White Knickers on Boob Day

I really enjoy when men contact me to tell me that they enjoy my blog. Telling me that they also enjoy looking at my photos. Sometimes, some of them make suggestions for photos, some don’t, some tell me what they like.

If the man is someone I know (via social media), someone who actually talks to me, retweets me, reblogs me, etc. Someone who makes me laugh or is cute or is interesting in some way. I will do some thing like this for him. Since he didn’t specifically say what poses he like seeing, only that he has a thing for “white knickers.” I hope he enjoys these pictures.

The Boob Day theme for this week is panties. I thought what a perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. This is what I came up with. I don’t and can’t do full nudes or nipple shots (isn’t that a drink? Wait. Buttery Nipples!) I will admit to having a difficult time even posting a full body shot with my knickers on. Then I rationalized it by saying “panties are the same as a bikini bottom, right?”


I’m too worried about with others think about me. I wish I could get past that, impossible, I think.

Here’s to Friday and Boob Day and white knickers!


Silly Boob

Today is “Silly Boob Day”

December was the last time I submitted into boob day?!!! Where the hell did the time go?! I hope to get back into the swing of #boobday

And I hope you enjoy my #silly #boobday pictures.

This time you get a two-fer!


Light [NSFW]

Boob Day - Light


Here is my entry for Boob Day for the last Friday in January 2014.

This week’s theme is “light.”

I have been trying to think of different ways to be creative. Sometimes ideas just flood in, other times my creative thoughts are dry as the Nevada desert.

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Red Velvet Bows [Boob Day]


This week’s Boob Day theme is RED

I chose the above photo, because I just liked the way the ribbons looked on my boobs. “Pasties”

The photo below is a bonus photo. I thought it was different looking, really couldn’t make up my mind which to pick.

Red Ribbon



Buttoned Up [Boob Day]


This week’s Boob Day Theme is “Buttoned Up”

I really do like having a theme for Boob Day. Makes it’s easy, creative and challenging all in one. I tried to give the illusion, that my shirt wouldn’t stay buttoned. So, the viewer gets a peek of my bra and what seems to be my buttons that popped open. 

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Blue [Boob Day]



I chose this photo because I loved the angle of my body, how beautiful the curve of my breast is.

Not only that, I asked my two male advisers which photo they preferred. As you can see this one is the one they picked.

“It’s more of an erotic shot.”

“It gives just enough.”



Bitten [Boob Day]

Friday is Boob Day! This week is a Halloween theme. I have always found vampires sexual. There is something very sexual about those creatures. The way they make you submit to their will, they bite, nibble, caress their victims, lovers. They can seduce their victims with their eyes, mind, tongues. I am picking the sexy side of vamps, we all know about the gory side.

I would become one if they were real. If I had to chose between becoming a fanger or a wolf, it would be a vamp – Fangs out.


I couldn’t really decide which photo to submit to the “Boob Day Meme” it came down to both of these. However, I finally picked one. Here you get a bonus shot. Tell Me. Did I pick the right photo? Which photo do you prefer?



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