Practice Makes Perfect

Have you always enjoyed cock sucking or is it something that had to develop? 

I remember back when I was little I had no clue what “blow jobs” meant. I was a late bloomer. Didn’t become sexually active until I was around 16 years old. My first official parent permitted boyfriend had taken me to the drive-in movie. He performed oral sex on me. That was my first experience with that. He then taught me how to return the pleasure. He was a gentle, patient teacher. Who knows if I was truly any good at it, ya figure a 17 year guy was getting his dick sucked, which probably didn’t have to be a perfect performance.

He gave me brief instruction. Do I remember what any of that was? Nope. I do remember not knowing have to keep from drooling all over his balls.  I didn’t know how to use my hands either. How much pressure, how fast, that kind of stuff. gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== Practice Makes Perfect

The first time I performed a blow job, I can’t even remember if my boyfriend came or not. If he did I’m sure it wasn’t in my mouth. That I would remember! I don’t know when the next time I sucked a cock was either.

What I do remember is that saying of “practice makes perfect.”

I wanted to keep trying. I wanted to learn how to perform this task & be the girl that a guy would always remember who gave the best jobs he ever received. So there I was, a young ambitious chick who wanted to learn to be the best little cock sucker ever. Funny, I don’t remember if I truly enjoyed performing oral sex when I was younger and so very new at it. I do enjoy a beautiful hard penis in my mouth every now & again.  I think this task is something that needs to be practiced, mostly importantly is that the “sucker” must be willing & wanting to perform this on the “suckee.” Otherwise it’s bad for all involved. It should be a positive experience for beginners, whether performing regular bj’s verses the hardcore facefucking bj’s. Definitely an art that needs to be developed.

This is the answer to one of the questions on Kinky Mia‘s “The Fellatio Project.” I will continue to answer the other questions at a later date.

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