Meet Rudy [SS348]

Christmas arrived early for Mr. Sam. He’s been a good boy this year. I gave him an early Christmas gift because I really wanted to use it on him.

Meet Rudolph, his newest dildo. We are calling him Rudy for short.

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Mr. Sam has been open about his love for anal pleasure, we are starting to experiment more and more. I know that Mr. Sam has been in to anal play longer than I have, so I started looking for something bigger for me to use to fuck him with.

I found this 9 inch long dildo that is about 2 inches in diameter.

I was so turned on by watching his body respond to me thrusting in to him. Mr. Sam came twice while I was fucking him with Rudy. I’m looking forward to the next level up, only thing is looking for a suitable harness to accommodate those larger & heavier dildos.

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