So, I found this cool microvideo blogging  app via Macolgan called Keek. It offers 36 seconds of video. I think that’s plenty of time, there are others that give more time like a minute and some have less like 15 seconds. I have noticed there are several young kids on here. Doing anything and everything. I have seen some stuff from kids spinning in their desk chair to showing their cat’s behavior.

It is kind of interesting tho. Isn’t everyone looking for the next big thing? Since Facebook included their new timeline, people coping with the change. Some not liking it at all, others just not using Facebook anymore. There is just so many options for new social media now. Everything from Twitter to audio and now video apps.

I always said that soon the time of audio and video will become more popular than the old fashioned concept of reading, example reading this blog. There are a few things I noticed. An individual can not download any of the videos theirs or anyone else’s. The videos can be shared via tumblr, twitter and facebook or email. A person can also embed individual vids onto a web page. There is also a “like” button on the vids. A person can even send a private video message.  There is a voting sytem of “informative, funny, cool, meh, etc” for each profile. A person can add a written comment or a video comment.




Chirbit & Audioboo

Ok, most of you that read my blogs and lnow a little bit about me know that I LOVE doing audio clips. Audio microblogging, if you will. Since I have purchased my iphone, I enjoy doing audio blogging/podcasting so much more.

I had been using since their audio time limit is about an hour. Now with the iphone (not sure about other smartphones) wordpress audio can not be played due to the requirement of the flash player. So, I have halted there for now. I enjoy knowing that people are listening to my blogs. If my followers can’t listen on their smartphones then whats the point? I will still have it there for when its needed. Followers can always listen on their laptop or desktop.

I was trying to find the easiest audio platform that I can use and share on my iphone for microblogging. I recently used Once again this requires flash, only to be played on laptop or desktop. I do like their nice easy embed player. The site is mostly used by individuals who mix & hardcore DJ’s. So, my account will sit there for now.

The two audio players that can be played on iphone are the following The only thing about this one that an indivdual must use Voice Memos app to record their voice, email that, download it, then upload it on their profile page. I do like chirbit for its abilitity to upload files along with converting audio from videos to mp3 files.



There other audio platform that I totally enjoy using above the rest is This iphone app is easy to use for quick short mini podcasts. Its great. I think this is simple to use and very handy. To upgrade to 30 minutes is still a bit too expensive for my tastes when there are other options out there. It boils down to what the individual is going to be using the platform for. So, if you are thinking about doing audio, do your homework, play around, just have fun with it. Your followers will be your followers whereare you are, they will find a way to listen to you.

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Today In The Mail….

Today in the mail I received this copy of Skoko & Bluebird’s CD “Trust Your Mojo Sista”. They were on Cat’s Tales a few weeks ago. Rob “Bluebird” Ruggeri called from Rome to do the interview while Elena tended to the baby. I am currently listening to the CD now, uploaded it to my itunes. I think that “I’m an Angel, I Confess” and of course “Trust Your Mojo Sista” are my favorites. Thank You so much to Skoko & Bluebird for the CD!!! I so enjoyed the show and it is still one of my most listened to podcasts. Hopefully when they come to Chicago, we can get together and do a live show. I am working on getting Elena (Skoko) on the show to promote her book….don’t forget to check out their website or look for them on Facebook.


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