Hand Sanitizer [Sinful Sunday Wk 122]

Sinful Sunday is all about the image. I am late in posting.

The story behind this image is short. Went to Market Days to meet up with my efriend (TimmySimms). We had walked back to my car to feed the parking meter. I have must have clean hands. So, I get the little sample bottle that I grabbed from one of the vendors. Getting ready to use the hand sanitizer, the guys yell at me…”Noooo! that’s LUBE!!! not hand saniziter!!!

OH God!!!

I would have been walking through Boystown, yelling

Free Hand Jobs!!



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Sinful Sunday

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Tan Weave [Sinful Sunday Wk 113]


So, here is my very simple Sinful Sunday entry for wk 113. I decided to do a section for my shoe lovers out there. I recieved these very comfy shoes from my “fireman.” He loved to pick out shoes just for me, love them before he sealed them with a kiss, handing the package over to the mailman. I knew that each pair was special to him and to me, because they were picked just for me! 

Sad to say I have lost contact with my fireman. I hope he is well and my first blog photo segment is dedicated to him and these beautiful, soft to the touch (a faux suede) extremely comfy to wear. 

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Sinful Sunday

Sitting Pretty [Sinful Sunday]


Back a few months ago, Old Man took this photo of me. I had started to get undressed after a long day in the office, he wanted to take a quick photo. I wasn’t really in the mood for it, however I did it anyway … for him. I wanted to give him the impression of just being a brat for making me “sit pretty” for him. I had taken my hair down, started to wash off my makeup. He made me put my shoes back on for this photo. I just wanted to put my comfy clothes on & flop my ass on the sofa in front of the TV.

My Mary Jane shoes were a gift from a dear friend, who has a shoe fetish. I used to belong on a shoe fetish site. I modeled shoes for men. I loved getting shoes that were picked out especially for me, knowing that each man who sent me a pair of shoes, gave each pair his “special attention.”


Sinful Sunday

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