In the Office [WW136]

Nelson was a recruiter at the branch office. Carly was the receptionist in the main office. Nelson would always call on the phone to get his assignments & instructions from Luis, who was our boss. They chatted on the phone often, talking about anything to everything. He would ask her “Is your body as sexy as your voice? I bet it is. I’ll have to take the train downtown to see for myself.” She would smile with excitement, even though they have never laid eyes on each other. They enjoyed flirting and the idea of a potential connection of some kind. Carly had been working on the recruiters seminar that Luis had scheduled out-of-town.

The day before the seminar Carly had not heard from Nelson.  This was out of character for him not to phone in. She had spoken with all the other recruiters and wondered why he hadn’t phoned. She continued working, not mentioning anything to Luis. The phone rang, shortly after that a tall, dark-haired man walked in. She waved at him with the gesture of “just a moment.” She looked at the slightly muscular built man. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed his tailored charcoal suit, his crisp black shirt with the silver/black/gray tie. She licked her lips as she looked at his lips, his lower lip was plump and full. She briefly thought how she would love to suck on his lower lip. “Oh I’m sure, Mr. Hughes. I can schedule that for you.” She wrote down the information, hung up the phone. She looked over at the man who was waiting for her attention. His dark brown hair was neatly trimmed, his face clean-shaven and his olive skin was flawless . She looked into his dark brown eyes “May I help you?” He smiles a huge bright smile “Yes Carly you can help me.” Her expression was one of a question. He laughs “I’m Nelson. I took the train in to stay over night so I can leave with Luis first thing in the morning.”

Carly felt her body tingle. “Oh My God! Nelson!” They shook hands, neither one could stop smiling. “Just a moment, I’ll tell Luis know that you’re here.” Carly walked into Luis’s office to let know him that Nelson had arrived. “Oh good! We have several things to discuss before we leave in the morning. Carly, get his folder ready and make reservations for lunch for him & I and check on his reservation at the Hyatt.” “Yes, sirshe replied.

Nelson winked at her as he walked into the office, closing the door behind him. Carly did what she was told immediately and continued with her work. The men walked past her desk,  “We are headed out for lunch.” Carly watched them out walk out, Nelson turned back at her & winked once again.

Luis returned from lunch without Nelson. Carly was a bit disappointed and was trying not to show it. Quitting time was near, Luis had left a few hours earlier, along with everyone else. Carly was the receptionist and was required to lock up at 5 o’clock. She had made the rounds, making sure lights were turned off, computers were off and that Luis’s office was locked. Before she could lock Luis’ office she heard some noises coming from the reception area. When she walked back to her work area, there he was. Nelson standing there in all his sex appeal. Carly caught her breath from being settled by him. “Did I scare you?” he chuckled.

Of course you did. I wasn’t expecting anyone. What are you doing here?” Typing

I wanted to see you, before tomorrow. Is that ok?

Yes. Yes it’s ok.” I was just locking up Luis’ office. Nelson follows closely behind her. She is about to lock the door when Nelson mores closer to her,  their faces seem only inches apart. He reaches for her face, his hand glides past her cheek to the back of her head and pulls her towards him. They kiss.  She pulls away, he pulls her back to him again. This time his tongue parts her closed mouth. Their tongues danced and swirled around together. She sucks on his lower lip, nibbling on it a bit hard. He pushes his tongue back into her mouth, sucking on her tongue. All the while their hands were running all over each other. She stopped abruptly “I haven’t locked the main office door, anyone can walk in!

Well we can’t have that now can we?! Carly walked quickly to the main office door, locking it & turning off the ceiling lights. She walked back to where Nelson was standing. What’d ya think? Should we have sex here?


Here. In Luis’ office, who will find out? No one. We won’t make a mess. I promise.” They went into the boss’s office, gently pushed aside some mail and folders. “Sit on the desk.” He told her. She sat willingly. She felt her pussy pulsate and tingle. He lifted her skirt up & slid off her panties. His fingertips glided across the thigh highs she was wearing. He knelt in front of her and then looked up,  “Damn, these are so fucking hot.” His hands caressed her silky smooth skin, her inner thighs burning as his lips pressed against them. Her legs tense, his tongue eagerly exploring the wetness between her legs. His tongue parting her swollen lips and hungrily searches for her pearl of passion. His tongue continues to sweep across every sensitive area of her pussy. He thrusts his tongue into her pulsating core. He stretches up, putting two fingers in her mouth. She sucks them eagerly. He slowly removes his fingers from her mouth. He pushes them past her swollen lips, thrusting them deep with in her needy place. She lets out a whimper. His fingers dance inside her as his tongue sucks her pearl. Carly is lost in ecstasy her breathing is quick & swallow. Her hands pull her skirt up further, then reaching for his head she holds him in place as she grinds into his face. Her breathing is fast & hard as her tempo speeds, she nears completion. She’s gasping for breath as the ripples of pleasure and ecstasy flood over her. He has given her an incredible orgasm.

Nelson stands up and flops himself in Luis’ office chair. Carly stands up, her skirt slides down past her mound. She is a bit weak in the knees as she walks to stand in front of him. She slowly unbuttons her pink satin blouse. Nelson starts to rub the hardness that has grown beneath his trousers. She leans forward, blouse open and he frees her plump breasts from her bra. His warm lips kissed her nipples. She moaned. His powerful hands cupped each mound as his flicks his tongue over each hardened nip. She felt the heat within her, she felt the wanting of his hard shaft pounding her hungry pussy. She pulled away gently, dropping to her knees she unzips his trousers. He stood up to allow his trousers to drop to the office floor. She was saluted with his massive throbbing erection, she wasn’t sure if she could take it all. His manhood looked massive, thick and extremely powerful. She took the hardness into her willing mouth, saliva started dripping out of the corners of her mouth as he fucks her mouth fast & frantically. She’s trying to keep up with his movements, but is unable to. He stops, looking down at her he mutters “If we don’t stop now I’m gonna explode in your mouth, is that what you want?

She smiled a wicked little smile. Carly stood up, Nelson took hold of her arm he slowly spun her around. She felt his hands slowly lift her skirt, his fingertips running up the sides of her thighs. She leaned down on the desk, accidentally pushing over all the paperwork that had been layout out for tomorrow’s seminar. At the moment she didn’t really care. The coolness of the desk’s surface against her naked mounds of flesh added to her pleasure. Nelson continues to caress her smooth skin, he squats down behind her. His hands on each of her cheeks, spreading them apart his tongue once again eagerly searching for her pearl. This time his tongue is far more adventurous, she moans loudly, pushing back against him. She can feel her juices running down her inner thigh. Nelson stands up, she looks back over her shoulder at him as he guides his massive cock over her crease. He guides his massive cock into her hole slowly, she takes a deep breath as he pushes it in further. She cries out in pleasure. She pushes back onto him, his hands now on her hips gliding her back. He pounds her slowly at first, her exposed nipples dragging across the desk’s surface, had made them hard & erect. Nelson begins to pick up  his tempo, he buries himself deep inside her with every thrust. She meets each slamming thrust, his balls slapping against her.  He moves faster, faster and faster still. She feels the waves of pleasure build quicker, higher as he continued to tighten his grip on her sides.  As she reaches her final explosion of pleasure she convulses around his rod. She moans loudly as her juices escape down her legs, she hears his breathing is hard & labored. Nelson cries out in ecstasy “CARLY!!! OHhhhh FUCK!” He quickly pulls out his throbbing flesh as cum jets out on to Carly’s back and down the crack of her ass. Both of them trying to catch their breath, Carly’s legs begin to shake uncontrollably.

SecretaryWhile all of this was going on, neither one of them heard the night janitor unlock the office door. He had cleaned up the reception area, Carly’s work area. When he heard noises. He went to investigate, he could see Luis’s office light on. He walked closer, peeked through the narrow side window. He was stunned by what he had seen. Not wanting to get caught, spying on them he quickly gathered his things and left to clean another floor.

OH SHIT!” Nelson says. “WHAT? WHAT?” Carly asks. “Ah…I…well, ah…when I came it got on your blouse. DON’T MOVE!” Nelson grabs some tissue from the box, trying to clean up the mess that he had left. He also wipes her back side clean the best he can. “I’m really sorry about your blouse, send my the dry cleaning bill.” She laughed. “Don’t worry about it now. We need to get dressed,  I need to clean up Luis’ desk. OH GOD! Look all the papers are all over the floor! You need to get out of here before any one catches us. ” Nelson hears Carly’s distress. “Lemme help you get Luis’ desk in order. It will be ok, trust me. We’ll get this put all back to the way it was. So...Do you have any dinner plans tonight? Because I was wondering if you would like to grab a bite to eat?” Carly smiled from ear to ear “I would love something to drink AND eat, but we really need to get this put back together!” Both of them worked quickly, put most of the papers back in order. They are walking towards the main office door.

OH…Here’s my jacket to wear over your blouse, it looks like you might have ridden a bicycle through some puddles. God, I’m really sorry.”
“Stop. It’s just one of those moments, well worth it.” As they walk past Carly’s work area she says out loud “Strange, I don’t remember emptying the paper shredder basket.” Nelson chuckles “Maybe the pleasure of us erased your short-term memory.” They both laugh out loud as Carly is locking the main office door. They walk out together, on their way to dinner.

[Based on a True Story]

Did you ever have one. Yes

Or wished you had one with the hunk of the office or the sexy secretary? 

Do you have a fantasy about someone at the office? My fantasy was fulfilled.

If you have or had an office affair, how did it start? It started while I was working in the office. Talking on the phone, daily contact with that person.

And how did it end? It never really started, just a few sexual encounters. It might have lasted if we were not both dismissed.

Why did it end? Because we both got dismissed due to improper conduct.

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