My Ins & Outs of Anal Sex [kotw]

Anal sex?

Oh no. I’m on the fence about anal sex.

Yes, I’ve tried it before. I’ve only let two men have anal sex with me. One was my first husband and the other is my current husband. I foresee a third man fucking my almost virgin ass in my future. Mr. Sam isn’t what i would call obsessed but he really wants to have anal sex with me.

Prehaps it’s because he enjoys anal sex so much that he wants to share the pleasure with me. Maybe it’s because he gets off on the tightness of my ass and the contractions he would feel around his hard cock. He also enjoys pushing my boundaries. The fear of mine is something embarrassing happening to his cock when he pulls it out of my ass. He says he’s not concerned with that because it’s all just a part of it. Which is what I tell him when he gets worried about when Rudy & I are going to fuck the hell out his wanting & ready hole.gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== My Ins & Outs of Anal Sex [kotw]

I think every one worries about the embarrassing moments during sex and since anal sex has always been a taboo it only makes sense to be fearful. I know I just need to get over that fear. Mr. Sam has played with my ass since early on in our sexual adventures. When he goes down on me, he always plays with my ass, working in either his fingers or his tongue. He keeps saying that one day he’s gonna get me relaxed enough where he will be able to fuck me with his hard cock. My eyes get big and I freak out…almost to anxiety.

He has a set of three butt plugs and since he is seasoned at this kink, he uses the large one. He never even tried to other two sizes. He said “when you are super horny I will use the small butt plug on you. You will enjoy it. And then we will work up to my cock.” OHHHH?! No way. He said “well then you better find a butt plug for yourself”. So I did. I got a tiny one, slender and long. He uses that on me sometimes. Do I get off? Yes. But I am still too afraid to let him stick his cock in my ass and fuck me.

My first husband & I were really young. At only 18 & 19 years old he decided he wanted to buy some sex toys. Being inexperienced at everything having to do with sex, he failed to use lube on the small slender vibrator that he stuck in my ass. I didn’t scream, I just remember jerking back and saying NO that hurts. I argued if he fucks me then I fuck him. He agreed. And that was the last time we had anal sex. Like I said I think because we were too inexperienced and no knowledge about it all, it just ruined it for us.

On to my second husband, he is so vanilla, so controlled and at times boring. Don’t get me wrong, he had his moments when I could get him to do some kinky stuff, like anal sex. When we were younger, there were a few times we would have anal sex. We would start spooning, he would grind me from behind, I would guide him into my ass. Of course there was lube involved, his cock is thick, not too long, but thick. So yeah I get that understanding about feeling the fullness & stretching inside me. He would fuck me nice and slowly, laying there on our sides. I would rub my clit while he was fucking me and it wouldn’t take long before we both came. I didn’t mind when he came inside my ass either it was a turn on. Later, I asked him about how it felt and he said it really didn’t  much for him, that it wouldn’t bother him if we didn’t do it anymore. He would only if I wanted it. He has no desire to have his ass played with, nor does he wish to experiment in that department. And that’s ok. I have talked about my desire to peg a man and he basically told me that it wont be him. Like I said, he’s very vanilla, somewhat of a northern redneck. And sadly, was raised that any type of sex other than penis to vagina is sinful. And yes my Beloved is very much a god-fearing man totally opposite of me. Its been years since we have done any type of kinky play, including anal sex.

And Lastly, for me during masturbation there are times when yes I want anal sex. A fantasy of me face sitting on a man or woman telling them to lick my ass gets my off. Yes I do fantasize about getting fucked by Mr Sam, but not all the time.  I will stop what I’m doing dig in my toy box for a toy that I am in the mood for, drown it in enough lube and off to finish my orgasms. I do love having my hole licked and fingered. Just can’t seem to get passed the putting a dick in my ass part. Mr. Sam jokes “my dick is so tiny you probably wont even feel it.” BULLSHIT! His cock is one of the longest ones I’ve had. Now that I have experienced pegging Mr. Sam, I do love ass play, anal sex with him, fisting him, rimming him. I feel dominant when I’m fisting him & pegging him yet I feel like a dirty girl when my tongue is his ass. I give the anal sex, watching his body move in response to me. That’s the turn on for me. But receiving the anal pleasure, I’m just not ready for anal sex from Mr Sam. Only if I’m the one doing it to myself.

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