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Day 2 of Feb Foto Fest Challenge

Day 2 (Feb Photo Fest)










Day 1 (Feb Photo Fest)


Here is to another challenge. A daily erotic photo challenge. I’m hoping I didn’t bite off more than I can chew with all these challenges. I do know this. I will be keeping myself busy. Before I wasn’t sure what to blog about. Now, I’m overflowing with stuff to do. I am a sucker for black & white photos. Hope you enjoy. 




If you have any suggestions for poses for your favorite little kitty to do. Please lemme know!



Light [NSFW]

Boob Day - Light


Here is my entry for Boob Day for the last Friday in January 2014.

This week’s theme is “light.”

I have been trying to think of different ways to be creative. Sometimes ideas just flood in, other times my creative thoughts are dry as the Nevada desert.

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Secretary [Photo Set ]

Here is another photo set that I had completed. Thanks to my “Tennessee Fireman” for sending me the creme/black peep toe pumps. Thanks to “The President of my Fan Club” for sending me the black/white striped peep toe pumps.

I do hope that both of you enjoy your photos. And thanks again for thinking of me.


Socks [KOTW]

Check this out on Chirbit

This week’s topic is “socks.” I know that I do not have a sock kink. I have no sexual attraction or attachment to socks. I will admit that the first thing that popped into my head about this topic was teenage boys & tube socks.

I do have an issue with socks and that is I will not wear any socks with holes, stretched out or faded, dingy looking socks. The socks must fit tightly against my body. Another issue that would drive me insane would be wearing wet socks. That’s torture for me.
I went through a phrase in the 80’s when I wore nothing but ankle socks. Lace ones with or without the bows with my black leather pumps. I knew that some men out there liked the look, I enjoyed men looking. I also wore knee high socks with my shoes at times for the school girl look, because again I knew that some men liked the look.

I love over the knee socks. Thick socks like tights that come half way on my thighs. I wear those mostly during the winter time. Those socks keep me warm.
I have several pairs of trouser socks, because I like the way they feel against my skin, the smoother the better.

The idea of a man wearing white socks and sandals or with black shoes is a major turn off. A man should know which socks go with which shoes or at least be able to fake it fairly well. I truly wonder how many people out there do have some sort of kink involving socks. If you wanna know more about this week’s kink, click the banner below to get the full list of bloggers.

Perv [SS WK 143]


This week’s Sinful Sunday is “knickers, panties, underwear, boxers, briefs, thongs, under garments, lingerie, your delicate wear, tighty whities, underpants. You get the drift.

I’ve always been a bit of a



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Sinful Sunday

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