Mollie’s had Enough [WW79] [Adventures of Nina & Jax]

Last night while Nina was out drinking, talking to Sol about Jax out of control behavior. They both came to the conclusion that Mollie is secretly seeing him behind everyone’s back. Both of the girls really didn’t care at this point. Nina knew that she would go against her better judgment, continuing to see him on the side, if he & Mollie reconciled. Mollie had fallen off the radar, no Facebook, no Pinterest, she was gone. They discussed the possibility that Jax  must be getting lonely because of his increase contact with Nina. How he got what he wanted – he got Mollie alone from everyone once again, so he can work his toxic magic spell. He manipulated Nina away from his family, he managed to isolate Mollie once again away from her friends. Now Jax wants to continue playing in his playground with his rules.

Well, Nina’s getting tired of all of this game playing. She’s  have been thinking it a lot. The more she thinks about all of it, the angrier she became. Nina, at that moment she was feeling some liquid courage, so acting on impulse & alcohol she sent him a text.

“Hey. Had to take a moment to say this to you.  I’m out. Done. There is NO reason to response. NO reason to talk about this anymore. Goodbye.”

Jax has chosen not to contacted Nina yet. She’s knows it’s the weekend. He already had his booty call lined up. Nina does know that his pattern of behavior indicates that he will be contacting her sometime during the week. It’s just a matter of time.

It’s been two years that all this has been dragging out. Nina trying to leave. Mollie trying to leave. Jax trying to manipulate everyone into staying.

Weeks later….

Nina gets friend request on Facebook from Mollie. Nina is stunned for a moment. All sorts of thoughts begin to float around in her pretty little head.

Yup. Mollie made up another account, why? Who knows. Her other account is still active. Nina didn’t know what to do. She decided to gamble sending her a brief message on Facebook.

“Glad to see you’re still alive and wishing you a Merry Christmas.”

Mollie responded back  “I’m very well…found my backbone 🙂 thanks for accepting my request…missed the hell out of you!!! New phone, I need your number. please.

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Nina gave her the number. Nina kept thinking to herself,  “this time I’m ain’t reaching out for nothing. There is nothing she can do for me. I will keep my distance from her from now on.”  Days went by.  On Saturday night, Nina was out having dinner when she got a text from Mollie…
Hey u, just wanted to say HI!

haha, HI

Hope ur well.

other than being emotionally & mentally unstable..i’m good. You?

i’m better .. NOT stable either but what fun would that be??

true true

i want to apologize for bailing like i did. i wasn’t strong enuf to stand up for myself, got sucked back in for a bit. Jus shitty that i dragged u thru my mess and then skated. i am sorry.

that’s cool. can’t fault ya, you had to do what you had too. we’re good.

ty, i knda thought u would understand. still, ur a good friend and deserved better. btw,  Jax thinks i’m having affair with ur friend.

He’s a dbag!!!

lol, i made a comment on your photo in response to what Ted said and Jax now thinks because of that I’m sleeping with him.

He got what he wanted and that was to separate me from you and him. so i figured its bess to jus walk away. i figured you guys might have gotten back together.

because he knew i was too weak to stay away on my own. i let myself get guilted into trying but what happened was i got to see i was so much better on my own.

i knew that. i figured i’d never see you guys again. well you tried and had to find out for yourself once again. 

no one will ever treat me like that ever again!! EVER!!!

sorry 🙁

no, it’s good if i hadn’t seen it. i’d still be there taking it! FUCK THAT! I’M DONE!

well. we’re good so no worries. i ain’t gonna judge ya or him..i can’t.

no point. it is what it is.

k, as long as you’re happy. no matter with him or without him. jus be happy.

i’m good i’m just glad i don’t hurt anymore.


Nina heard from her a few more times after this text conversation. A Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. No word from Jax in months, Nina knew that everyone had been pushed to their limit. Mollie had enough of the Jax’s hardcore fast lane lifestyle. Nina had had enough of being trapped in the middle.  Jax had enough of both Mollie & Nina.

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Post was previously released December 2012

Read more about “The Adventures of Nina & Jax” HERE

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