we first tried it size 10 on, it was a bit too tight for his finger. We were initially disappointed. I emailed the company and within 24 hours the owner contacted us to let us know that there was a “bonus” ring included. The bonus ring is one size larger, so an 11. This band fit much more comfortably. We were very impressed with the company and this product.

XYZlicone Infinity Band

What I did not like about the XYZlicone Infinity Band

  • Because it is similar to having a rubber band on your finger, be aware of your ring size. We ordered a size 10 not thinking about the tightness of the ring. I would order a size larger if your hand and fingers swell easily. Because the ring will become uncomfortable if it is too tight.
  • A bit annoying was that the company did send several emails requesting a review on their Amazon product page. One email after the purchase would be enough for me,  not any more than that.
  • Because it’s a silicone type of material and it’ black, it will attract dust & debris. However, washed away easily with soap & water.

xyzlicone infinity band

What I did like about the XYZlicone Infinity Band

  • Price. It is very affordable (less than $50) with Amazon Prime it’s even less expensive.
  • Comfort, durable and flexible. It is kind of like having a comfortable fitting rubber band around your finger.
  • Immediate contact from company when I sent an email about the size of the ring.
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Ring is easy to clean, remove and can be worn for all occasions.
  • There is a “bonus” band (larger size) included. Which makes it very worth the price.
  • It’s 8mm. Similar to the standard wedding bands.
  • The edges are not rough, can should not be easily caught on objects and should not dig into or pinch the skin around it.

My husband & I are happy we decided to review this XYZlicone Infinity band. We are satisfied with this band as an alternative wedding ring.

Be aware of any swelling in your fingers and hands when purchasing this band. Consider your regular size and order one size larger. If you wear a 10 maybe order an 11. Even if that’s too big, the company is very easy to work with and there is that 30 day guarantee. This is simple, no frills alternative wedding band for people who enjoy & need simple, safe and no frills jewelry.

[DISCLAIMER: I received the XYZlicone Infinity Band complimentary for testing purposes in exchange for my honest opinion of the product.]



Easy@Home Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor [Review]

I have been shopping for a convenient (at home) blood pressure monitor. I don’t like having to monitor my blood pressure in public. I decided to review this Easy@Home Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor.

I wanted to compare the Easy@Home Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor to the one the general public use at their local drug store. A person with a “normal” blood pressure average (120/80) used both for me. I recorded my blood pressure which runs 120/80 through 130/90. I’m taking medication for it.  It’s important to me to find an accurate & convenient monitor.

(Below are photos that were taken at the local CVS blood pressure machine. The top left/bottom left are the high blood pressure individual. The top right/bottom right is the “normal” blood pressure reading).

easy@home digital wrist blood pressure monitor

What I did not like about Easy@Home Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

  • I’m not sure how truly accurate it really is. I went to the local CVS to use & compare their blood pressure machine to the Easy@Home Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor. According to my photos that I took for comparison, there is a bit of a difference in pressure.
  • That the monitor must be at heart level when using it. However I did take my blood pressure while my arm was resting on the desk, then right away with my arm up towards my heart. There was only a two point difference.


What I did like about Easy@Home Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

  • The easy to read and follow instructions for this monitor.
  • The size and convenience of the monitor. It fits in my purse which makes it easy to take to my doctor’s checkups.
  • Easy fit on the wrist, comfortable. Once you push the “on” button it starts reading the blood pressure. It records the reading afterwards. You can separate the recordings into three main groups (and more if needed) but there are three group listed on the face of the monitor itself.
  • The monitor will indicate if the reading is “Norm” or “PreH” by an arrow on the face of the monitor.
  • The easy recall of the memory of the readings. All you have to do is push the “mem” button and it turns on and reads the most recent reading. If there are more than a few readings the monitor will show the average reading out of those in the memory bank.
  • It shuts itself off after a minute of not using it.
  • The monitor comes with it’s own carrying case.
  • Two AAA Batteries are included.
  • There are several pieces of useful and helpful information listed in different sections of the instruction pamphlet.

I have seen different prices for wrist blood pressure monitors from $15 up to $50. This Easy@Home Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is $30.

I suggest getting familiar with your blood pressure average before you start using this product. You could ask your doctor for assistance. Get a read while at your doctor’s exam then use the Easy@Home Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor so that you have an idea of how accurate it is or is not. Personally I don’t think a few numbers difference is a huge deal, but if the reads are 10 numbers off I think that would be a problem.

[DISCLAIMER: I received the Easy@Home Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor from Easy@Home for testing purposes in exchange for my honest opinion of the product.]

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