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Reading is Sexy [FebPhotoFest]

We went down to Texas to visit the Manchild over Christmas. He knows I’m not one who can sit still to read, however if it’s a subject that interests me I can attempt to sit still long enough to comprehend what I read. He had given me two books as my Christmas gifts. One was a dream dictionary and the other was “The Lost Bible.” A composite of the missing bible chapters. And yes, I find that subject interesting. In the idea that some men in power decided it was best for the rest of mankind not to know the full story.


reading is sexy

The day I took these photos was a day that my work was closed due to extreme cold weather. I didn’t have to get dressed because there are no more little kids in the house. No one to worry about, but myself & my Beloved.

reading is sexy


I still find it difficult to concrete on reading even after I take the Adderall. I see something out the window and then my mind drifts off somewhere. I have already forgotten what I read. Have to re-read it (again).


The last thing about reading for me is that it always makes me extremely sleepy. I have always have this problem. I would get sleepy in class, start daydreaming. If I’m home I will follow asleep for sure, which I did.

reading is sexy

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