Afternoon Delight [SS171]

Thinkin’ of you’s workin’ up my appetite
Looking forward to a little afternoon delight


Please’ be waiting for me baby when I come around
We could make a lot of lovin’ ‘for the sun goes down  – Starland Vocal Band



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Sinful Sunday

Riding the Wind [SS168]

I needed a challenge today

I needed a challenge today

This is my Sinful Sunday image. It’s all about the image.

This photo was taken yesterday while my Beloved & I decided to hop on our bikes and ride. We rode west, into the stormy skies. It was a muggy outside. But as long as I was feeling the wind against my skin I felt good.

However, I will admit I suffer from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) when it comes to riding, since my accident back on May 29, 2004. Every once in a while it hits me. The anxiety builds up, I get scared. Yet a part of me isn’t afraid when I’m with him. Because he saved me the first time. He taught me how to ride which saved my life.

We first set out, riding towards the west. I could see the storm clouds, dark and looming. We turned onto a road that suddenly turned into loose gravel. A biker’s fear, a nightmare for most. At the top of the hill I stopped and snapped the above photo. I took in the beauty of the landscape, my thoughts floated away. I wonder what the rest of the world is doing right now. My Beloved stopped, decided to turn around. He said “there are a few more miles left. Let’s go back the other way.” I agreed.

I wanted the challenge of riding on a gravel road. I needed to challenge, to push myself. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. That always comes to mind when I become fearful.

He noticed he was running low on fuel. I eventually ran out of fuel, had to use the reserve tank. However, before that we did get caught in the rain. It was that crazy rain when the sun is bright and you can smell the rain heating up the road. My senses were heightened. I was high, high on the challenge I was giving myself. Pushing out the fear that I used to have about riding in the rain, running out of fuel (out in the middle of no where). We were lost, running on fumes. It really didn’t matter. I was feeling a sense of freedom. I was with my Beloved. I would always be safe with him. Riding in the rain, the warm rain, I really wanted to stop and have sex somewhere. He wanted to find a gas station.

We eventually found a town. Grabbed some grub & fuel, then headed for home.  I was thrilled when we hit another gravel road. The concrete just ends without warning. This road snaked in a few spots, however, it was wet. Wasn’t too bad, there were a few times when I could feel the rear tire slide. I played out thoughts in my mind of “what if.”

The evening air was cool against my skin. Sun was starting to go down, more bugs were hitting me. And the best was that my PSTD was pushed out. I felt good when we arrived home late in the evening. Riding for me is cheaper than therapy.

I apologize that this is a wordy Sinful Sunday post. I know that there is no erotic feel to it. However, to me it’s about my arousal. An arousal of my senses that I get when I’m riding.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to ride in the rain.”

“Traveling in a car is like watching a film; riding a motorcycle is like starring in it.”

“Motorcycle riding gives you a sense of freedom which you don’t get in a car, your senses take on a different significance.”

Sinful Sunday

Outside enjoying Nature [SS167]

Pumping more

1. Pumping

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Sinful Sunday

I had been slacking on taking photos for Boob Day & Sinful Sunday.  Since this past Friday was a green theme, I decided to take a few extra photos so that I could use one for this week’s Sinful Sunday. It was really difficult for me to pick one of the four.   

I See…[SS165]

Sinful Sunday - White Knickers

Sinful Sunday – White Knickers

 I guess I didn’t get down too graceful. I just didn’t wanna fall the other way. It’s a longgggggg way down!

I dedicate this photo to the Englishman who enjoys white knickers. He knows who he is.


Sinful Sunday

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Saturday Evening [SS164]

Sinful Sunday

Wondering what he’s doing now

I haven’t been participating in Sinful Sunday as much as I used to. Gotta get back into a routine. I will admit that I have issues with my self-image. Sometimes I feel good about myself, other times I don’t. Recently, it’s been at a low point. However, there are those “admirers” who tell me behind the scenes that that is “nothing” wrong with my body or what I do, how I look, etc.

I remembered that this week’s prompt is a favorite of mine. Black & white. After taking a shower I decided to snap a few images. Using my camera (Samsung WB250) I set it to the black & white photo filter. Snapped away. I lightened up the photo a bit. You can view that one below.


Is he thinking of me, like I'm thinking of him?

Is he thinking of me, like I’m thinking of him?

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Sinful Sunday


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