A Woman Scorned

I have no words to explain how I feel…..my actions will speak to him for me. 

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[This photo & statement is NOT by any means directed towards any person real or otherwise. This photo & statment is merely for entertainment purposes only]

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Leather Trigger [365Project]

Here is my 365Project daily photo. Old Man & I went out to take some photos for my “other” blog. I took this one for the leather lovers & guns lovers that follow me.  YES! It’s ME.  

 [Please DO NOT COPY without permission]

Leather Trigger


Tan Weave [Sinful Sunday Wk 113]


So, here is my very simple Sinful Sunday entry for wk 113. I decided to do a section for my shoe lovers out there. I recieved these very comfy shoes from my “fireman.” He loved to pick out shoes just for me, love them before he sealed them with a kiss, handing the package over to the mailman. I knew that each pair was special to him and to me, because they were picked just for me! 

Sad to say I have lost contact with my fireman. I hope he is well and my first blog photo segment is dedicated to him and these beautiful, soft to the touch (a faux suede) extremely comfy to wear. 

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Sinful Sunday

Sitting Pretty [Sinful Sunday]


Back a few months ago, Old Man took this photo of me. I had started to get undressed after a long day in the office, he wanted to take a quick photo. I wasn’t really in the mood for it, however I did it anyway … for him. I wanted to give him the impression of just being a brat for making me “sit pretty” for him. I had taken my hair down, started to wash off my makeup. He made me put my shoes back on for this photo. I just wanted to put my comfy clothes on & flop my ass on the sofa in front of the TV.

My Mary Jane shoes were a gift from a dear friend, who has a shoe fetish. I used to belong on a shoe fetish site. I modeled shoes for men. I loved getting shoes that were picked out especially for me, knowing that each man who sent me a pair of shoes, gave each pair his “special attention.”


Sinful Sunday

Sunday was a Great Day

I went out Saturday night with a very good friend of mine. Our dad’s were best friends at one time in their young lives.

I really didn’t want to stay out to late, because I know how it gets when drunk people find out it’s your birthday, the alcohol starts running.

Funny what a small world it really is, this gentleman, run with my dad when he was younger. I found out a few things about my father that are questionable, but ok whatever.

I ended up going to Uncle Nick’s to take home so I could have something in my tummy.

My Fave for a night of drinking

My Fave for a night of drinking

Sunday morning I woke up to find a friend request on Facebook from someone I hadn’t talked to in about 4 years, he wished me a Happy Birthday. I thought that was strange, thoughtful but strange.

I opened my presents that were sent from England by my #1 fan & his lovely wife. I was really good, I actually waited until my birthday. I didn’t open them early. My mom had also gotten me a little something that I had since Friday.


Happy BirthdayMy Card





My Mother is a true AVON fanatic. Most of the stuff she buys for any of us, is usually from AVON. This time is no different.

Gifts from Mom

Next was the gift from England. From England

How cool is that stuff??!!! I loved all of it! I felt really special today. I must admit that I wasn’t in the mood for anything fancy to eat or to do. So, I decided to head to the mall. I never go to the mall. Let’s walk around sit and eat and watch the happy people walk by. We had Teriyaki Chicken, which I love.

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen

Teriyaki Chicken

Teriyaki Chicken

I did stop of Spencer’s to pick up some new tongue studs. I needed some new stuff, Manchild needed some new studs too. It worked out.

Tongue Studs

That’s pretty much how the day ended. I spent the day with my two favorite men. My Beloved & My Manchild. One of my best birthdays ever.

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