Maia Porpora WCE Wicked Wireless Contour Silicone Egg [Review]

Porpora WCE Wicked Wireless Contour Egg Vibrating Silicone Egg 

from Maia The Colors of Erotica.


  • Measuring about 10 cm length and 3.2 cm width (4 inches).
  • Uses 1 AA battery for vibrating egg and 1 12V (A23) Battery for remote control
  • 10 speeds of pulsation/vibration
  • Vibrating egg is made of 100% Silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Product comes in purple or yellow.
  • Wireless remote, push button and remote control
  • Price ranges from $25-$65

What I Like:

The fact that it is waterproof is a major plus in my book. I wouldn’t have to worry about ruining it, however there is mention of removing the batteries before washing and cleaning the vibrator. I didn’t do that, perhaps that is the reason it no longer works. I will go into detail in the next section. I never used this product in the shower even though it’s waterproof. I liked that fact that it is easy to clean afterwards.

The other feature that I enjoyed is that there is a remote control. This makes it more exciting when there is someone else in control of the remote. It can be distracting when having to look for the remote while still using the egg.

The feel of the silicone in my hands, so silky and smooth. There is even a pleasant scent to the vibrator, not of plastic or rubber but more like a sweet or floral scent. The texture against my skin, so soft. The different settings of vibration were from light to a steady vibration.

There was a purple bag included to store the egg and remote in.


What I Didn’t Like:

The first issue that I don’t like is that my vibrating egg no longer vibrates. Something went wrong, perhaps in the way I cleaned it. Whatever the reason the toy just doesn’t turn on anymore. The second issue I have with this toy is the speciality 12V (A23) battery that is required for the remote control. Just one of these batteries can cost $1.50 on up. I had already gone through two batteries for the remote control. The vibrations are a bit on the low side, I wondering if that had something to do with the battery.

I would not have purchased this Wicked Wireless Contour Egg Vibrating Silicone Egg for the amount of money I have seen it for. If I had I would have been angry & disappointed that the product no longer works. I do not like to have to return a product via mail and would have just turned me off to the product and the company.

Not exactly sure about the “color of erotica” and what that means. On the Maia Toys website there is a section about the colors. Below is taken from just to give an example of the one color or erotica.


Purple:Royal, Spirituality, Dignity
Are associated with the color purple and these toys are available for this mood sense

Wicked Wireless Contour Egg 20-03

I received this product FREE as a prize in a contest that I had entered. The above review is based on my personal experience and honest thoughts






HedoVibes Round Up #90

IMG_3248-e1430152076270Photo courtesy of Carnal Queen

Welcome to HedoVibes, a collection of reviews and giveaways that were posted in the past week or so from around the web. This is a collection of adult product reviews & contests from real reviewers. If you want to be included in the next edition start with the guidelines, then use the submission form.

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My First Ladyboy Spit Roast [Review]

I was recently contacted by E.H. Watson, author of the audio-book “My First Ladyboy Spit Roast: Ladyboy Erotic Vacations Series Book 2.” He asked if I was interested in reviewing his audio-book. I agreed since I haven’t reviewed a book or audio boot before now. I also need the experience in doing more reviews. If you haven’t figured out by reading the title, this is a short story for a mature listening audience. A story based on true events between the author, Edward and two Thai ladyboy transsexuals named Ratana and Kosum in sexual position known a spit roast. A spit roast is a sexual position in which a person is taken in the vagina or anus from one end and in the mouth from the other end by two other consenting adults.

After all the corresponding was complete between us, I downloaded the 792KB audiobook. I didn’t listen immediately after the download. I looked at the cover of the audiobook. My first impression of the cover was that it looked somewhat campy, high schoolish. I was reminded of the 80’s movie posters like Teen Wolf or Risky Business. The second item I looked for was the length of time the audiobook is. It’s only an 64 minutes long or 1 hour and 4 minutes. I think this is a perfect amount of time to listen to an audiobook. Any longer than that and I would probably lose interest.

This is audiobook is found under the category of Erotica & Sexuality available on or The audio book is read in English by Leighton Garrett. The book was published on January 12, 2013. The audiobook was released 2/27/2015.

E.H. Watson has written 4 books in his Ladyboy Erotic Vacation Series, along with two other informative books about ladyboys. In this audio book he shares his personal experience in a Thai ladyboy/transsexual threesome. The story is based on his sexapade with two ladyboys while visiting Thailand. Edward’s experiences are told in explicit and uncensored detail, all leading up to the climax of the story. Edward’s request and fantasy are fulfilled at the end of this story. Edward is pushed to the limit of what he can do both physically and mentally, he is drained at the end of it all thanks to his two well-hung ladyboys.

Some of the narrated words made me giggle, you know sounding like an 8th grader when talking about body parts. I think if an author is going to write about hardcore sex then the author should use words that are hardcore. Overall the audio book is well written, well read by the narrator. Listening to the story can be somewhat arousing, if Thai trannies are what you are into. The story includes rough sex, domination, humiliation, detailed fellatio with some gagging. This audio book is meant for mature adults, due to its graphic sexual descriptions.Cat's Review

For my first audio book experience I would say it was pretty good. I was not physically aroused when listening to it. I did like it when I closed my eyes while listening to the story that I could actually see the event playing out in my imagination. I would recommend you give this a listen to if Thai ladyboys and domination by those ladyboys is your kink

If you are interested in adding this to your reading material you can at or I have FOUR free download codes. Given out on a first come first serve basis. The Kindle book is $6.99 and the audio book is $5.95. The ASIN is B00B0JOTGG. If you do download this audio book please consider leaving your review on the Amazon page or the Audible page.

Thank you E.H. Watson for allowing me to review your audiobook “My First Ladyboy Spit Roast” for free in exchange for my honest opinion of you audio book.


Tickle Me Purple [Sex Toy Review]

I won a Glas Purple G-Spot Tickler back at Christmas via’s Sexmas Giveaway.

I remember back in the late 90’s visiting my best friend. He was good for turning me on to new things in the sex world. That was the time when he was selling glass dildo’s in his campground general store. I had never seen them before. I thought wow, those are so cool looking. Some were really eye-catching. Why was he keeping them in the deep freeze? He pulled one out, handed it to me. Brrr. I tried to imagine how it would feel inside me. I could only think of my experience with a popsicle on a hot summer day.

When I had seen that I won a Glas dildo I was excited, I would finally be able to know how it feels first hand. I will admit that I was fearful of the word “glass.” I imagined the worst. What if it breaks while I’m using it? What if I drop it? It just might hurt. I thought about how hard & stiff, being handcrafted glass that there would be no give to the product, as in flexibility.

All these thoughts were swept away after my first use of the Purple G-Spot Tickler. I am now a glass dildo fan.

Out of curiosity I looked up the price for this specific glass dildo.  I found various prices ranging from as low as $12.95 to as high as $33.99, depending on the website. This dildo is simple. There are no seams in the glass, completely smooth. On the outside of the box it states that it is “one of a kind. Handblown, Handmade and Handcrafted.” There are no patterns, no designs, just a very simple glass dildo. There is only a curve at the tip to stimulate your g-spot and a large ball at the bottom for a comfortable grip, which I really do like.

The box that it came is simple, with just a few features on the bottom of the box. The dildo itself was wrapped in a protective foam to prevent breaking during the delivery process.

This dildo measures approximately 7 inches in length with one inch width. This dildo is made of  borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass can withstand two different temperatures at the same time. It does not expand like regular glass does. This type of glass is able to withstand quick temperature change. So, this dildo can be used with cold or hot temperatures. Imagine the possibilities. This glass dildo weighs approximately 8 ounces. It does feel heavy in the hand if a person isn’t used to glass products such as this one.

My favorite feature about this glass dildo is that it is hypoallergenic and is extremely easy to clean afterwards. I have used soap & water. I have used alcohol wipes to clean it. Soaked it in hot water. I have towel dried it, air-dried it. Placed it back into the protective foam wrap, stored in its original box.

I enjoyed using this dildo. Starting out fearful of a glass sex toy, I’m looking forward to experiencing more glass dildos. This toy has provided me with several orgasms. I would recommend this product. I’m glad that I have it in my growing collection of sex toys. It is one that I like to use more often. This glass dildo definitely tickled my g-spot.

Glas Purple G-Spot Tickler

Body Spa Personal Vibrating Foam Sponge [Review]

I won the “Body Spa Personal Vibrating Foam Sponge” in The 25 Days of Sexmas Giveaway. The contest was sponsored by I decided to use brand new foam sponge last night when I took a long hot bath. The foam sponge is distributed by Empire Labs out of Portland, Oregon.


The foam sponge is available for around $20. I have seen it “On Sale” for as low as $10.99. I would pay that price before I would pay the $19.99 plus shipping & handling.

This foam sponge is:

  • Waterproof
  • A real foam sponge
  • Contains a single speed bullet
  • Egg-shaped approximately 5 1/2 – 4 1/2 inches
  • Quiet
  • My long black hair did get caught up in the sponge. I had to spend a few minutes pulling out strands of my hair
  • Not a powerful vibration

About the Bullet:

  • Requires 3 LR44 cell batteries
  • Single speed
  • Push button On/Off
  • Does seem to have a problem being waterproof (See Photo Gallery Above)

My personal experience: I am indifferent with this product. It’s a foam bath sponge. It does it’s job. I use it to clean my skin and get me clean smelling. I turned it on, it vibrated. But it wasn’t strong enough to use on one’s shoulders or neck to relieve tension or sore muscles. The vibrating gives just a little extra to the sponge. After use I noticed I had to pull out the strands of my long hair that somehow got threaded through the sponge. I hadn’t really looked at the bullet prior to using it in the tub. However, afterwards I took the bullet apart. As you can see by the photos above the inside of the bullet was very rusty. I tried to get the batteries out, they were so rusty. The on/off button no longer works properly. The bottom half of the bullet actually vibrates without the top half being connected. I can put all the batteries inside, giggle it and it will vibrate. Will I use it again? The foam sponge without the bullet will be used for Sassy’s shower time.



OVO W1 [Review]


OVO W1 review by SassyCat3000

A contest prize from &

Back in December I entered a contest via The Frisky website. I won. The prizes were sponsored by Inside were many products that I am attempting to give my opinion about. The first product I used was the “OVO W1” (Violet). It is available in three different colors. I found prices vary anywhere from $15 to $30. I would not pay $29.95 for this product.

This product is …OVO W1 Bullet Product Review by SassyCat3000

  • designed & developed in Germany
  • waterproof
  • made of Silicone material and 100% body-safe materials

The product came in a small box with a tight fit, a bit difficult to open. Inside the box the product was displayed in a foam type of setting with the instruction pamphlet at the bottom. It took a few attempts before I could pull the instruction booklet out of the slot.

Opened box, instruction bookletI’m not impressed with the instruction booklet. The instructions are typed in eight different languages. However, it’s written to cover most if not all the similar products. Inside the basics are covered from cleaning the product to warnings about using the product. Keep cards with magnetic strips away from the toy, as the magnetic field could damage the cards. I would have never known that, would you?

This product is

  • easy to use, has on/off push button at tip of bullet
  • requires (3) LR41 cell batteries (which are $1.50 each)
  • a single speed powerful bullet clitoral vibrator
  •  somewhat quiet
  • approx 5cm -2 inches with a circumference of 2cm to 0.8 inchs (fits in the palm of my hand)

My Personal Experience: I have used this product a few times. The first time I used it, the motor slowed down. I shut it off, waiting for a few minutes. I powered it back up, it worked at full speed again. The second time I used it, it died completely after only a few minutes. I figured that the batteries that came with it might have been old. I replaced the old batteries, used it during sex (the third time). I noticed it started to slow down once again. The OVO W1 overheated or something else causing it to slow down, yet again. After a few more minutes the OVO W1 stopped working. Not sure what exactly the problem is with it. I washed it with hot water & soap. Wiped it down with some baby wipes. towel dried it, putting it back in the box. That was the last time I used it. I have only used this product with water based lube. I have not used it in the shower or tub, even though it is waterproof. The OVO W1 left me disappointed & frustrated.

This product comes with a 15 year warranty.




  • I Won (


Size Does Count [Review]

It’s meaty & long and has served me well. Very well, so well that I don’t even remember that it smells kind of like a brand new pool toy or a new plastic toy. I was not disappointed with the Crystal Jellies Ballsy Cock.


The Crystal Jellies Ballsy Cock is my first non-vibrating sex toy. I wanted something that could be used in the bedroom, in the shower and to be able to be used on a man or woman (in case I had an opportunity to peg a man). Manufactured by Doc Johnson, this Ballsy Cock covers all of what I was looking for. The first thing I noticed was the odor of this dildo, similar to a new pool toy. I have washed it (before & after use) with plain bar soap and anti-bacterial soap along with warm to hot water, the odor still remains. The odor is even noticeable on my hands after just picking it up to put in away. It’s a plus that this toy is so easy to clean with just soap & water or a toy cleaner.

The size of this dildo was one of the main reasons for the purchase. Made from PVC, this dildo is lengthy & meaty, very realistic looking with veins included.
I was definitely satisfied with how it felt when in use. There was a feeling of fullness, however I tried it first without lube. This was not a good idea, I added a comfortable amount of generic water based lube and that was much better. I will say that the size of this sex toy to too big for me to attempt to use it for anal sex.

There is a suction cup at the base, holds up very well on the shower wall, on the bedroom wall and tables/desks. The suction cup base also makes it easy to hold by hand. I didn’t find any lack of suction issues with this, once in a while on the shower wall it would slide with movement but wouldn’t come off the wall completely.

The another issue that I had with this dildo, is that it is heavy, weighing approximately one pound, it would definitely hurt someone if they got smacked in the face during a rough sex scene of some sort. It is very flexible, easy bendable, comfortable to use in different positions.

This cock is a bit on the large & long size, measuring in at 7 3/4″ in length with 6 1/2″ insertable inches The girth is measured at 5 1/4″ inches. The diameter of the dildo is a bit over an inch and the suction base diameter is approximately 2 1/2″ inches. You will definitely feel this dildo when you’re using it.

This sex toy is made out of PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride. It is Latex free & Phthalates free. According to EdenFantasys the safety rating is at 2. I would strongly suggest using a condom with this sex toy, get non-lubricated or water based condoms. I used the “equate” brand of water based lubricant, which works with the condoms & the toy itself with no reactions. I haven’t tried any other types of lube with this product.

I learned the hard way about storing all my sex toys together. This one is wrapped in an old cotton pillow case that I cut in half. Because this product does attract debris if not covered up. Always wash with soap & water before & after use. When I’m finished its put in an older (small) traveling suitcase with the handles & rollers.


I accidentally left it suck to my office wall to remind me to finish the review. During the middle of the night I heard a thud in my office. I peeked into the office the next morning, didn’t see anything right away. When I did see the dildo on the office floor, I realized that it was the noise I heard in the middle of the night. It had taken hours for it to fall off the wall. The side that landed on the floor was covered with floor debris. I immediately washed it off and the dildo looked as good as new, still had that odor.



product picture
Realistic dildo by Doc Johnson
Material: PVC
This product was provided to me free of charge by Eden Fantasys in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.



An Expensive Lesson

Extreme Pure Gold.

This was my first Rabbit vibrator, unfortunately I didn’t know how to care for it. It “melted” along with the other vibrators I had stored together. This was a very expensive lesson to learn.

The was my very first Rabbit Vibrator. I enjoyed it very well. Eight rows of beads that can rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise offers a different sensation. The two settings of high/low only seemed to offer a very slight difference in sensation & sound. It does not bend at all, sometimes the “rabbit ears” needed to be adjusted. They just didn’t seem to match me well.
Using this vibrator with a house full of people is not a good idea. It’s loud when it comes to the noise level, even with the doors closed & under the covers.
It requires 4 AA batteries. I did notice that the battery housing seemed a bit loose. When the vibrator is held upright it doesn’t always make the connection, causing it not to work. If you turn the vibrator upside down, connection is made & product works properly.
It was easy to clean up afterwards, just soap & water. It’s waterproof & I had no issues with water getting into it. I never used it in the shower. Just remember not to store this will other similar vibrators because they will begin to “melt” each other. An expensive lesson I learned, sad to say.


Easy to Clean


Large Product
Not Flexible

I gave the Extreme Pure Gold  4 Vrooms & 4 Bees (according to

It’s a large & noisy vibrator, not discreet if you try to hide some where. However, it does it’s job very well. If you have not used a vibrator of this size before, it may take a few times to get use it, but I think it’s worth trying.

  • Clit Exciter – Very Powerful
1 2 3 4