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What does photography/photograph do for you as a writer? Photographs inspire me sometimes, not all the times. The photo really has to speak to me on some emotional or mental level. It also depends on the background of the photograph. An example of this inspiration is a recent post titled “Missing my Muse.” In which I used a photo that my muse had given me. The photo inspired me to write the post. Something about the photo made me feel something. I had to distort it because I didn’t want to take any chances. However, at the time of viewing it, I missed him. I thought the photo went perfectly with how I was feeling.

I also try to use photos more in my posts to add that extra appeal that so many suggest to bring in more readers & viewers. I do try to use my personally owned photographs more than searching for free images.

Has taking photographs of yourself changed how you see yourself or others? I have read other sex bloggers admit to viewing themselves in a more positive light after participating in blogging memes in which they post photos of themselves.  However for me, I’ve posted several photos of myself, yet I feel no different about myself. I think this could also be due to my “issues.” No amount of photos could make me view myself. I admire & envy the others who can post their photos in confidence. The other issue is that I have a fear of RL family or friends finding my blog. Perfect example of this is recently my oldest son started following me on twitter. This is a bit unsettling to me.  Red and Silver

I have read several bloggers write about finding a niche in the blogoshpere. I had tried several different ones. Not feeling I was able to fit into a specific niche of blogging. I think I may have found something, taking photographs of myself. They are not professional ones, just ones I take mostly by myself or by my Beloved. The photos are mainly a tease, nothing that I would be too embarrassed about posting. Photos that tempt, tease and titillate men. I like being seductive, suggestive and sultry. 

Does having your photograph taken get you off?  Maybe you would even go so far to say it is a fetish or kink for you. LOL. I think this question was written just for me. Because the answer is YES. I get “off” on having my photo taken, teasing the camera. I wish that I could afford a better camera & equipment, along with having someone who knows how to take a perfect photo. Not that my beloved doesn’t but it’s not his best talent. I would say that if my #1 fan lived closer we would have the perfect business arrangement. Because I know he’s got the eye to catch the beauty.

I also get off on the idea that men are looking at my photos and fantasizing. I get off on being that fantasy girl for some men. Men that I will never know about, never met face to face. That’s ok. 

Did a photograph inspire you to try something new sexually? Not sexually, but inspires me to “copy” the pose or theme of the photo. Below are just a few of photos that spoke to me. I attempted to copy them in my fashion, because I felt that there was something about the original photo that was seductive, suggestive or different. I never been one to follow the crowd. I never have been comfortable with sharing my tits or ass.  So I try to photograph myself in a way that requires the viewer to use their imagination or wanting more.  

Feb Photo Fest Day 9

Feb Photo Fest
Day 9



Day 13 FebPhotoFest

Day 13

I will continue to take the photographs. I may get to the point when I will stop because the “high” isn’t there anymore.

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