Saturday Evening [SS164]

Sinful Sunday

Wondering what he’s doing now

I haven’t been participating in Sinful Sunday as much as I used to. Gotta get back into a routine. I will admit that I have issues with my self-image. Sometimes I feel good about myself, other times I don’t. Recently, it’s been at a low point. However, there are those “admirers” who tell me behind the scenes that that is “nothing” wrong with my body or what I do, how I look, etc.

I remembered that this week’s prompt is a favorite of mine. Black & white. After taking a shower I decided to snap a few images. Using my camera (Samsung WB250) I set it to the black & white photo filter. Snapped away. I lightened up the photo a bit. You can view that one below.


Is he thinking of me, like I'm thinking of him?

Is he thinking of me, like I’m thinking of him?

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Sinful Sunday


White Knickers on Boob Day

I really enjoy when men contact me to tell me that they enjoy my blog. Telling me that they also enjoy looking at my photos. Sometimes, some of them make suggestions for photos, some don’t, some tell me what they like.

If the man is someone I know (via social media), someone who actually talks to me, retweets me, reblogs me, etc. Someone who makes me laugh or is cute or is interesting in some way. I will do some thing like this for him. Since he didn’t specifically say what poses he like seeing, only that he has a thing for “white knickers.” I hope he enjoys these pictures.

The Boob Day theme for this week is panties. I thought what a perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. This is what I came up with. I don’t and can’t do full nudes or nipple shots (isn’t that a drink? Wait. Buttery Nipples!) I will admit to having a difficult time even posting a full body shot with my knickers on. Then I rationalized it by saying “panties are the same as a bikini bottom, right?”


I’m too worried about with others think about me. I wish I could get past that, impossible, I think.

Here’s to Friday and Boob Day and white knickers!

Silly Boob

Today is “Silly Boob Day”

December was the last time I submitted into boob day?!!! Where the hell did the time go?! I hope to get back into the swing of #boobday

And I hope you enjoy my #silly #boobday pictures.

This time you get a two-fer!

I Love My Woobie [Daily Prompt]

SassyCat3000 sleeps with her woobie.

SassyCat3000 sleeps with her woobie.

What kind of sleeper are you? Do you drop off like a stone and awaken refreshed, or do you need pitch black and silence to drift off to dream?  I am a bit of a light sleeper. However, there are times when I wouldn’t wake up if the house was on fire. When the kids were little I felt like I was sleeping with one eye open. I got remarried, I would cross one leg of my beloved to wake me up if he got up. Why? Because I had always heard horror stories about step-fathers. I would have never forgiven myself if something ever happened to one of my kids under my very roof. Once I learned my beloved sleep pattern or middle-of-the-night pattern I could sleep a bit better. We laugh about it now, he doesn’t blame me or hold my behavior against me.  

There was a time when I needed to take Ambien to help me fall asleep. That was after my motorcycle accident. The nightmares caused from the flashbacks were awful.  I would take the pills to get me over the edge. I stopped because I hated the way I woke up in a fog, besides I kind of freaked out while under the influence of the drug. I was done with those pills. I now take my BP medication about an hour before I’m ready for sleep. This medicine makes my drowsy and works well with getting me to fell asleep and stay sleeping. 

I really tend to be a person who can’t get relaxed enough to get to sleep. My thoughts just keep my going and going. I can’t get them to shut off or shut up. There are times when I will wake up from a dream, got to the bathroom and then I am not wide awake, but wake enough to not be able to sleep. I will admit the it is a very bad idea to have your cell phone next to your bed. This makes it too easy to grab it and start surfing, emailing, etc. I should really invest in a simple alarm clock and put my cell phone in another room.

When I was young, I needed the radio (with a timer) to go to sleep. Just to keep my thoughts drowned out, so I could drift off. I remember my mother said “one day you’ll embrace the silence.” NEVER! I thought quietly. I also needed a hallway light on or some form of light without causing to much shadow, door open. Closet door closed, my bed shouldn’t face a mirror. If I wake up in the middle of the night I will not look into any of the mirrors in the house. Also, I needed my woobie. I’ve had it since the late 80’s when my grandpa bought it in Mexico while we were on vacation. I still sleep with it, just not wrapped up with it. If I am sick or feeling blue, I need my woobie. It’s worn, has a few holes in it, but its soft against my skin. It’s too thin to really keep me warm if my freezing, just a throw over. Now that I’m older, the closet door still needs to be closed. I need dark & silence. No noise. Mom was right, silence is needed for sleep. 

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The End of February Photo Challenge

Feb Photo Fest Day 28 Last of 2014 February Photo Challenge.

Feb Photo Fest
Day 28
Last of 2014 February Photo Challenge.


I wanna thank Molly for coming up with this really cool challenge. Even though I probably should have used “old” photos. I had more fun, playing dress up. My Beloved thoroughly enjoyed taking the photos that’s for sure, he was rewarded well for his involvement with my completion of this challenge.  He took must of the photos. I really need to get him his own camera. This photo is dedicated to him, it’s his favorite out of the last series of photos he took for me.

Cheers to all the other bloggers who took part in this challenge, left comments and posted some fucking hot photos!



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