Morning Time. Let’s Start the Day [WW175]

I guess you can say I’m a morning person.

If I have to work, I’m up early. Alarm goes off at 5am. I’m our the door at 6:15am. When it’s winter time, I leave earlier in the morning, because I have to drive out of town.

Morning times have changed now that the kids are gone. We have early morning sex, if we were too sleepy the night before. We get up together now, when before we worked at different times. We eat breakfast together and spend just a few minutes in the morning together before we go our separate ways for the day. 

I love the way he wakes me up. He starts by rubbing my back, arms and playing with my hair. Normally that makes me sleepy but in the early morning he does it just a bit harder to get me going and moving. 

I don’t always like mornings. There are some mornings when it’s almost black outside, bitter cold and I’m toasty warm in my bed with snuggling with him & my woobie … that’s when I hate mornings. 

It makes it a bit better when he gets up ahead of me and he puts the kettle on for me. I switched from drinking Pepsi in the morning to drinking tea (thanks to my former #1 fan). I still enjoy my morning tea on the work during my morning commute. 

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