Dreaming [SS301]

I haven’t posted anything in what feels like days, weeks and months. Why is that? I have been involved with Mr.Sam. We are remaining friends with a strong & dangerous sexual attraction.

We’ve gone over the boundaries of our friendship. Dealing with the bar life gossip. Going to doctor’s appointments, being unwell for a day or so. The craziest part of this past week was when I heard that Charlie returned from camp and doesn’t have to go to “college.” Now I’m sure that I will be seeing him sooner than I want to, especially with Mr. Sam.

Just distracted this week….but I made time to dream….

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Sinful Sunday

Yesterday’s Thoughts & Today’s Wants [SS3000]

Friday December 30, 2017 I had an emotional melt down. A day of feeling only sadness. It was the same day I took the Cat Woman photos.

I took those first, I started to feel the emotions build up inside and I thought I’m going to go with it.

I didn’t want to use the Nikon, so I used my iPhone. I held the smartphone as the tears started to flow down my face.

What kind of shocked me is how much I liked how they came out. I shared this with some of my friends, who had invited me to a New Year’s Eve party. I told them, “I’m not attending I’m just not feeling it. They said “you look so sad in those photos.” Good. Because that was what I was going for.

Mr. Sam said “Looking at them makes me sad, but I can’t stop looking at them.” Mr. Sam came up with the titles for these photos.

sassycat3000, sexblogger, latina, bnw photo

sassycat3000, latina, portrait, selfie, bnw


I have since snapped myself out of that 24 hr meltdown. I am back to my sarcastic and slutty habits.

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Christmas Garland [SS297]

It’s been a very busy week, filled with a “celebration of life” and “Mr. Sam” and a bit of drama about “Charlie.”

Mostly just doing a lot of drinking for the past three days. Trying to keep up with my mini-photo challenge of “Sassy’s 12 Days of Christmas” and falling behind fast.

This weekend there is a pending snow storm in Northern Illinois. I heard up to 16 inches of snow. Snowed last night a bit, but nothing to write home about. If we get the 16 inches of snow it will be like the winter of ’78-79. The town was snowed in, the city as declared a snow emergency and it’s NOT even snowing (yet).

But all that aside, I’ll be inside where it’s toasty warm & watching the beautiful snowflakes if they do ever decide to fall…..

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Orgasm Addict [SS292]


Lately, I’ve felt good (emotionally & mentally); part self-image, part more socializing with new friends and more important I’ve recently become the object of desire for a few men that I had met while out with those friends. Conversations filled with sexual innuendo & sexual attraction and having some stimulating playback memories I’ve become a bit of an orgasm addict lately.

Sinful Sunday
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