When I take photos for some of the weekly blogging memes. I do not ever show my nipples. Why? I was always told to leave them wanting more. A person’s imagination can go in any direction. Trying to imagine what my nipples look like (or maybe not). The poses, I hope will arouse & titillate the viewer. I have days when my self image really gets me down, other days I could post a snapshot of my nipples. However, I like being somewhat of a dick tease in this area.

Looking at other women’s nipples, I have a preference. Don’t know how that happened. Some nipples just are not attractive to me. My heart goes out to those women who have suffered through breast cancer. Or any women who has had some form of surgery on their nipples or breast. Having dark skin, I scar after most surgeries.  I know I would have severe scarring on my nipples if I ever needed surgery. I would love to have my nipples pierced but I know too many horror stories in my inner circle about nipple piercings. 

My nipples are super sensitive. I remember a former fuck buddy had decided to put nipple clamps on me. I thought I was gonna faint. Similar to the ones in the photo (right). When he pushed the bar up & I felt the tightness on my nipple, that’s when I felt faint. Panic set in. He was telling me to “Breath…Relax…Breath.” I did calm down a bit afterwards. I am still curious about actually wearing them under my shirts. Funny, I can handle rough play during sex. The thought that my nipple falling off doesn’t enter my mind. Crazy, huh?!

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