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At what age and why did you decide to learn how to ride a motorcycle ?‎  Voodoo 

At age 5. I knew that I wanted to ride. Why? Because there is no other high like it. Clears out the clutter in my brain. Riding is in the blood, I truly believe that. Either a person rides or they don’t. That simple. I will add I don’t like it when medical staff say “I will never ride after what I have seen.” Well…I almost died on my bike and I’m still riding. Refusing to live by that particular fear.

NO I do not wear a “brain bucket,” unless it’s required by law (No helmet law in Illinois).

This is my current Harley. A 2001 FatBoy

This is my current Harley. A 2001 FatBoy


Get your motor runnin’
Head out on the highway
Lookin’ for adventure
And whatever comes our way
Yeah Darlin’ go make it happen  – “Born to be Wild”  by Steppenwolf

Harley Davidson 1200 Anniversary Edition 1998 ManChild & Old Man unloading my present. DON'T DROP IT!!

Harley Davidson 1200
Anniversary Edition 1998
ManChild & Old Man unloading my present. DON’T DROP IT!!

Hearts of fire
Streets of stone
Modern warriors
Saddle iron, horses of chrome

Taste the wild
Lick the wind
Like something they never saw before
Their jaws dropping to the floor
Steel made of soul and sin

Rebels born without a care
And the day he listens
Only to fly where eagles dare
And the night she whispers

Ride the wind
Never coming back until I touch the midnight sun
Ride the wind
Never coming back again

Painted flesh
Humble pride
Just as far as the eye can see

Stories told
Two old friends
Of battle scars and lonely bars
And nights the rain wouldn’t end

Here’s to withered eyes wearing gypsy smiles
And the day he listens
Here’s to lovely ladies and a million miles
And the night she whispers

Of all the truths and lies
And stories of riders in the sky
They say only the bravest try
Where eagles and angels dare to fly – “Ride the Wind” by Poison

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Took a look down a westbound road,
Right away I made my choice
Headed out to my big two-wheeler,
I was tired of my own voice
Took a bead on the northern plains
And just rolled that power on

Twelve hours out of Mackinaw city
Stopped in a bar to have a brew
Met a girl and we had a few drinks
And I told her what I’d decided to do
She looked out the window a long long moment
Then she looked into my eyes
She didn’t have to say a thing,
I knew what she was thinkin’

Roll, roll me away,
Won’t you roll me away tonight
I too am lost, I feel double-crossed
And I’m sick of what’s wrong and what’s right
We never even said a word,
We just walked out and got on that bike
And we rolled
And we rolled clean out of sight

We rolled across the high plains
Deep into the mountains
Felt so good to me
Finally feelin’ free

Somewhere along a high road
The air began to turn cold
She said she missed her home
I headed on alone

Stood alone on a mountain top,
Starin’ out at the great divide
I could go east, I could go west,
It was all up to me to decide
Just then I saw a young hawk flyin’
And my soul began to rise
And pretty soon
My heart was singin’

Roll, roll me away,
I’m gonna roll me away tonight
Gotta keep rollin’, gotta keep ridin’,
Keep searchin’ till I find what’s right
And as the sunset faded
I spoke to the faintest first starlight
And I said next time
Next time
Well get it right  – “Roll Me Away” by Bob Seger

#harleydavidson #motorcycle #riding #countryside #fatboy



#riding #harleydavidson #motorcycle #fatboy #midwest #illinois #countryside #scenery #cornfield

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