Hand Sanitizer [Sinful Sunday Wk 122]

Sinful Sunday is all about the image. I am late in posting.

The story behind this image is short. Went to Market Days to meet up with my efriend (TimmySimms). We had walked back to my car to feed the parking meter. I have must have clean hands. So, I get the little sample bottle that I grabbed from one of the vendors. Getting ready to use the hand sanitizer, the guys yell at me…”Noooo! that’s LUBE!!! not hand saniziter!!!

OH God!!!

I would have been walking through Boystown, yelling

Free Hand Jobs!!



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Sinful Sunday

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Boots N’ Bike [Photo Set]

This is my “newest” Harley Davidson 1200. An anniversary edition 1998.

This is my actual 4th HD and my 6th motorcycle.

This one needs some work to the front end, because it’s been dropped. However, I think that’s work makes my bike unique, as long as I can ride it. Then I have no problem with it.  This is also one way I get to wear leather & boots (not every time I ride) I don’t wear heels unless I’m a passenger.


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Leather & Steel



For my leather lovers & gun lovers. Using my very own Ruger 22 long rifle with Rosewood grips.  Wanna suggest a photo theme? Want photos for your very own? Contact Cat direct for more information.



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[More of] A Woman Scorned

I have no words to explain how I feel…..my actions will speak to him for me. 



Guns used in this photo series are: Ruger .22 Long Rifle with Rosewood Grips. The other is a M1A Springfield 308 Cal

[This photo Series & statement is NOT by any means directed towards any person real or otherwise. This photo & statement is merely for entertainment purposes only]

See the first in this photo set. A Woman Scorned

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Morning After Bruises and Sex Bruises are Good Bruises [NSFW]

bruiseMe: “nice artwork”
X: “woah!!! I didn’t think that I hit you that hard…I’m sorry!!!”
Me: “don’t be, it was all good”
X: “I don’t want you to get into trouble”

Me: “Thats from you smacking me in the face while I was sucking your cock!!!”
X: “Oh hell! Crazy….”
Me: “Yeah but I like it! Your turn next tho!”
X: “Dirty girl!! Can’t wait=P ”

A conversation I had once upon a time with someone from my past. The photo is me, the next day. I will admit that YES, it was a turn on to see & YES. I felt a range of emotions, criminal in the sense that I had a souvenir that I could touch & it would trigger the memories again and I could relive the sex over again in my mind. Which I felt kind of dirty at times, yet awful horny at others wanting to experience the scene all over again. I can’t believe I still have the photo, wait..it’s another form of souvenir because now I can talk about it and relive it all over again *wink* The Conversation above is actual texts that I kept in “notes” hidden away from the world. I made reference to this situation in “SLAP” It was my first KOTW entry. I couldn’t find this at the time of the “SLAP” post because I had saved it on a flashdrive.

Below is a copy of an entry from my “old journal” that once was on blogger. [If you recognize this entry or have questions about it please address me privately]  The photo is really me. The next day.

We started kissing again, our hands roaming over each other, his hand finds my wet pussy, he kept trying to put his fingers somewhere else, marksonface but I moved and bit his lower lip “OUCH!” I smiled. We kissed some more, off went his sweatshirt, he unfastens my bra, each of my nipples is gets his attention, I look at him, he looks at me to watch my reaction. Closing my eyes, I lean back … his hands inside my skirt pocket grabbing my ass, pulling me closer to him. My hand on his cock stroking it, cupping his balls with the other hand, still kissing.

His body is hot & sweaty, he pulls back from me, points to the poker table. His pants were down, my skirt went up, panties off. I knew he loves the boots & skirt look, so that’s what I wore along with a sweater. He had me bent over, “you find it”…I quickly turned around to face him. I dropped to my knees to suck on his hard throbbing cock, getting him even more ready if that is even possible. Hearing him breath & sigh was hot. I turned back around with one hand on the black bumper of the the table, the other bracing myself. He begun pounding me hard & fast. “Fuck Me…” I uttered. The building echoes and I know we had to keep quiet.

I was trying not to get too loud, but the waves were starting to build, I must have gotten a bit loud. I felt his left hand on my mouth mixed with my hair, he was gripping & squeezing hard, so hard that he left marks on my face. Lines. The third one is very faint. You can see them in the photo. His other hand on my shoulder pulling me. The poker table was shaking from us going at it. He let go when my first orgasm was ending, he grabbed onto my skirt using it like a harness, I was listening to hear it rip, but it didn’t *whew*

I enjoy a beautiful mark sometimes, there is a time & place for them. I enjoy them more when they appear the next day unplanned. I also enjoy leaving marks on others. I have been known to leave deep bite marks on a man’s chest. I love sucking on the inner thigh and feeling a man pull away and it makes the sensation even more intense for him along with the mark. I had never left hand prints, scratches I have left on a few arms & backs.

So, there you have it…my KOTW..marks…it’s a positive for me.

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