Masturbation Interrupted [MM175]

My Beloved yells from the bottom of the stairs “I’m leaving to run some errands and while I’m away you can play with yourself.

Ok. I haven’t been much in the mood for that lately, I don’t know why.

Mmmm. We’re just getting old, I think.” He said loudly as he walked out of the house.

I was busy trying to get some other things finished before the day ended. The last day of my holiday break. I still had so much to do. As I was sitting at my computer, thinking to myself how I miss the times when I could masturbate for hours undisturbed, uninterrupted. But now that he is retired he doesn’t leave the house for long periods of time. Our youngest son, who moved back home last year is finally moving back out and in with his future wife.

Maybe I should masturbate today, maybe it will make me feel better. Masturbating will give me that extra boost that I need. I needed some bnw photo, masturbation, dildo, womanizer,thing to get my high. My borderline issues keep me so unstable lately that the sex seems to ease the numbness that I feel. It’s difficult for me to describe how I feel on a normal day. Today wasn’t one of those days. I needed something, sex is always the best answer for me.

Yes, sounds like a good idea. I think I still have enough time left to reach an intense & satisfying orgasm. I grab my new Christmas present, my Womanizer clit stimulator and get some lube. [Thank you to the man who got it for me] I start rubbing my clit just to feel myself. I close my eyes and concentrate on the sensation of my finger against my clit. How good it feels, just relax I tell myself. Breathe, relax and enjoy it. If he comes homes early you can have him finish you off. I stop because I want to imagine someone inside me. I go to my toy box and get out one of my glass dildos. And I start again, holding the womanizer against my clit and then thrusting the dildo in & out of my now very wet pussy. Faster! Faster! Almost …almost. ohhhhh yes. 

I still want more. Once is never enough, right?

Turning up the speed of the womanizer and holding the dildo in place. I close my eyes and drift in a trance like state, I feel my hips moving and my stomach tighten. Yesssss. Yessss.

Click. Wumpth! The front door closes.

“Honey? Is that you?”



bnw photo, masturbation, dildo, womanizer,“Momma! I’m home for a quick stop before I pick up grandma for the movies.”

OH MY FUCK. I quietly put down the toys. Pick my panties up from the floor and struggle to put them on. “Where’s dad? I wanted to talk to him before I leave again.” He’s talking and I’m trying to quietly get myself together. The dildo is dripping wet, the womanizer has a bit of juice on it, but not as much as the glass dildo. I’m pretty sure he might suspect something because he didn’t come right upstairs. I slip on my lounge pants on feeling my wet panties sticking to me. Inside my head I could hear “next time he leaves start as soon as he walks out of the door.”

A few minutes later my beloved walks in, he looks at me. I make an angry face. We walk in to the kitchen together and I tell him what happened. He smiled, but then said “this is the second time he’s interrupted your masturbation time.” I just look at him and roll my eyes.

It’s Masturbation Monday.

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