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What are some safe sex practices that you include in your writing? I don’t include any safe sex practices in my writings. My writings are based on past experiences when the practice of safe sex was not practiced like it should have been. Read more about my “writing process.” The talk about safe sex was just starting to become important (back in the 80’s). There was the scare of HIV, safe sex was a must for most sexually active people. However, back when I was out of control, when I was impulsive, reckless and self-destructive which included risky behavior. I was not one for safe sex. That’s part of my “illness,”  a self-loathing, YOLO attitude.

It’s been said that writers write what they know. I write about what I know, not practicing safe sex. Not always proud of it. Regret? Sometimes. It’s not a “positive” message to people. My viewpoint is now that most everyone should know about safe sex. Children of the 80’s should have already learned this, passing it onto their next generation. Leads into another viewpoint; it’s a parents responsibility first to teach their children about safe sex and sex in general. Next the school’s responsibility to teach the correct information to kids about the dangers of unsafe sex, etc. And then back to the parents to complete the missing pieces from the educational system.

Do you think this bit of realistic sex should be captured in erotica? My opinion is that it is for the writer to decide whatever to put safe sex in their writings or to leave it out. However, I would lean more towards “leaving it out.” How often does the mainstream media such a blockbuster movies show the beauty of putting on condoms and the afterwards of taking off the condom? Even when I watch a 20 minute porn video, most of the time the scene of a man putting on his condom is cut out. Why? Because it takes away from the fantasy. Because it’s not sexy. Ok, hubby just told me that it can be sexy if a woman does it for him. I just prefer to leave it out.

While many stories are fantastical, normalizing condoms, dental dams, for oral and penetrative sex can be educational to some readers.Try your hand at writing a piece about safe sex, perhaps one that meets the characters where they are at, for the forms of safe(r) sex run the gamut.


Remember to ALWAYS practice safe sex!! Your life depends on it

Remember to ALWAYS practice safe sex!! Your life depends on it



  • I am a teen of the early eighties too, before safe sex was talked about by everyone, but even after that, I was reckless and rarely had someone use a condom when they fucked me. With the amount of one-night stands I had, I know I am lucky that I did not catch anything!

    Rebel xox
    Marie Rebelle recently posted…T is for TerminalMy Profile

  • “Hands in air” me too!! We are lucky girls!!

    ~Mia~ xx
    Mia recently posted…Playing SafeMy Profile

  • Is that the next challenge? Write a piece of erotica that focuses on the contraception as the erotic element to the story! 😉
    John recently posted…A-to-Z: UninhibitedMy Profile

  • i love this post, my entire life has been the reality of safe(r) sex, and as a teenager, safe sex practice was smeared all over me. i cannot imagine anyone who is not familiar with it, and i especially do not think as an author i should be responsible for that in my fiction. have we forgotten the meaning of the word fiction suddenly?
    f dot leonora recently posted…Wicked Wednesday Prompt #99 — Safe SexMy Profile

  • I’m a child of the 70’s, so grew up in an era where the biggest fear from STD was catching the clap. I was always very careful though, as I was conscious of using condoms for birth control.

    Despite the fact that I’m seen playing with lots of folks in pictures on my blog and fetlife, I’m a relationship kinda guy. I just don’t do casual sex, so have almost always known my sex partner’s history.
    Michael Samadhi recently posted…“U” is for UnctionMy Profile

  • Ahhh how times change eh…. When I first started having sex the message was definitely concentrated in avoiding pregnancy. I guess I was lucky that I never caught anything back then but now I would never take the risk with a new partner

    Molly recently posted…Pulp FictionMy Profile

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