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The topic is CFNM. Clothed Female Naked Male.

I realize there are really no right or wrong answers. It’s what ever works best for the two people that are involved together in this particular lifestyle or kink. I don’t see how it could work on a permanent basis. Unless, that’s their life 24/7. I do not live this lifestyle. I am just sharing my opinions, thoughts and ideas of how I would act if I was in a marriage or involved in a relationship of this kink. I enjoyed reading the post written by I. G. Fredrick. She said a lot of things that I do agree with and share the same opinion.

Does a naked male body turn you on? Yes, more so if there is muscle definition. I admire how dedicated a man is to get his body like that. Not an extreme body builder, that’s unattractive to me. I enjoy running my hands over the curves of his body. I do have a “kink” for ass cheeks. When I see bare ass cheeks, it’s like the palm of my hand, tips of my fingers just wanna smack it, knead it, caress it, pinch it. My Beloved knows to tighten up as I walk by him if he’s washing dishes in his “house clothes.” Sometimes I hit rather hard, to hear that sound he says “OUCH” I reply with “I didn’t feel a thing.” He will let me know when enough is enough and that it does hurt. I think I could really get lost in those moments.

I often enjoy “looking” this is because I’m a voyeur. I get turned on mentally by seeing a man’s body move, flex as he works. The appeal of a healthy slightly tan body. Not too thin or not too overweight. Even watching a man work on a construction site is kind of a turn on for me. I really do enjoy watching those guys during the spring, doing the road construction.  I would be aroused watching him strip off his dirty work clothes, heading for the shower, watching his hands glide across his soapy body, just watching him do his normal cleaning routine.

Some men are just gross. Everything must say “I take pride in myself.” Even if the man is slightly overweight, if he’s clean, well-groomed, nice clothes. That’s great. Perfect. However, if he’s in a dirty baseball cap, hairy & not groomed or unshaven face, dirty greasy hair. NEXT! Clothes that don’t fit properly, anything that says “I don’t care how I look.” YUK! That man is never given a second thought only of that disgust.

Do you want to humiliate and/or control a man? YES. I would totally get off on humiliating a man, in the privacy of my home. I wasn’t raised to act like that outside the home, so it might be a tad difficult to do. However, fear does enter my mind. I often wonder how sadistic I really am. Because I like I mentioned above that I could really get lost in a moment. I could smack an ass until someone is in severe pain. The more he would beg me to stop, I might not be able to. No, want to. Getting aroused, not sexually, but mentally, by the idea I am inflicting some sort of emotional & physical pain on another person. There would have be to an agreement, places or levels of what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable behavior. I could & would truly enjoy humiliating a man. Every thing from the size of his penis to how he needs to clean the ceiling fans.  I would tease him while he was attempting to clean, sucking on him, kissing him, stroking him. Watching him get aroused and then slapping his cock – hard. Walking away to do something else while he finishes his chores. I would only have physical contact if we were in an intimate relationship.

I don’t think I could do this in front of other women. I fear their judgement too much in close circles, perhaps that’s why I don’t have many close female friends. Mostly all male friends. I would not go out publicly and expect him to serve me or would I control him. That’s when everything would shift to “his turn” to be in control, not to humiliate me. Just control the situation, not necessarily my behavior either.

Do you enjoy making decisions for your man, including whether or not (and when) he wears clothes? I was raised that a man is a reflection of his wife. There are certain times I will control what he wears, where he wears, when he wears it. This is specifically for my beloved. For someone else, if in a relationship of this nature I would still control him, about clothes.  Now that there are no longer children in the house, my beloved wears his “house clothes” unless it’s really cold then it’s pj bottom’s. We are just comfortable here in the house, when it’s just us. He can wear want his wants. BUT, there have been times when he wears things that make my eyes hurt. Will he change? No. I control him by telling him “don’t wear that out in public please.”

Do you just enjoy a naked ass peeking out from the bathroom as he scrubs the floor on his hands and knees? Yes. I mentioned this earlier. My mind totally wonders when I get this image in my mind. Funny thing is, it’s not my beloved. It’s always someone else. Sure, I’ve seen my beloved on his hands & knees scrubbing the kitchen floor once or twice. I felt awful. Like I failed my duties, because he wanted the floor (brand new) clean. It would have to be another male performing these tasks.  That’s where all those rules, guidelines & agreements come into place.  I could see me enjoying watching a man, just admiring the curves of his naked body with each movement. A man who desires to be naked & humiliated in the presence of a female, would work for me. I just couldn’t see it of my beloved, because that’s not who he is. I don’t think that’s him, he could surprise me. *smiling*

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