Purple [SS136]

Sinful Sunday


It feels like it’s been weeks since I have posted any Sinful Sunday photos.

I don’t wanna get lazy. Being busy,  lack of creativity or ideas is something entirely different.

However, for me,  those can turn into get excuses not to post. Just gonna keep at it.  

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Sinful Sunday


Come Fly with Me [Daily Prompt/NaBloPoMo]

This past September (2013) I traveled across the pond for the first time to visit my #1 fan & his Mrs. I was there for 10 days. I took over 600 photos. Why? Who knows, why does any one took photos. Here are just a few. You can view the rest on my flickr page.

[Please contact me direct if you are interested in using any of my photos]

Don’t forget you can peek at the rest here.

I flew to Hearthrow Airport in London, England and then off to the Isle of Sheppey. In the course of the 10 days that I was there I traveled to London, Chichester, Portsmouth, Beaulieu, Windsor and Dover. It was landscape was breath taking. I realized a few things about America while I was over seas that I never that I would admit. Americans are so spoiled & lazy. Americans drive everywhere, even across the street. When Brits walk. There are not a lot of overweight people verses here in Northern Illinois.  There are no super size me drinks or meals, no free refills.

I hope the next time I travel to London, that I will be able to meet more of my efriends that I have made online. Also, I would like to travel to Belgium or perhaps France.

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Spikes & Skulls [SSW134]

I love Halloween more than any other Holiday! These photos were taken right before I left to go trick or treating with my grandson.


My Beloved & I went to the cemetery to snap some shots. They say that the costume that you pick out for this day is your inner self trying to get out. I wonder how true that really is?!


I’ve always been rebellious.

Sinful Sunday

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Bitten [Boob Day]

Friday is Boob Day! This week is a Halloween theme. I have always found vampires sexual. There is something very sexual about those creatures. The way they make you submit to their will, they bite, nibble, caress their victims, lovers. They can seduce their victims with their eyes, mind, tongues. I am picking the sexy side of vamps, we all know about the gory side.

I would become one if they were real. If I had to chose between becoming a fanger or a wolf, it would be a vamp – Fangs out.


I couldn’t really decide which photo to submit to the “Boob Day Meme” it came down to both of these. However, I finally picked one. Here you get a bonus shot. Tell Me. Did I pick the right photo? Which photo do you prefer?



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Black Lace [Photo Set]



My latest photo set “Black Lace.”

I always get behind on my requests (sorry guys)

I still have the “Farmer Girl” & “Major Mayhem” photo sets to complete.  Wanna suggest something? Just drop me an email.

I will get to them eventually. I hope! However, running out of time, because the weather is gonna start getting colder. Might need some winter theme photo suggestions.


Leather & Lace [Boob Day]

I had been working on some new ideas for some photos for different memes, along with photos of my heels for my shoe guys.

I have had my leather jacket since the late 80’s. When I didn’t even own a motorcycle, but I thought it was a cool jacket to have. It’s really heavy to wear, so I don’t wear it too often, mostly just in late September-October and in the spring April-May. This jacket is very special to me more so now.

You ask why? Lemme tell ya.

Back on May 29, 2004 I was wearing it when I went for a motorcycle ride. Totaled out my HD1200 Sporty by t-boning  a deer at 70. I flipped over the windshield, pulling it off the bike and shattering my left clavicle. The EMT’s were gonna slice the jacket off in some crazy frantic way, my “beloved” said “follow the seam when you cut it.

So if you look at the area that is covered with the “punk safety pins” there is some thick stitching going on underneath. The stitch starts at the wrist to the collar. “Beloved” took it to a leather shop, where they restitched it. I added the punk pins to represent my injury, to cover up the stitch, to add character to the jacket. There is a chain that hangs under the arm. It’s an old belt from a shop called “Merry-Go-Round” that I used to wear in high school! OMG!

So, there is my boob day photo from my photo set called “Black Lace” that will be posted at a future date. Another photo was used in the Sinful Sunday meme  “iPhone Slut.”

iphone slut on Boob Day


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