Day 5 of 365 Thankful for my Fans

Every so often I get a message from a fan or follower. Most of the time it has a dick photo attached.dick, penis, sexblogger, instagram, latina,

And I add those to my collection of cock

.See. See, look at the cock! He’s so proud of his cock. Not bad, but I blurred it out to protect the guilty.

And then there is those messages that I like to share. I know that the photos below, don’t really count towards my 365, but I’m including them anyway.

Now …. yesterday I recorded a podcast because someone had suggested I make that one (only) of my New Years resolutions.

Later that evening I received this tweet on twitter. @5150Silverback on twitter is one of my top fans/followers. He’s intelligent, funny and generous. What’s not to adore about him?

The second was a message I received on Instagram for a man who goes by @cactusdqp on Instagram. Go check out his Facebook page called Rural Photography.

I really appreciate this love & support. It’s the little things that tickle my pretty pink places!

Day 4 of 365 Yukon’s Silver

I was going to toss this photo away, decided against it. Instead I decided to work with it.

I thought I had posted it already, but I must have forgotten to do that with all the other bullshit that I have allowed to cloud my mind.

day 4 of 365, sassycat3000, latina, sexblogger, high heels, legsfordays,

I wanted to give it a cartoon or fantasy kind of feel to it.

Day 1 – Only on Sunday

Bacon. Who doesn’t love a heart attack waiting to happen?

Today I’m eating one of my favorite snacks from my childhood. Tacos … a bacon wrapped tortilla. I do miss my grandma’s homemade tortillas.

We don’t make bacon that often and when we do it’s only on Sunday.

day 1 of 365, photoaday, bacon, cast iron skillet, breakfast,, iphongrapghy

Who dare disturbs Me?!

Sometimes when I’m taking photos in the house … the doorbell will ring. WHO DAFUQ?!

Oh Shit it’s the mailman! I must have gotten a larger package that doesn’t fit in the mailbox. He always rings the bell to let me know that he’s leaving something inside the screen door. I’ll tell you what it was he left in a future post. 

Anyway, I have a few more photos that I’ve taken, even though Halloween is over. My darkness is almost over, give it another week. 

I’m the Face

…I’m the voice inside your headYou refuse to hear

I’m the face that you have to face

Mirrored in your stare

I’m what’s left, I’m what’s right

I’m the enemy

I’m the hand that will take you down

Bring you to your knees…

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