Yappie App Revisited [Review]

I guess my archive feed via twitter sparked a response from the boys over at Yappie


I re-downloaded the app onto my phone. I logged in. There was a notice of an “update” why wasn’t the app automatically updated when I downloaded it? Instead of sending me a notice via the app.

Unfortunately this app crashed on me more than a few times. It didn’t freeze up, which is ok. But, the app crashed and just flashed back to the home menu on my phone.


What I did notice was that there are some really interesting points on this social voice app. Once you log in to the app you can work on your profile page. You can edit your profile…in that section you can do the following.

  • Invite friends
  • edit your profile
  • change password
  • change your settings
  • block other users
  • make your profile private
  • and logout

The bonus options are blocking users and changing to a private profile. 

Under the Settings sections

  • My Interests – a member can pick from different categories such as sports, music, etc.
  • Social Networks – Connecting to both Twitter & Facebook. However, I’ve tried to connect my Facebook account but the app continues to crash. As far as Twitter, on the toggle is on but there is no automatic posting to my Twitter timeline.
  • Notifications
  • My Feed – a member can choose from Editors Picks & Global Content or both. I think this is another bonus feature in this app.

Recording a Yap 

  • A member can tap the record button and talk for 60 seconds or you can select a file from your library. You can only upload via the website.
  • After you record you choose from 6 different voice filters or save as is. Here you can also play back your audio before you save it to your profile page.
  • Next section is to add a description of your Yap along with the updated feature of added photos to your Yap. When you do, the photo then becomes the player otherwise if there is no photo the Yap remains a pink line player.
  • Also add any mentions and hashtags to your Yap.
  • There is even an option to add location. The bonus feature is adding the location because if you do you can
  • You can also share your Yap to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or email. More bonus features in this voice app.

What I really thought was interesting about this app is that you can find & listen to different users by location. Just to click on the “pin” and you can listen to that Yap. This feature I have NOT seen on any other voice app. Definitely a bonus for Yappie. A member can also customize their member page with a “background” photo, just like the Twitter format. A member can add another account to Yappie and switch within the main account, again just like Twitter.


A member can even upload photos to their Yaps, which turns into the player. There are different voice filters to add to your Yap which adds an amusing sound to the audio. The two issues I had was that the app crashed on me several times during use. The other issue is that the recording time is still only 60 seconds long. It is a really good little voice app to use. This voice recording app has made some really unique and useful features. Surely, worth a second look.

Melt App [Review]

I heard about a new audio app for iOS called Melt.

Melt is for people to express their most important thoughts in voice. Melt is Voice-over compatible for visually impaired users!

This app was created by Jason Lew, Shane Wey at Superhero Labs. Based in San Francisco, California. 

My Cons

  • There is only 60 seconds of record time.
  • Once you push the “blue” record button, another screen pops up. “What’s on your mind?” with another “blue” record button and you must tap that again to record.
  • Can not upload any art or photo to go with your audio
  • For iOS only
  • There is no saving of recorded audio. You must upload or hold it until you’re able to upload it.
  • There is no usable website.
  • I have noticed that there are a lot of younger members/users. Mostly female from the looks in the “new melters” section. There are a lot of silent members.
  • No description section for 60 second audio. There is no use of hashtags.
Melt iOS App

Melt iOS App

My Pros

  • Can share via Facebook, Twitter, email, text message and URL.
  • You can share the audio immediately after recording or share someone else’s (including yours) later on at a more convenient time.
  • There is a total number of plays on your profile, to let you know how many times your Melts have been played.
  • Has a “Featured” members section. Great way to “promote” the frequent users.
  • Commenting abilities. Both typed & audio. However, if a member uses the audio reply underneath that specific Melt, the response is not directly linked under the original Melt but placed into the main “Melt feed.”
  • Ability to “like” a Melt.


Always curious about new audio platforms, I signed up.

Signed Up for new app

Signed Up for new app


Once you sign up, you notice there is a drop down menu in the left hand corner. There you can see your options for moving around within the app.

Home: contains your followers “Melt feed.”

Me: contains your profile, along with all your Melts. You can see how many Melts you have uploaded. View both your followers and those that you are following. You can see the total number of plays. Currently mine is at 174.  There is a section where you can edit your profile. Name, Tagline, Location and website. Upload a bio photo. You can email an advertisement to someone about your new discovery.

Melters: Breaks down the membership in three sections. Featured. New and Search. An excellent way to found users to listen to and follow. A plus is their “featured members” section.

Melts: is the main feed where all Melts are found. Where you can listen to the new stuff.

This app is fairly new. I’m sure that there will be more changes, improvements in the near future for this growing app. It’s great for sharing a single thought on twitter. Facebook people tend to read posts verses clicking the play button. I can’t see it being popular on Facebook.  There isn’t a lot of interaction among users. There is ability to type a comment, but this is about audio. It starts to defeat the point of the app if there is more typed commenting. Difficult to reply or debate with only 60 seconds to the audio.  Of course there are always the core community users of any app, no difference here. There are a few users who truly enjoy this app. Who use it to promote awareness to their beliefs on a subject. There are some users who use it to share about their day in school. Some record their everyday routines, just being silly. I can’t see this app being used by podcasters or those who enjoy using audio for audio blogging in length. This app is short & to the point. Get your thought out there.

Once your Melt is uploaded you recieve an email with the link to your Melt. There you can also share via Twitter, Facebook, URL and embed. Below is an example of a recent Melt I did.

Yappie App [Review]

I noticed new follower “Yappie” on my twitter. I always peek at who is following me, including peeking on any websites listed. I immediately clicked on the Yappie.com

I discovered that it was an audio blogging platform. A another audio social network. I had to join. Why? Because I enjoy audio-blogging. A group of about 14 guys run this cool little app. The iOS app looks fairly new, it’s dated back to October 2013 with only one update in November 2013. When signing up you’re asked to pick out some interests, such as music, movies, lifestyles, sports. You have the option of making your profile private or public, connecting with Facebook or Twitter. A member creates a brief bio, uploads a profile photo and a background photo (just like Twitter).

Yappie iOS App Sign Up.  Audio Social Network. Also available at Google Play

Yappie iOS App Sign Up.
Audio Social Network. Also available at Google Play

Once signed up, the member to share their Yappie on their Facebook or Twitter pages. Other options for sharing are copying to clipboard, embedding the player (below) and sending via email.

Once signed up and in, there are few different tabs at the bottom. First the “Home” tab gives the member an option to view two different news feed. The first being their own news feed including these they are following. The other option is “Global” where a member can view the entire Yappie news feed, a great way to hear new voices. A members news feed includes the number of likes and the number of listens. A member can comment immediately upon listening to someone’s app. The comments are  typed, perhaps in the beta version or updated versions a possibility of audio comments including typed. There is an option to share on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and email. Being able to leave a comment immediately upon listening is a plus for this app.

Under "Home" tab, a member has the option to view two different newsfeed.

Under “Home” tab, a member has the option to view two different newsfeed.

When you see a member with a blue Yapp, it means that they have been “verified.” This is on my to-do-list. A member can search for members and or hashtags.

Another tab is “Popular.” A member has the options of looking through the “Trending, Editor’s Picks and the Leader board” Yapps. Trending Yapps are highlighted in a different colored mosaic page. Editor’s Picks are those Yapps that are highlighted by staff. The Leader board is unique. A member can earn points daily by just being active on the site. Listening, recording, commenting and liking Yapps all earn a member points. The Leader board shows the highest scoring profiles, including yours and those you’re following, along throughout the Yappie site. The pink number under a member is their rank on Yappie and the blue number is the number of the points they have earned being active.

Recording is pretty simple. Just hit the pink dot at the bottom of the app and watch the counter start counting down. There is only 60 seconds of record time for this app. Which is not a plus in my opinion or experience with audio social networks. There are some that start out with 3 minutes of recording time (Audioboo), Chirbit gives up to 2 hours or what space you have on your phone. Eevzdrop gives a 10 minute recording time. Which is a really good amount of time. Some give 5 minutes (Voicebo) others like Yappie only give 60 seconds, like Dubbler. Yappie is like Dubbler with the time limit and they offer 6 unique voice filters to add to your audio. There is also an option to upload audio files on the Yappie site (via computer). Which worked very nicely, I uploaded one called “Love Letters.” Tweak your Yapp, pin it to your location on the map. Use your iOS settings to add the location. You send a direct message to any one of your followers. You can mention a member in your Yapp descriptionby using the @ symbol, plus adding the hastags to the description.

I really enjoyed using this app. The only down side is that it is only 60 seconds of record time. Would be great for using it for a Twitter vocal status update. I would not recommend this to those hardcore audio-bloggers that I know. This social app is fairly new so there really isn’t a lot of interaction. The staff work hard to make new users feel welcome, a select few users comment or like. Incentive is the points the member gets for their activity. I think this has the potential to be a very unique audio-blogging social app. Another down side to this app is that there is no option to upload photos to a Yapp. However, there is a beta version in which the staff might be working on this option. It would definitely add to this app. 

There are users that haven’t recorded anything in weeks. I noticed there are big time gaps someone recorded something 2 hours ago, before that 9 hours ago and then 12 hours to 1 day. I did that scan through the “popular” Yapps. In another search I got 4 hours ago to mine that was 16 hours ago and that was under “global” Yapps. So, don’t expect a lot of social movement. Keep in mind it’s all still very new.


The Chirbit iOS App Review

I decided to download the official Chirbit iOS app after seeing the android version posted on Facebook.

Check this out on Chirbit

At first, I thought “I’m not gonna pay 99 cents for an app.” There are so many other audio apps that are free. Why would I or should I pay for one? Then I thought to myself “you waste more money on worse things. Go ahead buy it.” So, I did. I had to “sign up” for an account which ended up to be on the chirbit.com website. Once a person records the chirbit then uploads it, the recorded audio will be posted on their newly created profile page on chirbit.com.


As I continued to look around the app, I noticed that a user can choice between using the “iPhone speaker or iPhone.” The iPhone speaker is the louder of the two, using just the iPhone is like listening to the audio as the phone is held up to the ear. There is a “glider” button that I still haven’t figured out what it’s for.

The user can “like” or “share” and most importantly add a typed comment directly to the chirbit (audio) in the main feed section.  There are several options for sharing the newly recorded audio. The user can choice from Twitter, Facebook, Copy the URL.  I attempted to use “Copy the URL”  this caused the app to shut itself down. I tried doing it twice, both times the app shut down.  The user can also choice to “Open in Safari” or “show QR code.” I have not used either of those options.


The main feed section is where the user can find audio to listen to. There are three sections to find something to listen to. The “Mine, Top and New” tabs are located in the upper right corner. The user clicks on the play button and is taken to another page where the individual audio post is located. The user must click the play button again. The user must click “back” in order to return to main feed. I failed to click the “stop” button on the audio, clicked “back” and the audio continued to play. I had difficulty trying to find the page that I was listening to in order to shut off the audio. I thought I returned to the same page in order to shut off the audio, instead it loaded another fresh page all the while the audio continued to play in the back ground. I ended up with two open audio pages, because I clicked what I thought was the stop button, but that was not the case. So, now I had two audios playing, frustrated I deleted the app, then re-installed it.


Once  you recorded a chirbit you can run your finger on the outer circle of the record page, this causes the audio to fast forward. Counter clockwise on the outer circle will rewind the audio. When recording the audio I noticed there are no indicator lights. The lights that a few other apps have so that a user can see and measure the sound of their voice and or surrounding sounds. I noticed on my first few audios that there was some clicking sounds or breaking up a bit. Multi-tasking with the iPhone will cause the recording to pick up the “tapping” of the home button, unlocking phone, etc.


Check this out on Chirbit

There is a Search section where a user can search by “Geo, Users, Chirbits.” Breaking it down if one is looking for a very specific audio on this app or the website.


When the recorded audio is complete, the user clicks the “upload recording.” This brings up the area in which the audio can edited. There is no spell check in this app. So, watch your typing skills when you are typing in the title and description.  At the bottom there is the “Post to Chirbit” button. This will upload your audio to your new profile page on the chirbit.com website.  If you don’t “Post to Chirbit” the audio will remain in your “files” tab until you are ready to delete, edit & publish it.


I had mentioned in one of my chirbits that I wasn’t aware of any time limit for recording audio. I received the following comment … “On the app you can record for as long as you have space on your iPhone.” This statement was left on  my second chirbit by the founder & creator of Chirbit Ivan Reyes.  The website has been around for quite a few years now.

I will give this app a “thumbs up.” Like most newly developed apps, it may have a few kinks and bugs to sort out. The only issues I didn’t like was that the app seemed just a bit busy. To me, there is a lot to it. However, once you play around with the app, it’s pretty good. I’m not keen on spending money for apps, so that is a negative point for me. I was really curious about it, so I purchased it. The website offers lots more options. Having a profile on the site after purchasing the app is pretty good. I would recommend the website for sure. Just don’t expect a lot of interaction, because there really isn’t any. If you do join or purchase the app, remember to follow me there at SassyCat3000. Tell ’em Cat sent you! Got questions? Contact me.







Eevzdrop App

Yesterday I downloaded a new iOS app.


Eevzdrop is an audio recording app. I remember seeing the article back on Mashable.com, however when I went to the iTunes store eevzdrop still wasn’t available for download. I put it out of my mind. Until yesterday, when I stumbled upon it again. This time I downloaded it and started experimenting with it.

my eevzdrop screenshot

[My Pros] The first thing that caught my eye is that there is a 10 minute limit on the audio, which some other audio apps are 3, 5 or unlimited. This is a plus for eevzdrop in my book. Second thing, is that there is a draft folder. You can record then save it until later. Once you have recorded your “edrop” you can …

  1. Add a title/caption (which also has the time recorded included)
  2. Add your GeoTag or location (optional)
  3. Hashtags. Which is a good idea because there isn’t a place to add a brief description of the edrop, so this would allow you to describe what your edrop is about.
  4. Mentions. You can “tag” other members in your edrop.
  5. You have the option of uploading a picture to also assist in describing your edrop if you so desire.

This is what it looks like when you are adding your edrop

You can listen to my eevzdrop here

Lastly, eevzdrop has a very good system of finding new content to listen to. There is a “discover” button within that option you have two ways to search via “featured” & “search.” Click the featured and it’s broken down into categories. Click the search button, you then see all the users listed with a search bar; plus you then have another option of searching by “hashtags” or “users.” I think that’s great to have, because it’s all about being social with social media.

Several ways to find new content


[My Cons] The first issue is that there is no other option for sharing your edrop than to “copy URL.” I found that it’s important for users of social media to have options of multi-sharing their information on other apps, platforms, sites, you get the idea. People wanna be able to direct share onto their blogs, websites and OMG let’s not forget Facebook & Twitter!

Secondly, I noticed that a user can not upload audio files or down load their edrops. I know that some people use programs such as audacity to create & edit their audio/podcasts. Some people want to save their audio after recording, but in either case this is not possible (yet). Lastly, the app is only available in iOS not android. There is not desktop version or social website available. Strictly mobile & iOS. There is no play back button to listen to your recording, also I noticed that there is no indicating light or lights to let a person know that’s its actually recording. However the minute counter starts when the record button is pushed.

I couldn’t find anything major that would hinder me from continuing to use this app. It’s still in it’s infancy. So, there is lots of potential there. Maybe in the future add or change a few things, but it looks very promising.

Best part of all is that it’s FREE!

[note: at the finishing time of this post, eevzdrop had crushed. I was unable to load their site, along with my profile on the app. When I finally did get the app to load everything appeared to be wiped clean. Hopefully this is a only temporary & that guys are hard at work to correct the problem]


Dubbler [Review]

When CEO of VoiceBo, Brett Wilson has sent me an email sharing Mashable’s article about an app called Dubbler & Eevzdrop, I was very curious. I am always on the look out for an audio or voice app to test, play and try out. I will have to say this. 

My first impression is that there seems to be more young adults using the app. Maybe it’s due to the several cool voice filters they offer. You can record 60 seconds of whatever you desire, then add a voice filter (if you want to).  The voice filters are cat, cow, robot, stage and many more. However, you have to get it said in 60 seconds. You then have the option of sharing with Facebook or Twitter. Those two seem to be the heavy hitters of the social media world these days. Oh, that’s another thing, those are your only TWO options of signing up with Dubbler.

Continuing with my first impression is that they “push” the whole “dub with celebrities..Paris Hilton, Mac Miller.” Why?! It’s NOT like Paris will answer! Next, is that you can explore the app, a look at the “Hot Dubblers” list which is a cool idea. However, the list has most “hot dubblers” only having 4-10 dubs. While there are other members with 169 dubs. Are the members on the “Hot Dubbler” list people the general population should know? Besides the President? 

I do like how the threads like when a person submits a dub, then another member answers. You add up the seconds that turn into minutes and wow. Where did the time go?! I have made 3 dubs, and have gotten nothing. No plays, no responses. Upon sign up you automatically follow people, I don’t know these peeps. I did just get ONE follower. How nice. There is also a “trending” section which does show the current stuff. Mostly singing, silly talk, young kids. I’m not really seeing it – yet. I do wish there was a way to embed the “dub” on to a post or page. How cool would that be?! For now it’s just Facebook & Twitter shares. 

I will say this, I am getting the feeling that it is not a very social app as of yet. I have 2 followers and have attempted conversation with a few members and nothing.  And I am following 22 members. whaaaaa????!!!!

You can check out one of the dubs I recorded early this morning on the way to work. Click here

As for using this app for adding audio/voice captions to your photos. I will stick with my pixengo app. They are much more social, the owners comment on your photos and members follow you. Both VoiceBo & Pixengo have my votes for the social & personal touch. 

My opinion of this app is even though it’s free. It’s a thumbs down for me. There were too many kids on there. Only seconds to record a thought. It did not seem too social, more like overcrowded. I would not recommend this for those people who really want to listen to people with something to say or that have something to say.

Here are a few other audio apps that I reviewed. Voicebo. Melt. Yappie. ChirbitMy Don’t forget to let me know what your thoughts are.

Try Something New – A Voice App

Have you ever wanted to try an audio app, but didn’t know where to start? Want to be a part of something fresh. A new social network? Here’s your chance to jump in and have some fun doing audio. Whether you are uploading or recording directly from your phone. It’s simple, easy and tons of fun to use. The ideas are endless, from recording your kids to telling a story about your day. I would only share this with you, if I felt strongly enough about it. The people there are great & management is there with you, helping you along if you need it or leaving comments on your “Bo’s.”

So, I suggest trying VoiceBo.

Just check it out! Don’t forget tell him Cat sent ya 😉

The Latest News, Celebrity Users, and Tech Updates from VoiceBo! Get the FREE VoiceBo App – Why Type when You can Talk?

VoiceBo - Why Type when You can Talk?

The Latest News and Updates from VoiceBo

Dear Friends and VoiceBo Members,

Firstly, we thank you all for joining us. Users from some 97 countries around the Globe have joined us already during the soft launch phase of the VoiceBo App and the VoiceBo Social Network. And we are now gearing up for some serious exposure and expect some substantial growth over the coming months.

We already have some very notable connections on board; from celebrity doctors, authors, athletes, singers and even a few comedians. We also have some interesting plans for additional exposure in the near future. So please stay tuned.

In this first edition of the VoiceBo newsletter, we will be covering the following topics.

  • So what exactly is VoiceBo? – A short introduction and Video below.
  • Check out some of the Featured VoiceBo users we have on board.
  • Take a look at some Interesting, Popular and Featured VoiceBo’s.
  • New Features: Online Recording, Audio Uploading, @ Mentions + Messaging.
  • Get the VoiceBo App for your Mac, PC, Android or iOS Device.
  • A few tips and tricks on using VoiceBo.
  • VoiceBo’s Facebook Page now has approximately 28,000 Fans…

So what exactly is VoiceBo? – A short introduction below.

Introducing VoiceBo!!!    Why type when you can talk?

VoiceBo is not only an audio based Social Network, it is also a new, universal App that allows you to add your voice to almost any web based application or service. And what’s more, your VoiceBo messages can be displayed and played on just about any smart-phone or computer. Engage with your friends, family, colleagues and clients like never before.. With VoiceBo!

Whether you are commenting on a photo on Facebook, Tweeting or Emailing…. The list just goes on and on.. It’s really up to your own imagination as to how you use VoiceBo! You can create a VoiceBo with the FREE VoiceBo App for iOS, Android, Mac and PC, or simply create a VoiceBo online without an App by Recording New or Uploading Existing Audio via the main VoiceBo website.

Here are just a few sample screenshots of the VoiceBo mobile App and a short video intro below!

A sample of the Recording Screen in the VoiceBo Smart-Phone App

Play VoiceBo's just about anywhere and on any device

Engage with your friends, family, colleagues and clients like never before.. With VoiceBo

Have you seen the short VoiceBo introduction video yet?

Please click on the image below to view this short video on YouTube.

Click through here to view the VoiceBo video intro on YouTube!

Check out some of the Featured VoiceBo users we have on board

On VoiceBo, we have a very diverse and eclectic group of people, from Celebrity Doctors, Celebrity Jewelers, Best Selling Authors, UFC Fighters, Actors, Comedians, Singers, Journalists, DJ’s, Business Coaches and just good old fashioned Normal Folk with a voice and something to say… Please click on the image below to see these and other Featured users on VoiceBo, or visit this link http://voicebo.com/featured-users

Here are just a few of VoiceBo's Featured Users, click here to see more!

Take a look at some Interesting, Popular and Featured VoiceBo’s

  1. We at VoiceBo love this tribute song to VoiceBo by Amy @AmyMartinson on VoiceBo, Amy is quite a character and very insightful! She should be on “Saturday Night Live” we think 😉 Please see this link to check it out.. http://voicebo.com/McoCBM
  2. Chris @PilgrimChris who is an App junkie, community builder, wild camper, cyclist, father, and social networker gave VoiceBo a great shout out in “An App that does it All!” at: http://voicebo.com/rhQEGt
  3. Tim @innervox ran a series of thought provoking VoiceBo’s under the tag of “Ponder This”, but in contrast to these rather serious VoiceBo’s, Tim also broke out into song with his ukulele on hand with this wonderful novelty song at http://voicebo.com/tN2UTl
  4. UFC Fighter and all round bad boy “Brian Ebersole” @BrianEbesole taunted (tongue in cheek) UFC super star “Georges St-Pierre, saying “GSP Stole our Muay Thai trainers”. You can check out Brian’s VoiceBo here: http://voicebo.com/XlIOSo
  5. Laura @AlabamieMamie belted out a few songs for us from the middle of the open corn field, Laura loves voice blogging and singing and here is a sample of one of her songs “She Believes in Me” at: http://voicebo.com/SeFKHn
  6. VoiceBo character Maximus @Maximus, thought he’d take on @BrianEbersole (UFC Fighter) with this funny impersonation of Sean Connery in “Brian Ebersole is NOT My Love Child, He simply copied the Connery chest hair style.. The Hairrow!” at: http://voicebo.com/iiskf4
  7. And now for something completely different… Catherine @SassyCat (Your Favorite Little Kitty Cat) gives a a little Adults Only content (Explicit Material Warning) with: Naughty Girls Need Love Too! at: http://voicebo.com/3vpCnH
  8. World renowned podiatrist, bio mechanics and lower limb specialist Dr. Phillip Vasyli @PhillipVasyli drops in with Dr. Andrew Weil @DrWeil (who is a world-renowned leader and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, a healing oriented approach to health care as well as a best selling author) with this update at: http://voicebo.com/iWx1Po
  9. Frank Shamrock, yes the legendary MMA fighter @frankshamrock, and now author and actor, drops into VoiceBo from time to time with a little update. Here’s a very sweet VoiceBo from Frank Shamrock and his daughter Nicolette, sing happy birthday to UFC Fighter and VoiceBo user Brian Ebersole @BrianEbersole with this VoiceBo at: http://voicebo.com/ocKEJp
  10. And last but not least, we have James MacArthur @JamesMacArthur (Street Journalist and Radio Man) who made headlines around the world almost 2 weeks ago with the live broadcasting of his own personal “stand off” with the Baltimore Police Department as a SWAT team came to take him away! James announced on VoiceBo just the day before: “The Police are still out to get me!” You can hear this VoiceBo here at: http://voicebo.com/2KdZej Apparently even Wiki Leaks got involved.. And you can check out the full broadcast of the siege at James’ website “The Baltimore Spectator“.

New Features: Online Recording, Audio Uploading, @ Mentions + Messaging

We, have been extremely busy at VoiceBo as many of you may have noticed. During our soft launch phase, we have had a lot of requests for new features, some of which were on the drawing board already, and some that were not. And we are very pleased with the feedback that many of you have given in relation to the new and existing features we have implemented. A few new features have been implemented that some of you have already noticed.. Features that now take VoiceBo to a whole new level. You can now record a new VoiceBo online or create a new VoiceBo by uploading existing audio files via the main desktop version of the VoiceBo website!
Whilst using the iPhone, Android or even the desktop versions of the VoiceBo app are ideal for most to create new content, in many instances, you could be using a computer elsewhere (without the desktop version of the VoiceBo App installed) or you may just prefer to record online? Well now you can.. And if you have some existing audio files, you can even upload them too.
Two great new options for VoiceBo users: Record Online (Requires Flash) , or Upload Existing Audio Files (Supported formats are: .aac, .mp3, .mp4, .m4a, .wav, or .ogg). You can even add a location and or an image/photo to any online VoiceBo you record (Just like you do with the VoiceBo App) and the same applies to uploaded audio files 😉

You can nowcreate a VoiceBo online by Recording or Uploading existing audio files

Another New Feature “@ Mentions” in Comments and Descriptions of VoiceBo’s

This is certainly a handy tool; and as a social network, VoiceBo now allows you to Mention other VoiceBo users!
As VoiceBo is also a social network, we figured we would up the anti on some of our social network features. VoiceBo now allows you to mention other VoiceBo users (e.g @VoiceBo as the username in this example, but that could be @Maximus etc.) The user mentioned in the subject/description of a VoiceBo will then be notified that a VoiceBo was marked to their attention.
The same applies if you mention someone in a comment by @username ; they will be notified of the mention and they can view such mentions. Like all notifications in the VoiceBo system (from email, push and badge notifications) you can of course turn these on and off at will for the most part.

You can now mention others with the @username format in comments and descriptions
Direct Messaging with VoiceBo

The @username “Mentions” feature above, also allows you to direct message others with VoiceBo’s. Many people may want to only share a VoiceBo with one other person, or they may just want to share a VoiceBo with a select number of people. Of course you can always create a “Direct VoiceBo” and email it etc, but now with the new “Mentions” feature, You can simply create a Direct VoiceBo and add the @username mention of one or more users in the description/subject of your Direct VoiceBo, and anyone you mention shall receive a notification of same and they can view and listen to your VoiceBo and interact with you accordingly.

Try it out for your self…  @username “mentions” really bring VoiceBo into the same level of the likes of Twitter in this regard.

Get the VoiceBo App for your Mac, PC, Android or iOS Device.

If you haven’t already tried the VoiceBo App, then you can find the relevant links for your smart-phone, tablet or desktop computer here: http://VoiceBo.com/apps and if you need any assistance, then please also check out our “How to?” information at http://VoiceBo.com/how-to

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A few tips and tricks on using VoiceBo

  1. How to get more exposure for your public VoiceBo’s – Please see: http://voicebo.com/how-to/how-to-get-more-exposure-for-your-public-voicebo-s-and-a-bigger-following-virally
  2. How can I share a VoiceBo on Facebook, Twitter, SMS or Email – Please see: http://voicebo.com/how-to/how-can-i-share-a-voicebo-on-facebook-twitter-sms-or-email
  3. Why add a description, an image and tags to your VoiceBo’s – Please see: http://voicebo.com/how-to/why-and-how-you-might-add-a-description-an-image-and-even-tags-to-your-voicebo
  4. How to build your Followers list on VoiceBo – Please see: http://voicebo.com/how-to/how-to-build-your-followers-list-on-voicebo
  5. How to best use the privacy settings when you publish a VoiceBo – Please see: http://voicebo.com/how-to/how-to-best-use-the-privacy-settings-when-you-publish-a-voicebo
  6. How to find others to follow and connect with on VoiceBo – Please see: http://voicebo.com/how-to/how-to-find-others-to-follow-and-connect-with-on-voicebo
  7. What is the My Library function and how can I use it? – Please see: http://voicebo.com/how-to/what-is-the-my-library-function-and-how-can-i-use-it

VoiceBo’s Facebook Page now has approximately 28,000 Fans…

Whilst we haven’t pushed VoiceBo that much on Twitter during our soft launch phase, we have been gaining quite the following on the VoiceBo Facebook Page, with close to 28,000 new fans as at the date of this newsletter; and the numbers are growing quite fast. So, if you haven’t joined us on our Facebook Page, then we would invite you to please join us at http://facebook.com/VoiceBo and give us a LIKE and join in the fun.

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You can also check out VoiceBo on YouTube or Follow us on Twitter if you like..

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Well that’s about it for this update folks.. We hope to see you on VoiceBo soon!

Thanks again for all the support and favorable reviews.

Kind Regards

The Team at VoiceBo!


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So, I found this cool microvideo blogging  app via Macolgan called Keek. It offers 36 seconds of video. I think that’s plenty of time, there are others that give more time like a minute and some have less like 15 seconds. I have noticed there are several young kids on here. Doing anything and everything. I have seen some stuff from kids spinning in their desk chair to showing their cat’s behavior.

It is kind of interesting tho. Isn’t everyone looking for the next big thing? Since Facebook included their new timeline, people coping with the change. Some not liking it at all, others just not using Facebook anymore. There is just so many options for new social media now. Everything from Twitter to audio and now video apps.

I always said that soon the time of audio and video will become more popular than the old fashioned concept of reading, example reading this blog. There are a few things I noticed. An individual can not download any of the videos theirs or anyone else’s. The videos can be shared via tumblr, twitter and facebook or email. A person can also embed individual vids onto a web page. There is also a “like” button on the vids. A person can even send a private video message.  There is a voting sytem of “informative, funny, cool, meh, etc” for each profile. A person can add a written comment or a video comment.


Source: Keek.com


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