Older [AtoZChallenge]

I’m getting older. This Thursday I will be celebrating a milestone in birthdays. Some women have difficulties with this, others embrace it. Right now I’m indifferent about the number & about getting older.O

Do you remember when you were young? Was life easier or harder for you? I couldn’t wait to get old enough to leave home or old enough to drink, just to be an adult. Sometimes I wish I could go back to being that irresponsible little kid.

There are perks to getting older.

  • Sometimes you can eat whatever you want when you want to. I like eating ice cream, sweets or leftover pizza for breakfast.
  • Senior discounts
  • I have an excuse when I forget things.
  • You can stay up as late as you want to.
  • Knowing more than when you were younger. Real wisdom to pass on to children & grandchildren.
  • You have wonderful memories.
  • You have more time to enjoy the little things.
  • You don’t care about what others people about you anymore.
  • You “paid your dues.”

Getting Older

It sucks getting older.

  • Your body aches a lot more than when you were younger.
  • You can’t eat anything and everything you want to.
  • Your mind says yes but your body says no.
  • Saggy skin…everywhere!
  • You have accumulated a life time of knowledge and your children still don’t listen to you.
  • You’ve accumulated a houseful of memories and your adult children tell you “Get rid of it!!!”
  • When you come home after work and immediately look for your pj’s to put on and pray no one stops by or you have to leave the house later that evening.




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