5 Things about Winter [WW236]

This week Wicked Wednesday is about Winter…

5 Things I HATE about Winter…..winter, window, sassycat3000. wicked wednesday, tights,

  1.  The change in the sunlight, when it’s dark outside at 6 o’clock in the morning and 5 o’ clock in the evening.
  2.  Having to warm up my car before I leave for work in the morning. I hate sitting on cold leather car seats as much as I hate burning my thighs on scolding hot leather in the summertime.
  3.  The holidays. Yes! Bah Hum Bug! People are the worst this time of the year. Rude, selfish and so stressed out to find that perfect gift. The whole PC shit….being politically correct about Christmas and the holidays. I get it, I really do. Once the older generation dies out, “Merry Christmas” wont be said anymore. Say whatever is in your heart, there needs to be tolerance and understanding. Ugh.
  4.  I hate winter because my “issues” tend to get the better of me. I drink more, party more, stay up late more and my emotions are usually more raw. Did I mention that I gain weight during the winter? I crave starches & sweets. Instant fat ass.
  5.  Dry skin…crackle & pop skin, sometimes painful. I have baby oil in the shower to use after the shower. Then applying body lotion when I get into the bedroom and lastly A&D ointment for the really rough dry spots. Static. I hate static from the dry air. Nose bleeds from the dry air, then getting out the humidifier to fix the dry air problem.


5 Things I LOVE about Winter…..winter, window, wicked wednesday, sassycat3000, sweater, tights


  1.  I love hearing the snow crunch under my boots as I walk. I love wearing boots, thick socks or tights or leggings. Love wearing sweaters.
  2.  I love watching the snow fall during a blizzard. I love snow blizzards, the big snowflakes that you can really see. I enjoy being outside when it’s snowing heavy.
  3.  Not having to leave my house because of the snow or because it’s too cold outside. I can stare out the window all day if I could.
  4.  Laying on the sofa curled up with him and snuggled up with my woobie … safe & warm. Loving, touching and squeezing. lol.
  5.  Once the holidays are over, knowing that I will start feeling better about myself. Knowing that I’ve made it through another year.

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I Didn’t Wanna Toss the Photos just Yet [365 Project]

I took some photos that I didn’t really like, for whatever the reason. But I didn’t want to toss them out just yet so I edited them, adding some effects to them. Just playing around with them. I think the top one would have come out better had I remembered to focus the camera first. However in my defense it’s difficult to focus and work in a pitch black room with nothing but a black light and not to mention I’m basically blind (without my glasses).


neon lights, self portrait, lips, glow sticks, sassycat3000, latina, sex bloggerside boob, self portrait, sassycat3000, latina, sex blogger

Whatcha think? Should I have just tossed them out? Maybe you can think of something else I could have tried.

It’s all part of learning new techniques and other things.

I Thought it Would be Fun

For shits & giggles I applied for a temporary job for the Halloween season. I actually got the job. I was thrilled. My first day I worked 7 hours. I noticed immediately that the regulars were not very friendly, at times not helpful. Always had the “you’re bothering me” look on their face.

I wasn’t used to working on my feet for that long without some sort of break. There were no 10 minute breaks, no break room, no smoking breaks. You get 30 minutes for eating but there is no break down just a table in the costume storage room and a “fun-size” microwave & refrigerator. I would walk out to my car & sit.

Last night was the last straw, after a young kid was assigned to clean 7 out of the 10 isles failed to do a fucking thing all night. I was responsible for the remaining 3 isles along with the back wall of the store. The assistant manager told me that I needed to inspect the 7 isles and if they were bad I would have to fix them.

Did she say what I think she said? Fuck that. I wanna go home. I’ve worked ALL day. That little fuck has been sashaying through the store all fucking night. I started at 4:30 scheduled to be off at 10. I was told I could take my break at 8:30-9pm. What’s the point?

The more I thought about driving across town the 8 miles and sometimes 23 from my other job…I figured it’s just. It worth it. The amount of bullshit, and unfriendly workers, ugh. Thinking that this weekend I’m scheduled to work 11-7 standing in the front of the store helping customers with their costumes. I would only be getting ONE 30 minute break and the rest of the time I would be standing.

No. No, the newness has worn off. It was fun dressing up, but it’s time to get back to my online life.


Totally 80’s

I had to work at my PT gig today. I was feeling a Madonna 80’s look. I can’t dress in total costume, still have to wear the black shirt & khakis. So I tried to do something with the hair, makeup & basic accessories. I have collected my “dress up costumes” since my kids were young so I have a little bit of everything. 

I’m glad this is only temporary because I don’t think I have the physical capabilities to work retail. It’s really hard on my lower back & feet. But like I’ve said before I’m sure that it’s the same for others who work retail.

I think the next costume will be something dark. And the weekend will be something do to with a solid color. Other co-workers wear merchandise of their choice to promote the Halloween season. I have issues with using items that strangers have used or tried on. I could suck a strangers cock but can’t wear a hat that a stranger has put on their head before me. See the madness that is me?!?! LOL

Hopefully I’ll remember to post other photos of my Halloween looks. 

Penthouse Pink [SS284]

I got these boots as a gift, months ago. Haven’t been in a “sexy” mood to take photos in them. Until now.

Why? I met up with Charlie again. For a brief few hours, it was like it was in the past. I enjoyed really minute of it. However, it wasn’t to last long. Charlie has gotten himself in to trouble yet again.

So, I am once again without a muse, drinking partner and partner in crime.

Here are some photos I’ve taken with my penthouse boots. I’ve been into the “pulp” magazine cover type edit lately. Not sure if I have a favorite one, but I really like the last one with the sun rays. There is no edit of added sunrays on that one. Too cool.

Do you prefer one over the others? Which one?

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penthouse pink

Sinful Sunday

Lovin’ Lately 

Who you’ve been lovin’ lately Who you’ve been callin’ baby

Who you’ve been runnin’ around in this tell all town

I guess you’ve finally got the best of me

I guess you thought I’d never see

You know it’s so hard to believe how we came down

Like we were nothin’ baby, who you been lovin’ lately? -Big & Rich


Gettin’ it Done

Today I needed to cut the grass before the heat wave hit Northern Illinois.

Since he has been unable to do anything with his hands its up to me to get it done. I’m pretty much doing everything. He bought his new tractor last summer because the push mower hurt his hands and his legs.

I had to learn how to start the Husqvarna. I was getting ready to complete this task by myself. Had my hair did, do-rag on. I even downloaded a song just for the occasion.

“Thank god I’m a Country Boy” by John Denver.

I really had fun, even mowing over the snake.



gettin it done

dead garter snake

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