At the Movies [MM7]

I read his text. “Let’s meet in the movie theater parking lot.”

Ok. What’s the plan?

No plan yet, we’ll meet there. We can always go to our spot. It’s just down the street. Perfect, huh?!”

Yeah. I guess. What time?

In 20?


I watched his truck enter the parking lot, he spun around to park behind my vehicle. I wondered what he was doing since we had talked about going to our spot at the park. Instead he backs his vehicle up into the end spot. He motions to me “hurry up” with his hand. So I walk quickly over and jumped in.  “What are we doing?

He said “Fucking here, no one can sneak up on us here..movies are probably getting ready to start, huh?

OMG! we are like out in the open here!

He laughs, “Yeah, but we can fuck in the one will see us.”

He gets out, walking over to my side he opens the door. I am totally confused. He opens the half-door and climbs in the back seat.

Get in and you close that door first and I’ll close this one.” He leans over the seats and moves both seats forward.

I should probably clean out the back, huh?

I started to unbutton my skirt but I realized what we were doing. He unzipped his shorts, pushing them down his long powerful legs.  I noticed his yellow Nike gym shoes. His cock was already semi-hard. My lips slide slowly over his cock, taking him all in. That deep sigh he released let me know how good my mouth felt sucking on his hard cock.  “I like that yellow rose in your hair.” I can’t believe he actually said something and even more surprised that he liked it.

His hand is tightening around the base of my neck.  His other hand on the top of my head. I don’t think he was paying attention to the traffic or the people parking their cars like he normally does. His hands began to roam over my body as I continued to suck on his throbbing member. His fingers found their way to my hungry pussy, his teased me just a little with his finger tips. His finger tips slowly found their way to the door of my needy place. He thrusted one finger inside and then two fingers. My walls tightened around his fingers. I started to feel my body temperature rise.

It was such a hot & humid evening. The sun beating through the windows made it so much hotter. I could feel the sun on my burning my skin. With our body temperatures raising, the inside of the truck started to feel like a sauna.  I stopped sucking his cock. I had to open up the rear window in the cab.

Wha ya trying to do kill me? Fuck it’s hot in here!!!

He laughed, “SIT on my cock baby!

Instead of taking off my panties due to a small space. I stood half way up. “You gonna just pull them to one side?” He asked.  “Yes.”

I pulled my tan-colored lace panties to one side. I straddled him, accepted his erect manhood into my slick wetness. I held onto the edge of the rear window to brace myself. My full breasts in his face. His hands squeezing them together, massaging them, kissing them. I whispered in his ear “your cock feels so good.” He replies  “Yeah? Does it?” I actually missed  feeling him. I missed the feeling of fullness that only he can give me. His hands on my waist holding on tight. I looked at his face, his lips, full and soft. I leaned in to kiss him. I think we got lost in each other.  We kissed passionately, while I rode him, wet & abandoned. I was breathing hard, moving faster.
Com’on baby, yeah that’s it, that’s it.” I heard him say.
I felt those overwhelming spasms building up to a glorious peak. My sugar walls convulsed around his rock hard rod. His hands on my waist, his grip tightens. He’s moving faster, thrusting up into my still aching warmth. I press down on him to meet his every upward thrust. I whisper in his ear again “OH baby. Give it to me. I want your cum. Cum deep inside me baby! Yes…yes I want it, its mine.” That’s all it took, I loved the way he released himself into me. He was louder than how he normally is, maybe because he wasn’t worried about the neighbors. He let out a few deep sighs, along with a few loud moans, leaning into my chest exhausted.

He reaches over for a blue towel. A quiet thought of  “OMG, I hope he didn’t check the engine with that.” He used it to wipe himself off.  I just let my panties go back. I tore them in the process of holding and pulling them to the side.  I climbed out of the seat and couldn’t help but to laugh about the whole thing. He just sat there for a second watching me “fix” myself. My shoes fell on to the ground.  My skirt was hiked up, when I stumbled out of his truck. What a mess. Did any one see me? Did I mention that I was on the clock?! The company vehicle with the logo on the side of it, parked in front of his truck. This is one time we weren’t very careful about witness. He gets out, patting me on the ass, as he walks towards the driver’s side.

Thanks Sweetie…I’ll get with you  later about hanging out sometime this weekend, k?

Sure thing.” I reply. We each get into our separate vehicles and left the movie theater parking lot.

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